Luxury Yacht Rental in Oceania

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Oceania

From sugar white islands designed for Polynesian kings to slick cities and dreamland surf sports, Oceania is the very vision of paradise. Whether you want a charter escape brimming with sublime snorkeling, diving down to sunken wrecks, and learning to dance on water, you can island hop to your hearts content around the three hundred islands that turn Fiji into Oceania’s pearl. Those who want fine dining, cultural class, and to see the striking UNESCO sites of the Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, and mystical rock of Uluru will fall hard for Australia.

Beautiful view of Palau islands
The men of the Huli tribe in Tari area of Papua New Guinea in traditional clothes
Uluru (Ayer's Rock) in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid  Red Centre

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Oceania

Paradise Bliss

From exploring the shallows of the UNESCO Great Barrier Reef to soaking up sublime luxury on Polynesia’s islands. From Tahiti with its hibiscus strewn landscapes, lush vibes, and soft lit lagoons to Fijian fantasies, Oceania is certainly an Oscar winner when it comes to boasting the worlds very best beaches. Whether you want remote surf breaks, shimmering shores, or hidden slips of sand – Oceania has you covered.

Tribal Encounters

Papua New Guinea is epic in every single way, but especially when it comes to its rich and evocative tribal encounters. Home to many different tribes all with a unique sense of style, you can witness the fire dancers of Baining, spend time with the tattooed women of Oro, and admire the incredible costumes of the Mud Men.

Chic City Life

Far from the remote corners of Micronesia and Polynesia’s pristine shores, Australia is a haven for chic city life. Sydney and Melbourne both offer incredible first-class experiences with their laidback café scenes, boutique shopping, and some of the finest restaurants on the whole continent. For those seeking a different port of call, Darwin and Adelaide also come with high doses of culture and picture pretty corners.

View of the Otemanu mountain , looking towards through the palms with hammock and the lagoon
Tivua Island, Fiji Islands
Tahiti luxury resort hotel in Bora Bora ,French Polynesia

What to See in Oceania


From the rusty red hues and ancient cave art of Uluru and the wild Outback to Sydney’s sophisticated buzz and the wine-soaked beauty of Barossa Valley, Australia is a tangle of national parks, incredible coastlines, world heritage sites, and slick city breaks. South Australia is where you will find islands and beaches boasting kangaroos, sealions, and even cage diving experiences with sharks. The rugged remote Northern Territories paint a completely different picture, with otherworldly landscapes, strange creatures, and deep aboriginal heritage.


Nicknamed the Serengeti of the Seas, Micronesia is home to Palau, the place where sub aqua adventures draw you in to swim with thousands of fish and marvel at colorful coral magic. While Micronesia’s seascapes are sure to impress, the landscapes too don’t scrimp when it comes to drama. Towering limestone cliffs carve out remote islands, handcrafted villages are home to a handful of locals. Over in Papua New Guinea and charter guests can marvel at tribal life with intricate ceremonies and elaborate masked costumes.


The fifth element, Polynesia is something else. From the honeymoon haven of Tahiti to the wild nature of Tonga and Samoa, these shores are rich in natural beauty. Tahiti is the main port of call for yacht charters seeking a splash of luxury, with Bora Bora and Marlon Brando’s own private island making the top of that five-star list. Moorea is another magical spot with its tapestries of blue and green and sweet and sultry breezes.

When to Charter a Yacht in Oceania

Micronesia sees its best season fall between the months of February and April and then again in August and September for those who want to steer clear of monsoon weather. Australia is pretty much a year round destination but those seeking that sweet spot on the South coast will find the months between March and May the best.

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