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Balearic Islands Yacht Charter Guide

The sun-drenched Balearic archipelago is an incredibly popular charter destination in the Western Mediterranean. Situated just off the Spanish coast, the Balearics boast striking scenery, turquoise blue waters, a sunny climate, and a rich cultural heritage.

With its Caribbean-like beaches, calm waters, and excellent diving and snorkeling sites, the Balearic Islands are heaven for sailing holidays.

Add the world's party capital of Ibiza and Mallorca's extravagant flair along with exquisite dining experiences and upscale resorts, and it's easy to see why a Balearic Islands yacht charter is just about the best way to holiday in sunny Spain.

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Platja de Alcudia beach palm trees in Mallorca Majorca at Balearic islands of Spain
Port de Ciutadella in sunset with lights, Menorca, Spain
Beautiful bay with sailing boats, Menorca island, Spain

Why Charter a Yacht in the Balearic Islands

The four islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera offer plenty of diversity and contrasts.

From tranquil, secluded coves and sleepy whitewashed villages to some of the best nightclubs on the planet, the Balearic Islands are an ideal destination for nature lovers, action and adventure seekers, and partygoers alike.

Below, we list several key reasons to charter a yacht in the Balearics:

Stunning Nature

The Balearics consist of four main islands and a spattering of smaller uninhabited islets, each of them unique in its own right.

Lush green mountains, sapphire blue sea, rich marine life, sugar-fine white sandy beaches, pristine coastline, and stunning underwater caves make the archipelago a treasure trove for spectacular views and contrasting scenery.

A luxury yacht charter in the Balearics is nothing short of a paradise sailing vacation in the Mediterranean, and the abundant surfing, snorkeling, and diving sites add spice to the experience.

Culture and Cuisine

The four Balearic Islands have an intriguing blend of Spanish and Catalan cultures.

Charming seaside towns, ancient ports, cobblestone streets, quaint hilltop villages, and archeological jewels abound on the islands.

On the other hand, cities like Palma de Mallorca enjoy a vibrant arts and music scene.

When it comes to local cuisine, the Balearics are famous for excellent seafood and locally produced wines. Traditional tapas bars are everywhere, while Ibiza and Mallorca offer fine dining experiences and wine-tasting tours.

Party Scene

Ibiza is the world's clubbing capital, and there's no shortage of nightclubs, bars, and trendy hotspots on the island.

The party scene doesn't end in Ibiza, either. Mallorca is just as exciting when it comes to lively nightlife, while Menorca's laid-back, bohemian atmosphere is ideal for yacht charter guests looking for more low-key beach bars and a relaxed café scene.

Beautiful sunset at the coast of Majorca Spain island, quaint village at the seaside of Deia, Mediterranean Sea, Balearic islands.
View of the beach of Palma de Mallorca with people lying on sand and the gorgeous cathedral building visible in background
Ibiza skyline on a beautiful summer day.

Yacht Charter Destinations in the Balearics

When it comes to sailing itineraries in the Balearics, it's hard to pick just one destination.

For the best luxury yacht charter experience, consider island-hopping to discover all that the archipelago has to offer –nature, culture, and roaring social life alike.

Below, we list the main attraction points for each of the islands:


Famous for its beautiful coastline, sheltered bays, and limestone mountains, Mallorca is one of the most popular islands in the Balearics.

Its capital Palma de Mallorca, boasts a picturesque Old Town, beautiful inner courtyards and houses of the Jewish quarter, a trendy marina, and a bustling seafront promenade.

Fashionable bars and high-end restaurants are in high supply, while Magaluf is famous for its nightclubs to dance the night away. Palma de Mallorca airport offers easy access from most international destinations.

Away from the city hustle and bustle, Mallorca is dotted with whitewashed mountain villages, vineyards, and secluded beaches.

The small fishing village of Porto Cristo is popular for its long, sheltered bay and turquoise waters, and the nearby Cuevas del Drach, a stunning cave system revealing an underground lake, is perfect to explore for those seeking adventure.

Cala Banyalbufar – a small, rocky cove clinging to a cliff wall – is another wonder of nature offering some peace and quiet away from the crowds.


The second-largest of the Balearic Isles, Menorca is a popular charter destination for foodies and nature lovers.

Freshly caught seafood is a staple here, and because of Menorca's warm climate and lush landscape, local vineyards dominate the wine-tasting scene.

Menorca's capital Ciutadella has a cozy atmosphere, a gorgeous Old Town with cobbled streets and a picturesque port, and an array of great shops and trendy cafes.

Menorca's Stunning Coastline

The island's coastline has more beautiful beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza combined: from pristine white strips of sand to hundreds of coves, it's easy to find your own slice of paradise here.

If you're looking for action and adventure, visit Menorca to enjoy its fantastic spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing, as well as scuba diving among shipwrecks.


Often referred to as the Mecca for clubbing, Ibiza is world-famous for its wild party scene.

Some of the best nightclubs on the island include Hi Ibiza, Amnesia, and Ushuaia, as well as Privilege – the world's largest superclub capable of hosting 10,000 partygoers.

There's more to Ibiza than electronic music beats, however: famous for its glorious sunsets, crystal-clear waters, and more than eighty beaches, the island has plenty to offer.

Romantic Beaches

Cala d'Hort is one of its most popular beaches in Ibiza, offering great views of the Es Vedrà island, surfing spots, and designer beachwear boutiques.

Local rumor has it; if you make a wish while looking at Es Vedrà on the beach, it'll come true.

Cala Portinatx, known for its golden sand and Caribbean-like waters, is an idyllic secluded beach perfect for a more tranquil getaway.

Finally, luxury yacht guests often flock to Ibiza for its world-class SPA resorts and yoga retreats situated among pine forests and olive groves.


The smallest Balearic Island, Formentera, offers a peaceful getaway.

White sand beaches and aquamarine sea dominate the coastline, and the island is a popular spot for snorkeling.

Abundant marine life and the biggest shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea – the ill-fated freighter Don Pedro – make Formentera a fantastic destination for diving enthusiasts.

For charter yacht guests looking to spend a lazy afternoon sightseeing and shopping, the island's cozy restaurants and small souvenir shops offer a great opportunity to wander about and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.


Located just eight miles off the coast of Mallorca, Cabrera rarely gets much press – and unfairly so.

This sparsely populated island consists of rocky coves and craggy hills, but it hides a stunning little gem: the Cova Blava.

Located in Cala Gandulf Bay, Cova Blava is a striking sea grotto where the water shimmers in otherworldly hues of ultramarine due to the unique angle of light reflecting on the sea.

When to Charter a Yacht in the Balearic Islands: Weather

The Balearic Islands see sunny days and warm climates from April to October.

While the high season is between the summer months of June and August, the shoulder seasons in spring and fall are excellent for those looking for a more relaxed sailing experience away from the tourist crowds.

Find Balearic Islands Yacht Charters That Offer the Right Features

Now that you've got some ideas for your Balearics yacht charter itinerary, it's worth considering the kind of boat you'd prefer to set sail in.

While most luxury yachts will have plenty of modern amenities on board, it's all about your personal preferences.

A Personalized Experience

If you’re going to be entertaining a large party of guests, spacious decks and comfy cabins are important. Chartering a yacht for a family vacation with kids? Water toys and activities like swimming and snorkeling are a must.

Love relaxing in a hot tub or watching a movie when you anchor overnight? Look for a luxury yacht with a Jacuzzi and onboard entertainment options.

In other words, chartering a yacht should be a personalized experience, and it’s always best to talk to your charter broker about your preferences.

Below, we list some of the most common luxury yacht features to consider:

1. Spacious Living Quarters

Luxury yachts often feature spacious, well-appointed cabins with ensuite bathrooms, a range of guest cabins, master suites, and VIP cabins.

2. Entertainment

Love switching up your evenings and enjoying a good film while sailing? Look for a charter yacht offering a movie theater, a good music system, and a flat-screen TV.

3. Water Toys

The Balearic Islands are heaven for water sports, and having a selection of water toys like jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, snorkeling equipment, or wakeboards on the boat will enhance the experience.

4. Jacuzzis and Swimming Pools

While most motor yachts and catamarans have spacious decks with sunbathing and lounging areas, a Jacuzzi or a swimming pool is an excellent addition for those lazy Mediterranean evenings to relax and recharge.

5. Gym and SPA Rooms

If you’re planning to keep up with your fitness and well-being routine, having a gym or a spa room onboard your charter yacht is essential.

The Cost of Balearic Islands Luxury Yacht Charter

The cost of hiring a private yacht in the Balearics varies greatly depending on the selected charter yacht type and size.

While a yacht charter vacation is all about luxury, freedom, and exquisite experiences, not all private yacht rentals are extravagantly expensive. On average, a Balearic yacht charter starts at around €15,000 per week.

Larger catamarans and motor yachts typically cost between €30,000 - €70,000 per week.

Finally, crewed (as opposed to bareboat charter) luxury superyachts with a professional skipper and all the latest bells and whistles can cost between €200,000 - €900,000 per week.

Book A Balearic Yacht Charter Vacation Today

Going on a private yacht charter holiday in the Balearic Islands is a truly unforgettable experience.

From the scenery of white sands, azure waters, Caribbean-level beaches, and dramatic steep cliffs plunging into the sea to the world's best nightclubs, upscale marinas, sophisticated dining and shopping opportunities, and plenty of diving and surfing spots, sailing the Balearics is an adventure for all the senses.

If you're ready to start planning the trip of a lifetime, explore the Balearics charter yacht options today.

Balearic Islands Yacht Charter FAQs

What are the five Balearics Islands?

The five Balearic Islands include Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca, Formentera, and Cabrera.

The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are not the same. While both archipelagos belong to Spain, the Canaries are located in the Atlantic Ocean off the North African coast, while the Balearics are situated in the West Mediterranean off the Eastern Spanish coast.