Luxury Yacht Rental in the Netherlands

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Netherlands

There’s so much more to the Netherlands than tulips, cheese, and bicycles. Home to some of the worlds most famous art masters, edgy forward-thinking cities, and remnants of the golden age – the Netherlands is an underrated gem when it comes to chartering around the shores of Europe. A relatively small country with exceptional beaches, a glut of glorious museums, and one of the best café cultures you could wish for, the Netherlands is nothing less than iconic.

Channel in Amsterdam Netherlands houses river Amstel landmark old European city
Aerial view of bulb-fields in springtime, located between the towns of Lisse and Sassenheim
Delft City Hall in high view

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to the Netherlands

Brilliant Beaches

While you wouldn’t initially consider it a beach destination, the Netherlands is home to plenty of golden sanded shores. Close to Amsterdam the beaches around Harlem have a happening summer scene with plenty of chic bars and frothy headed beers to keep you occupied. In the Hague, Scheveningen is the spot for surfing, and Friesland sees some of the most picturesque swathes of gold and blue the country has to offer.

Fields of Color

Most of the Netherlands countryside has been handed over to agriculture meaning that every spring and summer these flat fields burst to life in a vision of color. Tulip production is perhaps one of the things Holland is known best for and catching sight of the rainbow land in bloom is truly spectacular. Even beyond the tulips, there’s sleepy old-fashioned windmills, charming ports of call, and 13th century stone that stands out spectacularly against the clean lines of the horizon.

Artistic History

Home to the great masters of the Renaissance period, the Netherlands gifted us the work of Rembrandt and Van Gough. Every major and minor city across the Netherlands pays homage to its hearty art history with museums showcasing timeless exhibitions. Even after your fill of art, there’s glorious architecture and the cozy appeal of candlelit café culture where bruin stains and historic weight sits heavy in every enchanting corner.

Tall dunes with dune grass and a wide beach below
Tulip fields and windmill in Netherland
Panorama landscape windmills on water canal in village

Where to Visit in the Netherlands


One of the most notorious cities in the whole of Europe, Amsterdam is a land of bicycles, blinking red lights, café culture, and crisscrossed canals. Rent a bicycle and pedal around the compact garbled city, admire art at the famed Rijksmuseum and the Rembranthuis, delve into the darker history of Europe with a visit to the Ann Frank House, and lose sight of your senses in one of the hundreds of cafes. The city is every inch as eclectic as its reputation suggests with an industrial edged nightlife scene and delectable dining options.


From glistening pottery to The Girl With The Pearl Earring, Delft is the epicenter of the romantic golden age of Europe. Stepping into this smidge of a city is like tumbling back in time as medieval magic, central market, and tightly wound canals spill out from all sides. It’s the perfect spot for charter guests to get their fill of culture, interspersed with many moments of sheer romance as you sip beer in one of the canal lined cafes, stroll the charming parks, and soak up all those true to life art scenes.


Head into the wild wetlands of the Netherlands with a trip to the Groningen area on the Dutch coastline. Here, seals colonies send an orchestral honk into the air, millions of migratory birds darken the skies with their wings, and marine species flow in thick and fast. Empty beaches, sprawling marshlands, and natural habitats make Waddenzee a wildlife lover’s dream.

When to Charter a Yacht to the Netherlands

The summer months are charming in the Netherlands with laid-back temperatures and long days. The bright days are perfect for beach hopping and the balmy summer evenings see a whole host of festivals and jazz take center stage in the towns and cities. Spring can also be a wonderful time to visit although the weather will be a little more sporadic. For the tulip blooms be sure to visit between March and May.

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