About us

Charter Index has been providing central agencies and brokerages with digital services since the industry was borne in the early 1980s, and has become the backbone for international super yacht charters.

The original U.S. based business was acquired by UK based Charter Index Limited in 2002, and since then our digital platform has evolved to the point that we are now able to provide access to the worldwide catalogue of yachts directly to consumers.

With our business services deriving revenue from listing and subscription fees, we are able to offer our consumer service free of charge.

Comprehensive searchable data on all the known crewed superyachts available for charter on a worldwide basis, along with details relating to the principal cruising destinations in which they operate.

Charter Index Ltd is a registered UK corporation operating from offices in London, UK and Fort Lauderdale, USA.


Using the multiple search philtres, you can select the yacht(s) most suited to your needs, operating in the area that you wish to cruise in, before specifying the ideal dates for your charter and submitting your enquiry to us for processing.

Direct contact will be made with you in order to validate and fine tune your enquiry and to provide any additional information that you may require, before connecting you with the exclusive agent representing the yacht(s) selected or to a carefully chosen professional charter broker.

Our process ensures that you receive completely unbiased advice and are able to view and enquire upon the entire worldwide fleet with more efficiency.

The services provided to you on this site by Charter Index are free of charge and will therefore not increase the cost of your charter. In many instances charter rates quoted on the site may also prove negotiable.

Charter Rates

Chartering a yacht involves various different costs, sometimes included ‘all inclusive’ in the charter rate and sometimes charged as extras ‘+ all expenses’ or ‘inclusive (exceptions)’.

Some examples of elements which may be charged as extras are fuel, dockage charges (which are the charges made by marinas and some anchorages), utility charges when consuming them, charter cancellation insurance, the cost of some or all food and drink, various facilities, services and toys (e.g. diving equipment and lessons). This list is not comprehensive!

You need to bear all of the above in mind in the context of what you want to do and where you want to go on your charter.

Obviously if you want to be cruising from place to place every day you might be covering significant distances, which would have a consequential effect on the amount of fuel used - unless you are in a sailing yacht and the wind is sufficient to get you there! Alternatively, if you want to remain in a harbour or marina enjoying the local environment, marina charges might be significant depending on where you are.