Luxury Yacht Rental in Borneo

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Borneo

Humid, wild, and filled with eco rich treasures – there’s a reason that even just the name Borneo leaves pioneers of paradise perfectly starry eyed. From pygmy elephants to baby orangutans, toucans, and gibbons; stepping ashore onto Borneo is like stepping into a David Attenborough documentary. But it’s not the rainforest clad land that holds all the pleasure, the ocean too is a whirlwind of sweet surprise. From diving down to admire blooming coral gardens to snorkeling alongside the sea gypsies, Borneo is a bounty of Shangri La scenes.

Bornean orangutan in the wild nature
Floating Market
Beautiful aerial view borneo sea gypsy water village in Mabul Bodgaya Island, Malaysia.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Borneo

Sea Gypsies

The Bajau are also known as people of the sea or nicknamed ‘sea gypsies’ due to their floating villages, impressive free diving capabilities, and commitment or necessity of living life around the clock out on the water. Semi nomadic and found scattered around the Pacific, including the coastline of Borneo, it’s a rare privilege to spend time in these communities, to see the stilt houses, and maybe even go out snorkeling with a Bajau to witness first-hand their uncanny ability to see underwater.

Epically Eco Rich

Look up the dictionary definition of jungle and you are sure to find Borneo painted between the pages. Epically eco rich, you can find a wealth of natural wonders waiting for you in Borneo. This is the home of the famed Orangutans, our orange haired brethren who provide hours of fascination just watching them swing from the branch. If you ever tire of Orangutans, there’s howling gibbons, pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, and saltwater crocodiles to fill in the gaps.

Tropical Panoramas

For those who adore the kind of yacht charters where your jaw drops the floor time and time again, Borneo will blow you away. This is a land of ancient rainforests and important conservation projects ensuring that huge swathes of the jungle remain untouched. When not knee deep in the sweltering orchid strewn foliage, the ocean panoramas are something else with their endless teals and stilted homes.

One of the most beautiful caves of Borneo Gomantong
Bornean orangutan in the wild nature
Tropical rainforest, Stunning view of Borneo Rainforest with sunrise mist and fog rays

Where to Visit in Borneo


While it may only claim a smidge of the island for itself, Sabah is a heavenly highlight of a yacht charter to Borneo. Turquoise waters, kaleidoscopic corals, an endless display of marine life, and the rising shadow of Mt Kinabalu makes for an epic backdrop to spend days snorkeling, hiking, and seeking the enigmatic Pygmy Elephants. There’s so many highlights marking Sabah on the map – from the forest reserve of Deramakot to the Semporna Archipelago and the swinging primates of Sepilok.


A beautiful waterfront and lashings of history marks Kuching on the map as a must-see port of call for yacht charters seeking colorful cities with strong historical pasts. A medley of tribal, Malay, and Chinese influences can be found scattered across the town. Visit the markets, stroll along the waterfront with its night lights glinting, and be sure to visit the nearby Mulu National Park with their deep dark bat caves. The mangroves of Bako National Park are also close by, enticing hikers to head into the mangroves where wild orchids run riot.

Kinabatangan River

If you want your wealth of wildlife in one single sail, make it drifting down the Kinabatangan River. The jungle rich riverbanks are perfect for viewing swinging orangutans and herds of Pygmy elephants who bustle and bathe in the cool waters. This is also where you may see the proboscis monkey with its fascinating nose. A safari sail along these shores is also amazing for bird lovers who can expect to see toucans, rhinoceros hornbills, and serpent eagles.

When to Charter a Yacht to Borneo

Between the months of March and October, Borneo is simmering in its dry season making it a sultry time to visit if you want to avoid the longest spell of rains. Like any tropical rainforest, Borneo is susceptible to short sharp short showers even on its driest days.

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