Luxury Yacht Rental in South Korea

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to South Korea

Gorgeous grace awaits you on the refined shores of South Korea, where endearing hospitality, stunning landscapes, and a soft and beautiful culture welcomes you into a whole new world. Nicknamed the Land of Morning Calm, serenity surrounds South Korea and seeps into everything you do, especially when sailing along the coast to remote sea strewn islands or padding through the green rice fields that etch out the countryside. Even though South Korea seems calm and quiet on the surface, scratch beneath the skin and you see a pulsing world of rocking cities, lively night markets, and incredible food.

Gamcheon Culture Village
Skyline of Busan, South Korea at night
Gyeongbokgung palace with cherry blossom tree in spring time in Seoul city of Korea

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to South Korea

Old and New

There’s a joyous juxtaposition to be found threaded through the culture of South Korea. While the city may buzz with clean lines, shimmering skyscrapers, and futuristic touches, there’s very much an ancient and traditional feel that floats through the country. From the dance performances to the quaint teahouses, and the beautifully embroidered hanbok costumes, you can trace the lineage of change in South Korea and every moment is celebrated.

Incredible Cuisine

South Korean food is a chic culinary affair whether you are seeking five-star style or street food treats. From the tangy spiced delight of kimchi to melt in the mouth sharing feasts of Korean barbeque, and bibimbap lunches, simmering noodle soups, and tender crispy chicken, there are endless edible extravaganzas to enjoy.

Fashionable Fun

South Korean culture can be something of a trendsetter and for those seeking sublime shopping opportunities as part of their yacht charter adventure, the cities will satiate that appetite. Home to some of the finest luxury skincare products on the planet, South Korea knows how to pave the way for wellness wonders. The fashion scene is also fabulous and as a tax free haven, you can hit up all the flagship stores and elite shopping districts to get your fill.

Cherry Blossom in spring with Korean national dress at Gyeongbokgung Palace Seoul
Sunrise at Jeju Do Seongsan Ilchulbong
Areal shot of beautiful beach with enthusiastic people learning how to surf at Jeju Island

Where to Visit in South Korea


Seoul is the heart and soul of South Korea. Serving as the country’s capital, this is where you will find all that rich history of dynasties etched into sites like the Gyeongbokgung Palace. For an even deeper sense of culture, be sure to stroll around the historic Bukchon Hanok Village where gorgeous galleries and boutiques entice you to splurge on local handicrafts. When you have had your fill of sightseeing and shopping, Seoul’s eclectic nightlife and slick dining scene is here to keep your senses indulged and you singing karaoke until the small hours.

Juju Island

The largest island in South Korea and also the lushest, Jeju Island is the nation's favourite escape. Shimmering blue seas, sprawling sands, and a glut of glorious outdoor activities makes Juju Island ever tempting especially for yacht charters looking to drop anchor and soak up South Korea's authentic summer vibes. Alongside sublime beach beauty, the seafood on Juju is a rare joy, especially when blended in local dishes like kimbap. After splashing and feasting, active adventurers may wish to hike up the onyx slopes of Sunrise Peak for those pristine views out across the island.


Perched on the South East Coast, Busan is a beauty and occupies prime real estate tucked between mountains and the sea. It’s the perfect destination for those looking to combine buzzing city exploration with coastal parks, evocative temples, and a thriving creative scene. The chic and slick shores of Haeundae Beach are certainly the place to kick back and soak up the atmosphere and the Gamcheon Culture Village is a charming quirky spot for perusing the colourful café scene and snapping postcard pretty pictures.

When to Charter a Yacht to South Korea

The shoulder season months of Spring and Autumn are the best times for dropping anchor in South Korea. Between the months of April to June and again in September to November, visitors can enjoy soft and warm sunlight, dry days, and the sight of the flowers in bloom or the foliage wearing her brightest shades of gold and red.

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