Luxury Yacht Rental in Venezuela

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Venezuela

Sitting in the Southern Caribbean amid pure shades of blue and impressive electrical storms, Venezuela may have a rocky reputation but its natural beauty is simply unsurpassed. Few places in the world offer that melting pot of warm Caribbean waters, rising Andes spires, grassy meadows, and South American magic. It’s home to the highest waterfall in the world, creamy archipelagos, and natural parks that offer endless opportunity for sailing sublime waterways, swimming in lush lagoons, and cruising around hidden cays.

Boat at the tropical beach of Cayo de Agua island, Los Roques, Venezuela
An iguana near a beach in Venezuela.
Salto Angel waterfall after a rainy night.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Venezuela

Postcard Beaches

Dreaming of blissful beaches while changing course from the cookie cutter tourist trail? Venezuela can deliver a whole host of sublime beaches to rival the rest of the Caribbean Sea. Fine powdery sands, Bombay Sapphire shaded waters, and gentle shallow waves that entice you to splash all day. El Gran Roque Island is one of the best spots for beach combing and strolling along the long-fingered sandbar that stretches out into the sea on the stunning Cayo de Agua.

Special Scenes

From the thunder of Angel Falls to the Los Llanos Wetlands, Venezuela is a smorgasbord of scenic sights guaranteed to inspire awe. An excellent destination for wild hikes, high altitude escapes, and Amazon rich flora and fauna in the depths of the sweltering jungle, you can catch sight of crocodiles and capuchin in the tropics, listen for toucans and howler monkeys out on your walks, and witness dolphins twirling in the waters as you eat breakfast on the deck of your yacht.

Lightning Storms

While sailing to a country to watch lightning dance may not strike the top of your bucket list, the fierce and fiery displays over Lake Maracaibo can give the Aurora a run for her money. This electric spot on earth seems to attract the highest frequency of bolts on earth. Known as the Catatumbo Lightning phenomenon, it is worth staying up late to watch the bones of electricity howl across the sky.

Narute of the Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Drone photography of Los Roques, Venezuela
Colorful Sunset over the City, Caracas, Venezuela

Where to Visit in Venezuela

Isla Margarita

Sun seekers and those looking to kick back in a hammock with a cocktail will fall head over heels for Isla Margarita. Isla Margarita is brimming with some of Venezuela’s best beaches on the edges and a rugged green interior. You can take safari tours into the more remote reaches of the island, immerse yourself in saltwater soaked adrenaline activities, or simply chill in one of the country’s favourite beach locales.

Los Roques

A chain of gauzy gorgeous and sun sparkling islands strung across the Caribbean Sea, the Los Roques Archipelago is one of the best places to set sail in Venezuela. This whole area is a vision of brightly painted homes scattered along bleached white shores, waters the perfect shade of aquamarine, and flora bursting out of every corner. Cayo de Agua is a veritable highlight thanks to its scenic dream of remote sandbanks surrounded by snorkel savvy waters.

Morrocay National Park

Sitting just a short distance from the sprawling capital of Caracas, Morrocay National Park is well-placed for those who want to hit the city and then cleanse their souls with a heady dose of Mother Nature. The national park is known for its coral reefs, shocking pink flamingos, and offshore islands and endless cays making exploration by tender a true treat.

When to Charter a Yacht to Venezuela

If you want to lap up a life of sand, sea, and soft sailing conditions then the best time to visit Venezuela is the dry season which falls between November and April. During this time you can expect to see the least amount of rainfall along with lower levels of humidity making for a comfortable experience on land and out at sea.

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