Luxury Yacht Rental in South China

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to South China

Ancient, wealthy, and boasting a strong seafaring history, the shores of South China set the backdrop for a storied yacht adventure. From the century old temples and rugged cliffs of Guilin to the tropical forests and heady night markets of Taiwan’s Pacific Beat, and the famed shimmering skyline of Hong Kong, South China is a box of evocative chocolates. Fine food, fantasy landscapes, and fables of the Silk Road all merge in the beautifully preserved and vibrant south.

Photography of Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan, China
Landscape of Guilin, Li River and Karst mountains
Pagoda style Chinese architecture in garden

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to South China

Dragons and Drums

Brightly painted dragon boats gliding serenely on a sheer blue lake, Taoist temples in their thousands, tai chi lessons and bamboo theatres, culture is alive and kicking in South China and has been for many centuries. From Macau with its Portuguese mosaics to the flow of cobbled streets and hundreds of humpback bridges that make up Lijiang’s Old Town, the beat of drums and the cultures of the Miao and Dong people, South China is a smorgasbord of diverse experience.

Midnight Feasts

The night markets of Taiwan make for a fabulous foodie affair. Spend the evening wandering from stall to stall, soaking up the wild display of culinary magic and the wafting scent of Taipei beef noodles, glistening oysters, Tainan milkfish fresh from the seas, and beautifully barbecued wild boar carried from the shadowy forests. Hong Kong too, doesn’t fall short on the food scene, as one of the world's famed culinary destinations you can expect such greats as the famed dim sum, butter-soaked prawns, and wonton noodles to all make an appearance.

Iconic Landscapes

South China serves up a tapestry of landscape choices making a full charter experience that weaves variety into the wonder. Hong Kong is bucket list material with its rainbow bright backdrop of glittering buildings best viewed at sunset or against a midnight black sky from the water. Over in Guilin and Yangshuo you have that image of ancient China with its handcrafted agriculture, rice fields, and tiny villages tucked beneath undulating mountains and winding riverbanks.

The seaside mountain town scenery in Jiufen
Beautiful landscape of lake level reflect fantasy dramatic sunrise sky in Sun Moon Lake , in Taiwan, Asia
photo of night market high view from building colourful tent retail shop and lighting

Where to Visit in South China

Hong Kong

One of the world's most famous cities, Hong Kong is all spiralling skyscrapers, sparkling bright lights, glitzy shopping scenes, and one of a kind foodie experiences. Adrift in the waters of the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, the city is packed in with people, sights, sounds, and a delicious sense of sensory overload. Hong Kong Island offers a string of gentle beaches to the South, some of the oldest Chinese communities to the West, and the central district is where life pulses.


Nicknamed the Beautiful Isle, Taiwan sits hemmed in by the cobalt blues of the Pacific. A vision of forests, gorges, and pretty national parks, Taiwan takes you for a walk on the wild side. But Taiwan isn’t a one-sided coin, the booming island has a luxury urban scene with thriving markets, bright nightlife, and intricate Tao culture. Home to the Taiwan Boat Festival, endless temples on the Penghu Archipelago, and the graceful sailing pathways of the Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan is a treat.


Gorgeous Guilin is a treasure with its ribbon-like waters, rising limestone formations, and labyrinth of caves and grottoes. For yacht charters, this natural paradise captures rural China in her most authentic dress. Water buffalos roam, farmers work the rice paddies, and the sailing journey along the River Li from Guilin to Yangshuo is a dream. Yangshuo is UNESCO bliss, awarded for its waterside beauty and dwarfed by the karst peaks rising high. You can wander the maze-like streets, sample edible delights at the market, and even ride bicycles over the collection of bridges.

When to Charter a Yacht to South China

South China in springtime is a stunning affair. Warm temperatures, flowers in bloom, and festivals bring out the best in these shores. While Taiwan also makes a comfortable spring destination, the autumn months also serve this island well, but for those charter guests wanting to lap up the tropical beach lifestyle, summer is sublime, although the so-called Plum Rain can fall throughout the month of June.

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