Luxury Yacht Rental in the Bahamas

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Bahamas

Land of the bright and beautiful, the Bahamas is a winter warmer yacht charter paradise. A collection of seven hundred slips of coral, white sand, and pastel colored houses makes up the bounty of the Bahamas. An old hand in the wonderful world of yachting, for years charters have been sailing the breezy blue waters around these parts most notably when the biting seasonal chill comes to the west. Countless opportunities to island hop, colorful snorkeling spots, and such rare delights like swimming pigs pull superyachts into the Bahamas.

Brilliant ocean beach sunrise with palm trees
Wild, swimming pig on Big Majors Cay
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Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the Bahamas

Endless Island Hopping

The Bahamas boasts an endless array of secret coves and hidden harbors scattered across the patchwork shades of blue are sure to leave you dizzy. It’s no tourist board exaggeration to say that the Exuma Cays has an island for every day. This charmed part of the Caribbean boasts 365 dreamy slips of sand. Over in the Abacos, you will find a sailor’s paradise, where yacht charter guests get endless chances to explore the collection of curious little cays littered with sea turtles, lighthouses, and deep-sea dives.

Underwater Paradise

Stingrays, sharks, and every color of coral imaginable – diving in the Bahamas is a must for yacht charter guests looking to plunge into an underwater world. While bone fishing and snorkeling are hot on the island of Eleuthera, this Caribbean pearl is also best known for its wealth of wonderful diving spots. Shipwreck diving can be done on Buttonwood Beach and the Current Cut has been rated as one of the top ten dive sites in the whole world. The same can be said of the Exuma Cays with its vertical walls that sink straight into the inky black of the abyss to sunken ships. Divers will be drooling at the promise of sinking down into a fascinating complex of underwater caves when chartering in Grand Bahama.

Sandbars and Sunsets

Lovers of whimsical wonders will be wooed by the mile-long sandbars that can be found on the Exuma Cays. Leave your yacht charter behind to walk out across the Caribbean on a slither of soft silver. After lazy days of hammock swaying over in Grand Bahama, those looking to fill those hours after dinner on their yacht charter will adore the fun-fueled nightlife. Junkanoo is a must for anyone chartering a yacht around the Bahamas around Christmas time. On Bay Street the festivities thump to life with goatskin drums, elaborate costumes, and decadent dances. If you won’t be around for the holiday season you can still catch a taste of junkanoo over at Paradise Island every weekend.

Girl in snorkeling mask dive underwater with fishes school in coral reef sea pool
Aerial view of Munjack Cay with bay and beach in Abaco
Luxury Yacht Boat Stirring up sand in marina in the Bahamas

What to See in the Bahamas

Grand Bahama and Bimini

Barely a stone’s throw from the shores of Florida, Grand Bahama and the Bimini Islands are often your first encounter when sailing on a yacht charter through the bliss of the Bahamas. Grand Bahama is one of those lesser explored islands boasting a truly authentic feel and a prime piece of real estate for watersports lovers.

Bimini may be tiny but she brims with personality – former rum runner haunt in the prohibition years, she is now favored for being an easy escape into warmer waters. The Abacos Islands are a sailor’s paradise offering yacht charter guests a chance to explore the collection of curious little cays where sea turtles drift in gin clear waters beneath historical lighthouses.

Eleuthera and Exumas

Eleuthera is the spot for lovers and layabouts, the powdered pink sands are more than postcard worthy and beyond the skinny slip of beach you will find charming boutiques and high-end eateries for whispering sweet nothings.

Over a hundred miles of dreamy cays and an island for every day of the year – 365 to be exact, could you think of a better yacht charter destination than the Exuma Cays. Only 20 of the islands are inhabited; leaving plenty of shimmering stretches of sand to call your own.


The amazement of the Abaco Islands never fails to inspire. For luxury yacht charters, the Abaco Islands deliver a slice of true Bahamian life. This collection of islands and cays stretching across a 120-mile chain buzzes with mirror like turquoise lagoons, lost forests, marine ripe snorkeling, and fascinating settlement villages that tell the tales of history.

When to Charter a Yacht in the Bahamas

The Caribbean weather is quite the charmer – boasting a blurred horizon of blue, abundant sunshine, and low rainfall, your time on the islands are unlikely to be a washout. Mid December onwards to mid-April tends to be the best time to hit the shores of Bahamas especially for those escaping the colder weather of Mediterranean winters.

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