Croatia Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide To Croatia

A luxury yacht charter in Croatia is hands-down the best way to experience the Adriatic Sea, a true sailing gem boasting over 1,200 islands, golden beaches, ancient Dalmatian ports, stunning scenery, impressive fortress walls hiding vibrant medieval towns, and incredible national parks.

The Ultimate Sailing Experience

Soft white sand, emerald and blue waters, secluded anchorages, and picturesque coves dot the Adriatic Sea coastline providing a postcard-perfect backdrop for a luxurious sailing vacation.

Charming coastal towns bustling with a colorful social scene, cozy marinas, boho-chic atmosphere, and a vibrant arts and food scene offer unforgettable city breaks, and Croatia’s rich history and Roman, Venetian, and Austrian heritage create an intriguing culture melting pot between the East and West.

Add mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine, welcoming locals and Croatian hospitality, and a long sailing season, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a spectacular yacht charter vacation in the Adriatic Sea.

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Historic architecture of Kastel Gomilica, Split, Croatia
Secret turquoise beach yachting and sailing, Island of Brac, Dalmatia, Croatia
Aerial shot of old town Medvedgrad on Sljeme mountain above capital of Croatia, Zagreb

Why Charter A Yacht In Croatia?

From pristine beaches, lush vineyards, and the natural beauty of the Croatian coastline to ancient cities boasting some of the world’s most charming Old Towns and Roman palaces paired with lively nightlife, designer shopping opportunities, and fine dining, Croatia is often compared to Italy and the West Mediterranean – except it’s got that unique, distinct Adriatic twist attracting more and more yachting enthusiasts each year.

Adventures on the Dalmatian Coast

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing cruise sailing Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, an adventure of exploring uninhabited islands and diving, or a combination of scenery, beach life, and discovering what inland Croatia has to offer along with historical sites and delicious cuisine, charter experts agree the Adriatic Sea is a fantastic playground for luxury yachts and unique sailing vacations.

Below, we list some of our favorite Croatia yacht charter suggestions for the ultimate Adriatic Sea sailing experience:

Fantasy Lands: Visit Dubrovnik

Hit HBO series Game of Thrones has helped put Croatia on the map with Dubrovnik, a coastal city boasting a truly fantastic Old Town, playing the part of Kings Landing.

If you’re a fan of the show, going on a yacht charter trip to the Red Keep and the City of Mereen is the ultimate GTO experience; even if you haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is a genuinely magical town looking like it’s come straight out of a storybook.

In fact, fairytale towns abound on the Adriatic Coast – Sibenik, Split, and Zadar all have that fantasy-land atmosphere boasting spellbinding Old Towns, narrow cobblestone streets, and charming marinas.

Abundant Nature Crystal Clear Waters

With no less than eight stunning national parks, thousands of islands, secluded coves, olive groves, and dramatic coastal scenery, yacht charters to Croatia offer plenty of chances to get close and personal with nature.

Diving and snorkeling sites, island-hopping, turquoise blue waters, and charming anchorages make the Croatian coast a true paradise for nature lovers and those seeking adventure away from the tourist crowds.

Sophisticated Sailing

Much like Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast, the Adriatic coastline appears like it’s been designed with exquisite sailing experiences in mind. Emerald and turquoise waters, tranquil nature, historic ports of call, fairytale towns, sandy beaches, a stunning coastline, and sunny weather make Croatia a popular destination among yachting enthusiasts.

Whether you set sail in a private yacht on your own or opt for one of the crewed luxury yachts for the ultimate vacation on the water, visiting Croatia offers countless opportunities to explore, relax, and discover one of Europe’s oldest and richest historic regions.

Adriatic Marinas

In addition to a long sailing season, Croatia boasts a network of over fifty marinas ranging from upscale places with all the modern amenities to small and cozy island marinas and charming anchorages in the Adriatic Sea.

D-Marin Dalmacija in Zadar is the largest marina in Croatia, offering easy access to the nearby international airport with flights to over 50 destinations in Europe. D-Marin Mandalina in Sibenik is popular among superyachts, whereas ACI Marina Palmizana in Hvar is the perfect gateway into the smaller Dalmatian islands known for their sun-kissed beaches and Mediterranean atmosphere.

Wine And Dine Delights

No Croatia yacht charter vacation would be complete without one key element: cuisine.

From rich cheeses to meats cooked forever in terracotta pots, seafood plucked straight from the ocean, and inky black risotto dishes to world-famous zesty and robust Dalmatian wines, visiting Croatia is a culinary adventure.

Anthony Bourdain's Croatia

Blending Mediterranean and Balkan food heritage, Croatian cuisine is ranked among the top ten in Europe.

If you were to follow the steps of Anthony Bourdain, Fosa, the seafood restaurant in Zadar, Boskinac Restaurant and Winery on the island of Pag, and the local fresh fish eateries in the Kornati National Park are guaranteed to provide an extraordinary dining experience.

Dubrovnik old city Croatia fortress
Zagreb Croatia at Sunset. Aerial View from above of Ban Jelacic Square
Stinva bay beach on Vis island, wonder of nature in Croatia

Croatia Yacht Charter Itinerary Suggestions

To start designing your desired itinerary for a yacht charter vacation in Croatia, think of your personal priorities first.

Are you a nature and adventure lover looking to explore national parks and uninhabited islands hiding secluded bays and coves, fantastic diving sites, and beautiful beaches away from the crowds of holidaymakers?

Would you rather set sail aboard a luxury motor yacht visiting Zadar, known for its vibrant nightlife and fine dining experiences, the ancient city of Dubrovnik, famous for its fairytale Old Town and designer boutiques, or dance the night away in Hvar, an island voted “top vacation destination in Europe” by the Conde Nast Traveler magazine?

Combining the Best Experiences

Better yet, why not combine all of the above and add a touch of culture, history, and heritage by visiting Split’s Diocletian Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as the historic Old Town of Sibenik and exploring Brijuni Islands dotted with ancient Roman ruins?

There’s a lot that can be packed into a one-week charter holiday on the Adriatic, and choosing among the most popular destinations can be tricky.

To help you plan your sailing vacation, we recommend using the following highlights as your Croatia yacht charter guide:


The jewel in the crown may be a cliché thing to say about Dubrovnik – but nowhere captures the regal splendor of history like this ancient city.

Known as Kings Landing to Game of Thrones fans, Dubrovnik boasts a stunning golden fortress overlooking the sea, a magnificent Old Town brimming with trendy cafes and designer shops, and an upscale marina popular among the Croatia yacht charters.

In addition, Dubrovnik serves as an excellent launch pad for island-hopping in the nearby Mljet National Park and enjoying Hvar on the way to Split.


UNESCO treasures abound in the medieval city of Split, caught between a backdrop of awe-inspiring mountains and the turquoise hues of the sea.

For many yacht charter guests in Croatia, the draw of Split is the ancient walls, the splendor of Diocletian’s Palace, and the Roman ruins.

Along with a heady mixture of history, Split also boasts plenty of modern energy – high-end boutiques, bars, and restaurants offer a welcome city break and a chance to experience the roaring social life of the Adriatic.

Mljet Island

Leave the hum and bustle of the cities behind and head into the wilderness as you set sail toward the magical Mljet Island.

This national park zone is as sublime and seductive as they come boasting slips of islands covered in emerald-green pine forests and dotted with saltwater lakes.

Literature lovers will fall even harder for Mljet’s charms when they hear that this was the spot said to have captivated Odysseus for all those years on his way back home.


Glitz, glamor, and sophisticated luxury superyachts can all be found in the charming port town of Hvar.

While summer seasons can heave with visitors, this small bay town is an enchanting escape from reality.

13th-century walls, soaring spires of gothic palaces, great restaurants, a main square perfect for people watching - you can lose days anchored on these shores.

For those charter guests who like to party, Hvar turns into a hedonistic haven by night with the young and the beautiful descending on the town to sip cocktails and dance until the small hours.


A smaller -and perhaps cozier - version of Split, Sibenik is another charming coastal town not to be missed when you visit Croatia.

Famous for its medieval architecture, enchanting cobblestones streets and alleys, and cozy marina, Sibenik is the gateway into Krka National Park and an excellent stop for shopping, fine dining, and island-hopping right outside the bay.

Kornati National Park

Located on the southern Dalmatian coast, Kornati National Park is a true natural gem consisting of over 150 islands and reefs boasting white sand beaches, snorkeling sites, and breathtaking scenery.

Ideal for luxury yacht vacations, Kornati National Park is a must for nature lovers, swimmers, and explorers: the Kornati archipelago is one of the densest island groups in the Mediterranean, and the unspoiled nature here offers a welcome refuge away from the crowds.

Most Kornati National Park islands feature small moorings and jetties to take a break and sample local cuisine of freshly caught seafood.

Brijuni National Park

Hidden away in the Northern Adriatic, Brijuni Islands are small compared to the Dalmatian Islands, but they do pack a punch.

From ancient Roman and Byzantine ruins to dinosaur footprints and the world’s oldest olive trees, Brijuni National Park is a unique little archipelago worth adding to your charter yacht itinerary.

Opatija: The Resort of Royals

Nestled on the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula, Opatija is often called “The Monte Carlo of Croatia”.

Developed as a chic holiday destination for the Austro-Hungarian royals of the 19th century, Opatija remains one of Croatia’s most charming resort towns.

The nearby Krk, the largest island in Croatia, is also worthy of a visit – its sunny beaches, diverse nature, and historic towns attract travelers year-round.

Pula: The Shadow of Rome

Known for its stunning Roman amphitheater resembling the Colosseum in Rome, Pula is an ancient harbor dating back thousands of years.

A popular starting point for Croatia yacht charters, Pula is the gateway into Brijuni National Park.

When To Charter A Yacht In Croatia: Weather

Croatia isn’t called a sailing playground for nothing: boasting a long sailing season from May through to late September, the Adriatic is an ideal yacht charter destination.

Expect sunny days, cloudless skies, and temperatures between 25-30 C during the summer months.

While the high season (July-August) attracts the biggest superyacht crowds, the shoulder seasons of May and September are perfect for sailing Croatia in search of peace and quiet.

Croatia Yacht Charter Options: Crewed Boats

If you’re considering a Croatia luxury yacht charter, hiring a crewed boat is the best option.

In addition to taking care of logistics, provisions, navigation, and the rest of the day-to-day operations, an experienced skipper and crew will be able to tailor the itinerary to your individual preferences and needs.

Benefits of a Crewed Yacht Charter

A crewed yacht charter is the ultimate luxury vacation: professional staff will attend to every detail, from a customized sailing itinerary to serving meals and cleaning cabins, as well as ensuring safety and expert navigation.

Crewed Yacht Charter Customization

Unlike skippered or bareboat rentals, crewed luxury yachts can be customized to your requirements. Onboard entertainment, preferred sailing routes and stops, and a selection of onboard amenities can all be tailored to your preferences by an experienced team while you sit back and enjoy the very best that the Adriatic has to offer.

Motor Yachts vs Sailing Yachts

In addition to exploring crewed yacht charter options, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons of wind-powered boats versus motor yacht options.

Sailing Yachts

Needless to say, harnessing the wind on a sailing yacht is as romantic as it gets. There's something about traditional sailing that evokes a sense of wonder and a spirit of exploration unparalleled by any other experience.

If you’re looking for an authentic adventure, chartering a sailing yacht is your best bet.

Motor Yachts

On the other hand, a motor yacht will offer a comfortable, luxurious sailing experience with more onboard amenities, a professional crew attending to your needs, and a tailored itinerary along with a selection of water toys and onboard entertainment for those lazy sunsets in a deck jacuzzi and a cocktail in hand.

Hiring a crewed superyacht is the ultimate extravagant travel experience.

Croatia Yacht Charter Cost

Croatia charter yachts come at varying price points. Depending on the size, crew, and type of the boat, a yacht charter in Croatia costs between $10,000 - $100,00 a week, although prices can go up to and beyond $1 million a week for most luxury superyachts accommodating up to 12 guests.

Larger yachts capable of accommodating 8-10 guests are typically more expensive to charter, whereas smaller (2-6 guests) yachts cost less. Crewed super yachts come at the most significant price point ($200,000 and upward per week).

The price of a yacht charter in Croatia also depends on the season. Peak season months of July and August are significantly more expensive, whereas, in May, September, or October, yacht charter prices go down.

Alternative Croatia Yacht Charter Destinations

If you have several weeks to charter a yacht in Croatia and would like to experience more, Italy and Montenegro are fantastic sailing destinations next door.

Charter experts would advise sailing from Pula or Rovinj to experience Venice or, if your starting point is Dubrovnik, consider adding Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor dubbed Europe’s southernmost fjord to your route.

Yacht Charter Croatia: FAQ

When is the best time for yacht charter holidays in Croatia?

While Croatia boasts a long sailing season from May to September, the best time to set sail in the Adriatic is July-August when the weather is dry, warm, and sunny. If you’d rather avoid the peak season tourist crowds, the shoulder seasons of May, June, and September are perfect for leisurely cruising: the weather is still sunny and mild while the flocks of holidaymakers are smaller.

Depending on the type and size of the boat, a yacht charter in Croatia costs $1,000 - $10,000 a week on average. Fully crewed motor superyacht charter can go up to $1 million and abovek.

Croatia is one of the best sailing destinations in the world because of its calm seas and sunny weather. While the winter sailing season in Croatia might see strong winds and capricious weather, the summer months typically see calm waters and bright blue skies. In addition to great weather conditions, Croatia boasts plenty of great marinas, port amenities, and anchorages to enjoy.

Croatia has over 120 well-equipped marinas to choose from, with the most popular ones located in Dubrovnik, Split, and Sibenik. Marina Frapa in Rogoznica is considered one of the most beautiful marinas in Europe, whereas the upscale Marina Kastela (near Split) and D-Marin Mandalina (near Sibenik) are best for superyachts.

Although the Adriatic has plenty to offer, a standard yacht charter in Croatia is one week. However, if seven days aren’t enough or if you’d like to explore Croatia at a more leisurely pace, two to three weeks are a great option for yacht rental in the Adriatic.