Luxury Yacht Rental in Argentina

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Argentina

Tango dancing cheek to cheek, staying up late for steak and wine suppers, and kicking your stirrups to ride out with the gauchos – Argentina knows how to ignite all the senses. From heady cosmopolitan cities like bright and blazing Buenos Aires to the thunder of Iguazu Falls, strapping on crampons to cross the Perito Moreno Glacier, and sailing to the fabulously wild Falkland Islands, for yacht charters exploring the shores of Argentina, prepare to be amazed.

Colored building are the famous landmark of the caminito streeet
Scenic Landscape with Andes Mountains with Snow and Vineyard on the foreground in Mendoza
Iguazu falls view from Argentina

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Argentina

Immense Sights

Stand in awe at the cascading thunder of the famous Iguazu Falls, walk across one of the worlds largest glaciers, hike to unknown heights in one of the many majestic national parks, and sail to some of the most best wave beaches hugging the vibrant coast – Argentina is a tapestry of immense and endless sights. Nature lovers will be in their element, whether its flocks of shocking pink flamingos, elusive jaguars, or cute capybara’s, nature gets to run wild on these shores.

One of a Kind Adventures

Argentina is one of those destinations where you can step off your yacht to dance the tango, take a helicopter to the top of a glacier, and submerge yourself in simmering hot springs. You can ride with the gauchos, play polo in the home of the high society sport, sip world-class wines, and lose yourself in lands of ice and fire before heading into the frozen sculptures of Antarctica. For those yacht guests who crave endless adventure, Argentina has your number.

Steak and Wine

The worlds best supper can certainly be had in Argentina. Not only is Argentina considered to be one of the wine capitals of the world with Mendoza paving the way with their bottles of red velvet magic, but it’s also the culinary leader in producing perfect beef steaks. The grill houses are a glorious part of the culture, but beyond the beef, Argentina has rich and tantalizing tastes.

Group of King penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus
The Perito Moreno Glacier is a glacier located in the Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz Province
Ushuaia city in the late afternoon night

Where to Visit in Argentina

Buenos Aires

The dynamic and dramatic capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires bursts at the seams with a wealth of culture, class, and chaos. Sprawling and epic, there’s an old-world grandeur that clings to the Italian and French inspired architecture and everywhere you turn there seems to be a palace or paint box collection of houses and murals. Buenos Aires is an artists city for sure, but it also spills over into being a divine foodie destination, a cultural calling card, and a nightlife haven. Stay up late, packing your dancing shoes, and don’t leave the city without learning to tango.


Dwarfed beneath the backdrop of the snowy Martial Range, Ushuaia’s bustling port moods is where the ships stop before their final frontier voyages into the icy lands of Antarctica. The end of the world and the land of fire, the Tierra del Fuego invites you to sail the blue breeze of the Beagle Channel, to head into the nearby mountains to ski, to visit the penguins who huddle on the colony of Martillo Island, and to learn all about the ill-fated and successful pioneer expeditions who stepped out from this very spot.

Falkland Islands

Seals, penguins, and albatross colonies await you on the rare and remote shores of the Falkland Islands. Celebrated as a dream destination for photographers thanks to its desolate dreaminess and wealth of birds, the Falkland Islands offers an intriguing history alongside its hardy island life vibes. From tangled patriotism to the former conflict sites and conversations with locals, the Falklands has a fascinating story to tell. Being so sparsely populated means you can find a wealth of tucked away coves, sheer stone cliffs, and penguin peppered places without another soul in sight.

When to Charter a Yacht to Argentina

From north to south, Argentina boasts diverse weather conditions that range from sub-tropical to simply arctic. Those cruising around the center will find it relatively temperate with the best months being April and May, and then again in September and November.

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