Luxury Yacht Rental in Malta

A vision of blue and gold – but there is so much more to Malta than meets the eye. This pint-sized archipelago makes an idyllic yacht charter for those guests who are drawn to the warmth of the Mediterranean’s south. Ancient capitals, impressive fortress walls, shades of Caravaggio, and colorful fishing villages come together to create a kaleidoscope of culture that marks Malta on the map. Sew into the seams delectable food, island adventures and warm clear waters and you have a very special sailing destination.

Mediterranean traditional colorful boats luzzu. Fisherman village in the south east of Malta. Early winter morning in Marsaxlokk, Malta.
The Azure Window in Gozo island - Mediterranean nature wonder in beautiful Malta
View from above of the golden domes of churches and roofs with church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Paul's Anglican Pro-Cathedral

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Malta

Crystal Waters

From the bliss of the blue lagoon to rocky coves and luminescent caves – a yacht charter in Malta will showcase a world of amazing anchorages and crystal blue waters. Swimming and snorkeling on these shores is a treat – so clear you can see the shoals of shimmering fish pass by and without the worry of large swells rolling in.

Sultry Summers

Being down deep in the south of the Mediterranean, Malta has one of the most enviable hot climates in the whole of Europe. Yacht charters cruising these golden ports of call will find lingering summers, temperatures that cling to the 26 degree and above mark, very little rain and blue skies. The water temperature also provides cool relief in the sultry height of the afternoon.

Ancient Splendor

The silent city of Mdina holds a history that goes back over four thousand years. The capital of Valetta is home to some of Caravaggio’s greatest works, and you can see the remains of megalithic tombs deep in the hills. Malta has a fascinating and full history that includes the Knights of the St John, bloody sieges, and fascinating folklore.

Mouth-Watering Cuisine

Sicilian flair, British charm, and Spanish grace all collide together in Malta to create delectable dishes that will leave you weak at the knees. From pillowy bread smeared with rich tomato paste to wild garlic, red wine and rabbit stews, ricotta stuffed pastries, fresh fish and local cheeses – everyday is a feast.

Aerial drone photo - The famous Blue Lagoon in the Mediterranean Sea. Comino Island, Malta.
The Crystal Lagoon on Comino island in Malta.
Valletta, Malta - The traditional houses and walls of Valletta, the capital city of Malta on an early summer morning before sunrise with clear blue sky

Where to Visit in Malta


The ancient capital of Valetta looks like a scene straight out of a Game of Thrones fantasy. Raised from the ground by the Knights of St John, celebrated as a World Heritage Site and with 16th century noble flair at every turn – the imagination is surely sparked by this golden relic. Wander the walls of the ancient fortress, explore the citadel, and duck inside St John’s Cathedral where old world tapestries and Caravaggio pieces adorn the thick stone walls.

The Blue Lagoon

Sitting like a siren song just off the island of Comino you will fall head over heels for the shimmering sight of the Blue Lagoon. This tranquil spot is a vision of perfection for yacht charter guests looking to plunge into a prism of blue. Snorkeling, swimming and sunsets mark the Blue Lagoon as a favorite anchorage at least for a night when sailing around the sun-blasted shores of Malta.


Malta’s sister island is a slip of beauty – even if her famed azure window has collapsed. This little eight-mile island should certainly be on your yacht charter itinerary, particularly if you adore spending the summer months nibbling on local dishes under shaded parasol squares. Stepping ashore on Gozo gives you space to breathe and the quiet island is perfect for cycling, horse riding, and sailing the breadth to find hidden coves and secret beaches.


Sailing on your yacht charter into Marsaxlokk is a delight for the eyes. The harbor brims with brightly painted fishing boats and the scent of freshly cooked seafood dishes and salt permeates the air. This is where the Maltese fishing industry booms big and, as to be expected, Marsaxlokk is home to some of the best restaurants in Malta. Explore the megalithic tombs in the hills, enjoy a fabulous harborside lunch, and journey on to the Blue Grotto where the light reflection in the caves turns the water luminous blue.

When to Charter a Yacht in Malta

Malta is graced with abundant sunshine and endless warmth – making it an amazing year-round destination for yacht charters. In the summer months you will find sizzling heat that hovers around 30 degrees – perfect for taking a cooling splash in the blue lagoon. January sees the lowest temperature – but still the warmth ebbs through at 15 degrees. While winter may see an increased chance of drizzle, rain isn’t a common force on the shores of Malta.

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