Luxury Yacht Rental in North Korea

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to North Korea

A controversial yet curiosity rousing destination, North Korea makes for a fascinating yacht charter spot for those seeking a peek behind the curtain. One of the world’s tightest reigned in communist states, North Korea isn’t your usual kick back and relax break but is a place where time has seemingly ground to a screeching halt, where architecture seems otherworldly, and where isolation takes a different slant. Free travel isn’t easy in North Korea so expect tightly packed plans, official guides, and state approved ports of call to pave the way, but for those who can read between the lines, it’s a once in a lifetime destination.

Pyongyang skyline at night, North Korea
North Korea's cheering squad perform during Pair Skating Free Skating in Gangneung Ice Arena
Monument to the founding of the Labor Party of the Korean People's Democratic Republic

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to North Korea

Record Breaking Architecture

Socialist architecture towers above the skyline of Pyongyang, but even beyond the capital, the brutalist structures and statues create a surreal feeling of being in another world. The famed tower of the Ryugyong Hotel is the tallest unfinished building in the world, the subway is one of the deepest, and the Arch of Triumph the second tallest across the globe. Finally, you have The Rungrado Stadium, also one of the largest of its kind.

Parallel Worlds

There’s no question that visiting North Korea is like stumbling into an alternate universe. It’s a world completely different to all those that sit outside its borders. Far from the usual chain restaurants, supermarkets, and modern interpretations, North Korea feels like falling back to a parallel world taking place in the 1970’s. The promise of the eternal leader and the Jong dynasty can be found etched across the DRPK in billboards, statues, and badges with the leaders faces on sported by many civilians. The internet remains relatively unused and huge swathes of culture from the outside world are unknown.

Local Encounters

Despite the country’s superstition about outsiders, North Koreans are said to be truly welcoming – almost surprisingly so. Personal encounters for deeper understanding of both cultures are incredibly important and North Koreans are truly hospitable and curious people, although one on one get togethers may be a little less available than other countries. Still, sitting down to glorious local cuisine, watching the dancing, and being treated like honoured guests all adds to the experience.

North Korean territory seen from the Unification Observatory
The skyline view of Ryugyong Hotel
Mountains covered with green vegetation

Where to Visit in North Korea


The capital of North Korea is a must for those who want to see the gargantuan examples of soviet architecture. Tours will take you to all the carefully handpicked places designed to show you the wealth and wonder of North Korea. You will see buildings and statues carved from bronze and marble, you will catch sight of mass dancing events, and when you want a breather, you can stroll through Moran Hill to catch rare sights of everyday life.


The beach side retreat of North Korea, Wonsan is a port city sitting on the eastern shores. While not exactly a popular spot for international tourists, it is one of the main vacation haunts for North Koreans. Beautiful sandy beaches can be found at the lush Lake Sijung and for those who want to blend sandy sprawls with downhill skiing, there’s the nearby Masik Ryong Ski Resort which provides perfect peaks in the winter and impressive hotel stays in the summer.


Every trip to North Korea should include a visit to the DMZ, especially if you want to have a better understanding of the country you are in. A divided nation, cleaved by politics, the DMZ shows you what a face off looks like between North Korea and its tempestuous relationship with South Korea and the USA. Less than 100km from Seoul but a world away, the DMZ is an astonishing and slightly eerie place filled with tank traps, concrete slabs, brooding headquarters, barriers, binoculars, and propaganda videos.

When to Charter a Yacht to North Korea

North Korea has four distinct seasons and for those seeking sublime sailing conditions, beach bliss and warm water – the summer months of July and August make the most sense. If you are hoping to weave in a little skiing with your sailing trip, powder can still be found on the peaks in spring.

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