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Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Peru

A feast for the senses and ever ready to fill your cultural plate, cruising into Peru on a yacht charter will leave you with a million once in a lifetime memories. While there aren’t a thousand ports of call, Lima makes for a lush place to drop anchor and use as a chic and sophisticated base for exploring in-land. Sojourns to Peru can take you from ancient Inca sites loftily perched in the Andes to the jungle thickets and fierce ceremonies on the Amazon basin. There’s ceviche and chocolate to be devoured, puzzling geoglyphs to ponder, sand dunes to bash down, and boat trips to see penguins and seals on wind battered rocky outcrops. In short, Peru is nature's greatest piece of art.

Atacama Desert, Oasis of Huacachina, Peru
Two Ara macao, Scarlet Macaw, pair of big, red colored, amazonian parrots near nesting hole on palm tree
View of the ancient Inca City of Machu Picchu

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Peru

Culinary Heavyweight

Peru has been scooping awards for being one of the best foodie destinations in the world for years. Lima is the crowning jewel in the culinary crown thanks to its collection of award-winning restaurants and impeccable ceviche dishes. The geographical combination of rich coastal waters, deep jungle, and dizzying mountains makes for gastronomic greatness. From thousands of different types of potatoes to the national drink of pisco, Peru never fails to get the juices flowing.

UNESCO Splendor

There are many reasons people head into the dizzying height of Peru, but to see the UNESCO wonder of Machu Picchu is definitely high on the list. The Inca Trail is a fur-day hike that ends at the majestic city of Machu Picchu. For those who don’t want to take the trail, there are glass ceilinged luxury trains that chug up the mountains. The Lost City of the Incas was first documented in the 16th century, and an early morning arrival showcases a magically preserved place, clinging to the tip of a dramatic peak surrounded by other soaring peaks, lush greenery, and misty clouds.

Dramatic Variety

Peru is so much more than alpaca dotted ancient kingdoms in the sky. In this one country you can see a thousand different landscapes - from the macaw cries and slinking jaguars of the Amazon Jungle to the penguins and desolate shores of Paracas, the mysterious Nazca lines, and the rolling sand dunes of Huacachina. There’s historical centers in Cuzco, chic neighborhoods in vibrant cities like Miraflores, and fascinating folklore up at high altitudes in Lake Titicaca.

Panoramic view of Lima from Miraflores.
Totora boat on the Titicaca lake near Puno, Peru
Vinicunca, Cusco Region, Peru. Montana de Siete Colores, or Rainbow Mountain.

Where to Visit in Peru


From chic coastal corners like Miraflores to crumbling dusty corners, Lima wears a hundred different hats making it one of the most fascinating South American capitals. There’s so much to see in this vibrant and colorful city, from edgy art museums to religious processions, rolling surf shores, and paragliding off the edge of cliffs. When you aren’t immersed in adrenaline or architecture, the culinary corners are a must. Lima is one of the gastro greats with endless innovative restaurants and glittering nights filled with pisco sours and sublime ceviche.

Sacred Valley

The home of the Incas, the Sacred Valley is all condors, colonial towns, and heart-racing corners tucked into the dramatic folds of the Andes. All roads lead to Machu Picchu from the foothills, and with the historic city of Cuzco close by, you can blend adrenaline and hiking adventures with a stay in this cultural calling card. Cuzco is all winding alleys climbing high, beautiful alpaca spun handicrafts, and excellent vegan restaurants tucked into a hundred corners. Down closer to the ground, in the valley and there’s white water rafting, zip-lines that send you soaring through jungle covered mountains, ruined fortresses, and lively markets.

Reserva Nacional Tambopata

The Rio Tambopata feeds into the mighty Rio Madre de Dios, making this jungle clad corner of the Amazon one of the richest offerings for wildlife wonders in Peru. A string of luxury lodges invite you to delve even deeper into the rainforest with access only by boat. Jungle walks and sunrise waterway safaris entice you to find the elusive jaguar and bird watchers are sure to be in their element.

When to Charter a Yacht to Peru

May to September serve as the winter months in Peru and the dry season although nights in the mountains can be chilly so pack a few layers. The winter is also the best time to visit for Cusco and Machu Picchu climbs. The summer months run from December to March and while warmer – they can be wet.

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