Luxury Yacht Rental in Croatia

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Croatia

Cool Croatia has been captivating the world for only the last decade or less. As more and more Mediterranean spots become flooded with visitors, the Dalmatian coast and Croatia have become much more alluring. Ancient kingdoms, impressive fortress walls hiding tiny vibrant towns, UNESCO gems, incredible national parks and wonderful wines – all these reasons keep adding up to make Croatia your next luxury yacht charter destination.

Historic architecture of Kastel Gomilica, Split, Croatia
Secret turquoise beach yachting and sailing, Island of Brac, Dalmatia, Croatia
Aerial shot of old town Medvedgrad on Sljeme mountain above capital of Croatia, Zagreb

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Croatia

Fantasy Lands

Hit HBO series Game of Thrones has helped put Croatia on the map, with its capital playing the part of Kings Landing. Fans of the show will be smitten by the chance to yacht charter to the Red Keep and the City of Mereen. Specialist tours can be arranged for those who adore all involved with the Iron Throne. Even if you don’t adore Game of Thrones, the Plitvice Lakes and abundance of National Parks look straight out of a storybook.

Abundant Nature

With no less than 8 national parks – yacht charters to Croatia offer plenty of chance to get up close and personal with nature. The Plitvice Lakes are well worth a visit - the collection of turquoise pools and tumbling waterfalls connected by warm wooden boardwalks is utterly enchanting.

Sophisticated Sailing

Sailing and the shores of Croatia go hand in hand; these rich waters, historical ports of call and hidden beaches were designed for taking a yacht charter and seeking out all those off the beaten track spots. The waters give way to endless watersports – from snorkeling and diving to windsurfing and regatta sailing.

Wine and Dine Delights

Croatia is a kingdom of Gourmands. From rich cheeses to meats cooked forever in terracotta pots, seafood plucked straight from the ocean, and inky black risotto dishes – you won’t go hungry on these glorious shores. Along with fine food, Croatia is a land of tangled vine and boasts some beautiful wines including the zesty fresh Malvazija and the robust Teran red.

Dubrovnik old city Croatia fortress
Zagreb Croatia at Sunset. Aerial View from above of Ban Jelacic Square
Stinva bay beach on Vis island, wonder of nature in Croatia

Where to Visit in Croatia


The jewel in the crown may be a cliché thing to say about Dubrovnik – but nowhere captures the regal splendor of history like this sublime capital. Also known as Kings Landing to Game of Thrones fans, its easy to fall in love with the golden fortress city. All yacht charter guests will find their way to these shores, where tight streets are crammed with baroque buildings, buzzy restaurants, and museums stacked with ancient artifacts.


UNESCO treasures abound in sassy Split, caught between a backdrop of stupendous mountains and the turquoise hues of the sea. For many yacht charter guests in Croatia, the draw is the ancient walls, the splendor of Diocletain’s Palace and the cathedrals and roman ruins that dot around. Along with a heady mixture of history, Split also boasts plenty of modern energy – boutiques, bars and restaurants entice visitors in their droves all looking for a good time.

Mljet Island

Leave the hum of the cities behind and head into the wilds as you sail your yacht charter to the magical Mljet Island. This national park zone is as sublime and seductive as they come; with slips of islands covered in emerald green forests and dotted with saltwater lakes. Literature lovers will fall even harder for her charms when they hear that this was the spot said to have captivated Odysseus for all those years on his way back home.


Glitz, glamor and super sophisticated superyachts can all be found in the pretty port town of Hvar. While summer seasons can heave with visitors, this small bay town is an enchanting escape from reality. 13th century walls, soaring spires of gothic palaces, a main square perfect for people watching - you can lose days anchored on these shores. For those charter guests who like to party – by night, Hvar turns into a hedonistic haven with the young and the beautiful descending on the town to sip cocktails and dance until the small hours.

When to Charter a Yacht in Croatia

They call Croatia a summer playground thanks to her long warm seasons. Between the months of May and September you can lose yourself in the pleasure of balmy bright days, blue waters, and shaded terraces for sipping local wines. Dubrovnik especially suffers the pull of crowds in the high season – with Game of Thrones tourists clogging the streets, but with this also comes a festive air. June and September are also sublime times to visit – the weather stays stunning but most of the holiday crowds have returned to their regular lives leaving room for your yacht to sail in.

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