Luxury Yacht Rental in Uruguay

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Uruguay

Often overlooked on the South American tourist trail, Uruguay has all the makings of an incredible yacht charter destination. One of the most stable countries on these shores and with an illustrious sophistication that paves the way for great art and architecture to shine, Uruguay is always a surprise. From the gaucho cowboy culture to Montevideo’s slick beachfront, and the jet set marina of Punta del Este – Uruguay has many faces. Step away from the cobbled towns and tango rich cities and you find yourself in a world of endless beaches, remotely dotted haciendas, and slipping into bubbling hot springs. Yes, Uruguay is sheer respite for the soul.

The gauchos ride from one cattle pasture to another
Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo, Uruguay
Colourful Street Market Selling Fruits, Vegetable and Produce

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Uruguay

Unspoiled Beaches

The length of the southeast coast of Uruguay is flanked by beautiful untapped beaches and the Atlantic swell that rolls in makes many of these sandy spots prime surfing territory. You can find untouched sands without another soul in sight, or glitzy Miami like scenes at Punta del Este. The bohemian beatniks will love the sprawling mansion and sleepy fishing scene down in Jose Ignacio.

Elegant Activities

Chic Carmelo is an excellent example of how Uruguay likes to dabble in the finer side of life. This elegant upriver spot invites guests to ride horses, perfect their polo swing, and sip delectable wine in shady acres. Yes, Uruguay is a wine lovers paradise, lending itself well to a relatively small-scale production compared to its South American neighbours. This means you get some truly one of a kind bottles and a journey to taste the Tannat is worth the trip alone.

Captivating Cultures

Vibrant music, horse galloping gauchos, a carnival that can match that of Rio - Uruguay has a glorious culture that is well worth celebrating. Montevideo spills over with people practising their instruments and dancing in the streets meaning that music follows your every step. Dine on the South American open grilled barbeque at the Parrillas and visit a hacienda for a rare up close and personal look into the lifestyle of a modern-day Gaucho cowboy.

Punta del Diablo Beach, popular tourist site and Fisherman's place in the Uruguay Coast
Cabo Polonio in Uruguay
Punta del Este Uruguay

Where to Visit in Uruguay


A sprawling city that stretches on for no less than 20km, Montevideo has a cultural corner to suit every taste. Eclectic and easy going, Uruguay’s capital is a swathe of neoclassical and art deco buildings tucked alongside the sea and the suburbs. The historic centre is stunningly stroll-worthy with its green spaces and ancient Citadel Gate. You can also duck into the Tango Museum to learn all about the famous dance, sample incredible culinary skill at the Mercato del Puerto, and get your fill of theatre, disco, and dazzling nightlife against the poetic splendour of this fascinating city.

Punta del Este

Dubbed the Monaco of South America, Punta del Este is synonymous with the yacht lifestyle and the jet set elite who flock from the nearby shores of Brazil and Argentina. Drop anchor in the gorgeous marina and hit the glitzy restaurants nearby for long lazy lunches, admire the mammoth sized mansions that add attractive visual appeal, and celebrity watch from the famed clubs that can be found in both La Barra and Punta Ballena.

Colonia del Sacramento

UNESCO heritage awaits in the charming cobbled streets of Colonia del Sacramento. Close to Buenos Aires and on the east bank of the Rio de la Plata, Colonia is a vision of history and is the oldest town in Uruguay. Home to a 17th century convent, Portuguese basilica, wooden drawbridges, and a wealth of frothy pink bougainvillaea looking stunning against the brightly painted backdrop, Colonia makes for a highly photogenic charter stop.

When to Charter a Yacht to Uruguay

Charter guests setting sail for Uruguay’s simmering and sophisticated coastal scene should head there for the summer months between November and February. The beach scene in Uruguay is certainly seasonal and come the autumn, with the crowds dispersing, many beach clubs will also close their doors.

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