Luxury Yacht Rental in the Middle Atlantic

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide To Middle Atlantic

The Middle Atlantic Coastline runs down from the eastern edge of the USA and swallows up several world class states in its wake. This coastline boasts two of the most important cities in the United States, namely Washington DC and New York City – the perfect balance of business and play. Even beyond the allure of bright lights, Broadway, and political history, there’s so much to soak up in the Middle Atlantic. You can find a glut of gloriously sandy beaches, rolling farmlands, charming coastal towns, craft breweries, tax free shopping havens, and revolutionary heritage. Flanking all this are deep forests and the elite mountain resorts that provide crystal clear summer escapes for the big city bankers.

Aerial view of a beach in Cape May, New Jersey, USA with a lifeguard boat
The Statue of Liberty over the Scene of New york cityscape river side
Long Island,Hampton Bay

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the Middle Atlantic

So Much Culture

No one can deny that New York is one of the major cultural calling cards for the USA, but the surrounding Middle Atlantic states don’t fall short on packing a punch when it comes to history and heritage too. While New York will find your spilt for choice in the way of theatre, mega museums, hidden indie scenes, world class dining, and so much more, Washington DC has a great jazz scene and Philadelphia also boasts a super cool art scene and one of the largest collections of Rodin sculptures in the world.

Ocean Towns

From the charming Cape May to Rehoboth in Delaware, this coast is littered with lovely coastal towns that brim over with Victorian style charm. This is the seaside America you have always dreamed off, with saltwater taffy, old school amusement parks, chocolate box buildings, and beautiful beaches where sea and sand is forever on the menu.

Wild Wonder

While the Big Cities boast all the modern day delights you could wish for and the small towns cover that bygone era feel, the edges of these Middle Atlantic are full of wild wonders. From National Parks and reserves where birds flock to the marshes to thundering waterfalls, the splendour of the Catskills and the cosy sunset watching vibes of light over the Adirondacks, there’s so much wilderness to explore on these shores.

Delaware Beach Sunrise
Washington DC, USA at the tidal basin with Washington Monument in spring season
Sugarloaf Mountain overlooking Connecticut River in the fall at sunset

Where to Visit in the Middle Atlantic

New York

The city that needs no introduction, the bright lights of New York City are a must for anyone sailing the Mid Atlantic. From splurging on Fifth Avenue to celebrating the Statue of Liberty, riding out to Coney Island for cotton candy fun, and standing atop skyscrapers so dizzyingly high you may just vertigo, the Big Apple is a must. Yet beyond Broadway and the chic magic of Manhattan, the New York state is full of surprises. You can fall in love with the sweet beach towns of Long Island, explore the islands of the St Lawrence River, and be amazed by the elegance of the Catskills and the Adirondacks.


The US capital is the epicentre of the USA’s political life. From the gleaming columns of the White House to the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court, the city is littered with political powerhouse buildings. Along with endless important buildings there’s monuments and museums, not to mention an amazing arts and culture scene. Be sure to be the Declaration of Independence, stand on the Lincoln Memorial Steps, and visit The Kennedy Centre to get your fill of American history.


It may be the smallest state in the USA but Delaware makes for a dreamy yacht charter destination. Awash with white sandy beaches and cosy towns, you can sip cold brews in one of the numerous craft breweries, and you can fall in love with the small town feel of a state that is beautifully compact. Hit up the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge to see a wealth of winged wonders, catch the orchestra in the gorgeous Grand Opera House, and enjoy tax free shopping and sandy afternoons at Rehoboth Beach.

When to Charter a Yacht in the Middle Atlantic

The summer months make for the best time to set sail around the Middle Atlantic. With sweet summers and sandy beaches, you can make the most of the late city evenings and al fresco scenes that can be found scattered along the waterfront. If you want to avoid the larger tourist season then early autumn or late spring are also delightful times to set sail.

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