Luxury Yacht Rental in Brazil

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Brazil

Four thousand nautical miles make up the gauzy green and blue ribbon like coast of beautiful Brazil, making it a yacht charter paradise for sure. This is a destination that has it all – from the buzz and bright lights of sultry Rio de Janeiro to sunset anchorages against a beach paradise backdrop, deep jungle dives into the Amazon, and old colonial towns. Brazil is rich biodiversity, endless adventure, and carnival magic. Whether you love to shake your tail feathers and samba all night long or whether seeking something off the beaten track, Brazil brings it all to the table.

Night view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Samba School parade in Sambodromo
Island of Cataguas - Angra dos Rei

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Brazil

Endless Ecosystems

From pink dolphins skimming the waters of the Amazon to whale watching off the coast, long billed toucans tilting their head to watch you pass beneath the canopy, and sea turtles drifting serenely through the coral reef – Brazil boasts one of the most diverse eco-systems on earth. The Amazon is a must see for those wanting to lose themselves in the lush jungle. Yachts can charter the sweeping river, hitting the hot spots of Alta do Chao, Parintins, and Manaus.

Buzzing Cityscapes

Samba beats, sassy cocktail bars, lively restaurants, and an unbeatable joie de vivre for life – there’s a thousand and one reasons to fall hard for Brazil’s colourful cities. Rio tops the charts as a city that strikes up the soul, with its gorgeous backdrop of mountains and blue waters, its iconic statue, and its harbour brimming with sailboats and yachts. San Paulo too is all cosmo charm and offers some incredible dining options and plenty of late nights waxing lyrical with the locals.

Breathtaking Beaches

Caipirinha in hand and visions of sugar white sands and waters so clear and warm you can see every single shell on the seabed - Brazil is a beach lovers dream. With so much coastline to explore and a wealth of scattered islands, you can soak up the sun on the shores of Isla Grande, snorkel through the Blue Lagoon, float and fish along the islands west of Abraao, and find secret spots as you sail the fjords of Saco de Mamangua.

Saco do Mamangua, a tropical fiord in Paraty
Paraty is a preserved Portuguese colonial and Brazilian Imperial municipality
Blue and Yellow Macaw in Pantanal

Where to Visit in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Raucous, bright, and brimming with boundless energy – Brazil’s capital is a non-stop party. This city has everything you could ever wish for including golden sandy beaches, endless restaurants, and bars for a heady hedonistic night out, slick neighbourhoods, and endless parades. Hit the sophisticated celebrity fresh shores of Ipanema Beach, sail across the Baia de Guanabara, and even paraglide off nearby mountains for a birds-eye view of one of the world’s most captivating cities.

Isla Grande

One glance at the pristine retreat of Isla Grande and you could never guess it was once a leper colony. Having shaken off its less than illustrious history, Isla Grande is now a gorgeous vision of palm trees and virgin rainforest sweeping down to meet white and blue beaches. There’s a slip of sand for everyone around these sublime sailing grounds and dozens of trails leading into wildlife bright territory. The waterfront also hits a sweet social spot with fresh fish sizzling and rainbow fruit for bartering.

Saco do Mamangua

Blend sailing down the winding fjords of blue Saco do Mamangua with a trip to the popular and pretty town of Paraty. Dramatic peaks and hikes wrap around the 7km inlet, making it an excellent spot to sail, kayak, drop anchor and stroll. Over in Paraty there’s plenty to see. The former gold port has a stunning historical centre with cobbled streets flanked by Portuguese architecture. There’s mangroves to explore, pretty churches, and a whole host of gorgeous beaches.

When to Charter a Yacht to Brazil

December to March sees the Brazilian summer in full swing and those sailing during this time will get all the beach lounging they desire, although it does get humid in the north. This is also the time period when carnival spirits are riding high. The shoulder seasons of April and October can also be good times to visit if you want to avoid the crowds.

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