Luxury Yacht Rental in Gujarat

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Gujarat

The best of Southern India can be found on the epically long shores of Gujarat. Home to textile rich tribal villages, UNESCO cities, glorious temples that tap into the imagination, and a wealth of wildlife sanctuaries, traveling to this corner of the world takes you off the tourist trail and into an authentic lesser known side of India. There’s also Portuguese islands, colorful kite festivals, and street food morsels that will make you weak at the knees in glorious Gujarat.

Abstract of dancing girl colourful costume with motion effect during navratri festival celebration
Sahar Ki Masjid at Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park
View of Gomti Ghat and Hindu Temple  Shree Dwarkadhish

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Gujarat

Arts and Crafts

The Gujarat region is home to some of the most impressive handiwork in South India thanks to its scattered craft villages. There’s a rich history of weaving, elegant embroidery, and chic hand block printing that makes Gujarat such a great place to go shopping. Get fitted for tailored silks in Surat, find a handwoven woolen rug in Jamnagar, and admire Rogan Art in Nirona.

An Endless Coast

There’s 1600 km of coastline that runs the length of glorious Gujarat making it a yacht chartering dream. From the tip to the toe, Gujarat offers a wealth of still watered shores to max out on enjoyment. Ride camels along the sunset sands of Mandvi Beach, watch the fishing boats at Porbandar, and visit temples and coral reefs on the island of Dwarka.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Flocks of flamingos turn the sky a surreal shade of pink in the little Rann of Kutch, also home to the enigmatic wild asses. In Jessore you can turn sweet-eyed at the sight of sleepy sloth bears, and the forests of Gir are home to Asiatic lions, antelopes, and slinking jaguars. With a whole host of wonderful wildlife sanctuaries, there are tented eco camps and luxe style safari stays to diversify a delightful sailing adventure.

Asiatic lion (Panthera leo leo) in Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat
Jain temples on top of Shatrunjaya hill. Palitana, Bhavnagar district
Rann of Kutch, District Kutch, Gujarat, India.

Where to Visit in Gujarat


India’s premier UNESCO heritage city, Ahmedabad is all color and centuries old architecture. A whirlwind of mausoleums and mosques, twisting narrow streets, fine dining and contemporary corners await you as you step into the bustling scene of Gujarat’s biggest city. Be sure to explore the old side of town clinging to the sweeping banks of the Sabarmati River.


The tiny island of Diu is vivid in its bright shades surrounded by sea bright blue. Connected to South India by a bridge, Diu brims with remnants of its former Portuguese rule. Villas and churches pop their heads up, the waterfront has a pleasant bustle, and the Fort and beaches both make Diu a more than worthy adventure for yacht charter guests looking to Island hop South Indian style.


It’s worth the slight detour inland from the coastal waters to admire the intricate temples that adorn Satrunjaya hill. This is one of the holiest spots in Jainism and is said to be where Adinath meditated beneath the Rayan tree. The delicate and detailed carvings on the temples are like something out of a storybook and the sight of the trail of pilgrims making their way up the hill to where the golden spires sit is equally extraordinary.

When to Charter a Yacht to Gujarat

High temperatures and low rainfall both mean that Gujarat is best visited over the winter months, particularly between October and February. If you can’t set sail during this time, fear not – compared to the rest of India, Gujarat doesn’t suffer the same sweeping monsoons, although summers can be sweltering and high in humidity.

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