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Luxury Yacht Charter in The French Riviera

The French Riviera is the quintessential luxury yacht charter destination in the West Mediterranean. World-famous for its sun-kissed beaches, sophisticated arts and culture scene, glamorous cinema heritage, and celebrity guest list, the French Riviera lends itself to an unmatched yacht charter experience.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle of a West Med bon vivant, a romantic getaway, or an adventure-packed vacation, chartering a yacht in the French Riviera provides access to some of the world's most exclusive and breathtaking locations.

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The Perfect Yacht Charter Holiday

Travelers aboard yacht rentals flock to the French Riviera each summer in search of the sun, elegant social life, iconic resorts, and the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Coco Chanel and Jackie Kennedy were often guests of Côte d'Azur in the fifties, and Hollywood stars, singers, and actors still frequent St Tropez and Nice today. Glitz and glamor aside, the French Riviera is world-famous for its sandy beaches, spectacular coastline, and beautiful bays.

Food and Culture

Finally, Côte d'Azur is a prime destination for foodies - the French cuisine has few rivals - as well as history and culture buffs.

The annual Cannes Film Festival is quite the spectacle for cinema lovers; the nearby Monaco Grand Prix offers a unique chance to rub shoulders with the rich and the famous, and the Monaco Yacht Show presents a unique opportunity to see some of the world's most prestigious superyachts and exciting new yacht launches.

Old city and harbor in Cannes, French Riviera, France
Relaxing beach chairs on sandy sea shore near Menton, French Riviera, France
Seascape of Antibes in Provence France - travel and architecture background

Why Hire a Yacht Charter on The French Riviera?

A private yacht rental on the French Riviera is the most indulgent way to experience Côte d'Azur.

Sailing the Mediterranean at a leisurely pace while a professional crew takes care of the navigation, the itinerary, and every single detail of the journey is an unparalleled travel experience impossible to replicate on land or by jet-setting.

A Unique Journey

There's nothing quite like a French Riviera cruise as you traverse the azure blue waters, take in the views, enjoy cocktails on the deck, and drop anchor in some of the world's most upscale marinas.

A private yacht allows for privacy, freedom, and luxury as you sail along Côte d'Azur, exploring its dazzling coastal resorts, cuisine, and culture.

Prime French Riviera Charter Yacht Destinations

The French Riviera stretches for over 550 miles of Southern France's coast, dotted with volcanic rock outcrops, secluded bays, sandstone cliffs, and golden beaches. From the bonhomie of small rustic villages to the heady atmosphere of glamor and extravagance of the Antibes, Cannes, and Nice, Côte d'Azur is an exquisite playground for sailing vacations.

To help you plan your French Riviera sailing itinerary, we recommend looking into these highlights:

St Tropez

Known for its jet-setting culture, international movie star fame, and sophisticated summer living since the sixties, St Tropez is an iconic destination on the French Riviera. Renowned for its sun-drenched beaches, luxury yachts outnumbering local boats, fine wines, and roaring nightlife, St Tropez is the place to see and be seen.

Art and Culture

In addition to its glitzy social life and high-end dining and shopping opportunities, St Tropez will charm culture and history buffs with its stunning architecture, art galleries, and live music events.

Tahiti Beach and Plage de Pampelonne are some of the best beaches in town, while those looking for some peace and quiet will enjoy the wilderness and views of the dramatic coastline at Cap Camarat.


Nowhere in France can compare to Nice with its unique blend of modern city life, old-world splendor, sunny days, vibrant street life, and gorgeous coastal location.

If you're considering a yacht rental on the French Riviera, Nice is a must-see: its Old Town and Promenade des Anglais offer a fantastic sightseeing experience, the Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse museums provide a glimpse into Nice's long history of hosting artists and intellectuals, and the incredible views from Colline du Chateau are nothing short of breathtaking.

An Aristocratic Retreat

Cours Saleya Market and chic boutiques provide a chance for some local shopping and colorful culture, Nice's countless restaurants serve up fine-dining experiences, and the city's beaches are perfect for sunbathing in style.

An elite retreat for European royals and aristocrats since the 19th century, Nice is a true jewel of Cote d'Azur and an ideal starting point for a private yacht charter adventure in the Mediterranean Sea.


The annual film festival attracting movie megastars has made Cannes well-known around the world, but that's only one of many draws to the city.

Cosmopolitan, glitzy, and home to stunning beaches and luxury resorts, Cannes is famous for its sophisticated food scene, a beautiful Old Town, and world-famous La Croisette promenade.

The Old Port of Cannes is an excellent sailing yacht spot full of authentic charm, and the nearby Forville fish market is a great place to sample freshly caught seafood.

Finally, Cannes' close proximity to Antibes, Nice, Monaco, and Monte Carlo makes it an ideal gateway into the French Riviera.


Voted one of the most glamorous places in the world by Forbes, Monaco has been the stomping grounds of the upper echelons of society for decades. With is Belle Epoque buildings, a hundred-year-old Oceanographic Museum, flashy supercars, the timeless fame of the Monte Carlo Casino, and luxury superyachts frequenting its shores, Monaco is the ultimate capital of glamor on the French Riviera.

Famous Guests

The Hotel de Paris - Monte Carlo, once frequented by Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, and Salvador Dali, is now popular among celebrities like Julia Roberts and Elton John, and the Monaco Grand Prix attracts the world's mega-rich each year.

In addition to its international fame as the planet's wealthiest and most alluring location, Monaco boasts magnificent sunsets, turquoise blue waters, and beautiful beaches perfect for soaking up the sun.

Don't Miss These Hidden Gems: Yacht Charter Broker Advice

While St Tropez, Cannes, Nice, and Monaco are the major highlights of the French Riviera, there are plenty of hidden gems to explore along the way. Cote d'Azur is dotted with picturesque towns, quaint coastal villages, and secret spots perfect for exploring aboard a private yacht.

From the colorful cobblestone streets of Ville Franche sur-Mer to the pine forests and coves of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, dubbed the "billionaire peninsula", Cote d'Azur hides countless treasures to discover onboard a charter yacht:

Port Grimaud

Often called the Venice of the French Riviera, Port Grimaud boasts a maze of canals crisscrossing the city.

St Tropez-adjacent, Port Grimaud is famous for its laidback atmosphere, night-time market, and colorful architecture. A unique stop on the Côte d'Azur, Port Grimaud offers a different experience away from the tourist crowds.


A brightly colored port town known for its mouthwatering seafood, a market voted the most beautiful in France, and sunny beaches, Sanary-sur-Mer is another escape from the hustle and bustle of the more popular French Riviera resorts.

Ideal for culinary adventures and sightseeing, Sanary serves as a tranquil little stopover during a Côte d'Azur sailing holiday.


With its laid-back beach vibe, one of the most spectacular superyacht marinas in the Mediterranean, and charismatic Old Town of narrow cobblestone streets, markets, and cafes, Antibes is one of the liveliest towns on the French Riviera.

Golden sandy beaches, the heritage of Pablo Picasso, red-roofed Mediterranean villas, excellent local cuisine and Michelin-starred restaurants make Antibes one of the most attractive ports on Cote d'Azur.

Find French Riviera Yacht Charters That Offer the Right Features

Chartering a yacht for a sailing vacation on the French Riviera is an unforgettable adventure.

However, choosing a yacht with the right features and amenities can enhance the experience: from onboard water toys, deck jacuzzis, and spa rooms to professional chefs and onboard gyms, chartering a yacht that meets your personal needs and preferences will make the sailing a truly extraordinary vacation.

Theater Room

Even a journey to a place as captivating as the French Riviera requires some time to relax and unwind. If your chosen yacht has a cinema theater, you'll be able to enjoy your own private film festival as the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea.

Onboard Gym

If you and your guests love keeping fit, an onboard gym on a yacht is important to keep up with the workouts and feel refreshed and recharged.

Water Toys

The Mediterranean is a giant playground in the summer months, and water toys will help bring that playground to life. You might want to enjoy a peaceful time out on the water with some kayaks or paddle boards, or you may prefer to pick up the pace with a pair of jet skis.

Luxury Sleeping Quarters

When each day is done, your yacht should offer you a comfortable, private retreat to get some quality sleep and prepare for the next day. Some yachts available in the French Riviera have suites that rival those of the fanciest of hotels.

Timing Your Luxury Yacht Charter Trip - Watch the Weather

The French Riviera enjoys a long sailing season from May to October, seeing 300 days of sunshine per year.

Regardless of year-round mild weather, yachting is at its best during the summer months, especially if you prefer sunbathing, water sports, snorkeling, and beach life. On the other hand, shoulder months of early spring and late fall see fewer tourist crowds.

The Cost of a Yacht Charter Vacation

Hiring a luxury yacht charter on Cote d'Azur comes with a significant price tag: from beautiful beaches to the Cannes Film Festival and beyond, there is a lot to love about visiting the French Riviera in a yacht rental - and all of those selling points cause the prices to soar.

Just how steep the final price tag will be depends on many factors, such as the duration of your trip, the size of the boat and crew, and the features and amenities offered onboard the yacht.

While a weekly yacht rental could be had for less than €50,000, the price will more commonly be into the six figures and beyond. In fact, it's not uncommon for this type of yacht rental to exceed €1 million.

Two Types of French Riviera Yacht Charter Experiences

For most visitors to the French Riviera, securing a yacht rental is going to mean a motor yacht. This is an advanced, modern vessel that uses powerful engines to get around the sea with ease. You'll have no trouble spotting a variety of beautiful motor yachts in the waters of the French Riviera, so you'll have plenty of good company.

Sailing Yacht Rental

It's worth noting, however, that a sailing yacht is also worth your consideration. The sailing experience is a romantic one, where the journey is valued just as much as the destination. If you'd rather not be in a hurry to power from one spot to the next but take your time to see the sights and soak in the traditional Mediterranean experience instead, a sailing yacht is the way to go.

Ultimately, there is no wrong answer to this debate. Whichever way you go with your yacht rental, you'll be lined up to have a great vacation with your family or friends. With a professional crew onboard, a view of the coastline in the distance, and plenty of marinas to explore along the way, traveling the French Riviera in a yacht - whether motor or wind-powered - is something you'll remember forever.

Find a French Riviera Yacht Charter Today

Given the popularity of French Riviera charter yachts, it's important to make your reservations for the trip as soon as possible.

Whether you are interested in a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, work on reserving your private yacht charter right away so you can begin to look forward to the sandy beaches, luxury shopping, scuba diving, and countless other Côte d'Azur adventures that await.

Take a moment today to browse the options, and your dream sailing getaway will be one step closer to becoming a reality.

Alternative Mediterranean Yacht Charter Destinations

Booking a yacht rental for the French Riviera is an excellent choice - Côte d'Azur is a world-class destination offering countless awe-inspiring adventures and cultural experiences along the way. However, the Mediterranean Sea boasts several other fantastic locations to explore or add to your French Riviera vacation plans.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast of Italy is the only other region within the Mediterranean that can rival the French Riviera in terms of name recognition, popularity, and charm. Azure blue waters, pastel-colored seaside towns, and delicious Italian cuisine, along with rich history and heritage dating back to Roman times, is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Balearic Islands

This group of islands off the coast of Spain might be a little overlooked by those who are chartering yachts in the Mediterranean- but it shouldn't be. Known for stunning scenery, amazing nightlife and party central of Ibiza and Mallorca, Andalusian vibes, and laidback atmosphere, the Balearic Islands are a great destination for sailing holidays.


When it comes to yachts for charter in the East Mediterranean, Greece is hands-down the most intriguing destination to explore. Sun-kissed islands, glitzy summer resorts, crystal clear waters and the wonders of Antiquity abound in Greece, making it an excellent sailing location in the summer season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a French Riviera yacht charter cost for a week?

The price of a yacht rental in the French Riviera will depend on factors like the time of year you wish to travel, the size of the boat you'd like to reserve, and more. Costs can start around €30,000 but will regularly sail far beyond that mark.

The summer months are more expensive than the shoulder seasons, as countless people visit in the summer for the world-famous warm waters and endless sunshine.

The summer months are prime season for yacht charters, but the fall in the French Riviera can be just as magical. Saint Tropez is a beautiful place to visit from April through October, as the South of France enjoys lovely weather throughout this stretch. When looking at yachts for charter, think about when you want to travel as a key part of the equation.

Some of the biggest and best yacht charters in the world can be found in this area. If you are looking for charter yachts that have all of the latest bells and whistles, such vessels are certainly offered here. At the same time, yacht rental in the French Riviera can also mean securing a smaller sailing vessel for a more traditional, old world experience.

Yacht charter guests in the French Riviera enjoy the fantastic coastal scenery, sunny beaches, glamorous summer resorts, fine dining and wine tasting, cultural events, historical sites, and plenty of colorful sightseeing, complete with vibrant nightlife, high-end boutiques, and a luxurious lifestyle.