Luxury Yacht Rental in the Western Gulf

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide To the Western Gulf

From the Big Easy to the Big Sky of Texas, the West Gulf shores of the USA make a welcome break from the usual bustle to be found across state lines in Florida. Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana – these southern states offer charter guests a wilder side of the gorgeous gulf. Sure, you still get those sugar sand beaches and fabulous fishing, but you also get bucket list cities, battleships, fabulous festivals, small town vibes, and a whole glut of Mother Nature when you set sail along the southern states and embrace the enigma of the lesser known West Gulf.

Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana
Old New Orleans Building with Balconies
Pubs and bars with neon lights in the French Quarter, New Orleans

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the West Gulf

Musical Magic

Wander the streets of the French Quarter and you will hear music spilling out of every bar. New Orleans is the home of jazz and its quarters are crammed with endless choice for hearing wailing sax and pounding trombone. If jazz isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of blues to be found scattered around, and Louisiana is also home to the twang of traditional Cajun music.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

It’s no secret that these West Gulf coast shores are a culinary heaven, especially if shellfish is your thing. From po boys to shrimp gumbo, crayfish to glistening oysters, and even alligator sausage – your tastebuds won’t know what hit them. Coffee and powdery beignets in the Big Easy is a must, and down along the Texan Coast you can find eye-watering burgers and steaks that earn the accolade of ‘everything is bigger in Texas’.

Chilled Out Beaches

All that dancing and dining means days are best lost to kicking back on beautiful blue and white shores. The West Gulf has some glorious beaches and they don’t see the same spring break crowds that Florida pulls in. Beautiful Biloxi is all waterfront wonders and even the Lone Star State boasts a glut of glorious beaches where crystal waters even welcome in a few waves and sunsets are all drama and dazzle -especially with a locally brewed craft beer on the deck of your own yacht.

Mardi Gras parades through the streets of New Orleans
Spanish moss in the Louisiana Bayou
Sunset in Biloxi beach, Mississippi, along Gulf Coast shore

Where to Visit in the West Gulf

New Orleans

Get ready to shake your tail feathers at the Mardi Gras Carnival capital of the world. NOLA is a party lovers dream thanks to the open container laws, the bright lights of Bourbon Street, the boozy brunches, and the music that ebbs and flows from dusk til dawn. Yet, beyond the party scene, it’s a city of fascinating history, a little voodoo magic, and those sweet magnolias that loom over the mansions of the Garden District. You never tyre of New Orleans ceaseless energy and if you do, you can always sail away on an old-fashioned steam cruiser down the banks of the Mississippi.


Stand up paddle boards, ghost tours, beach days, and heavy-handed history make Galveston a must for dropping anchor when exploring the Texan coastline. Beloved by Houston folk who use this salt seashore for their vacation days, Galveston seems to straddle that line between peachy beach resort and historic town. Explore the East End Lagoon, go bird watching, catch a show at the Opera House, and sail to all the sweet island beaches.


Mississippi’s Biloxi is a beachy treat with its championship golf courses, yachts in the harbour, historic lighthouse, and lip-smacking local seafood restaurants. This US destination has vacation stamped all over it but doesn’t rest on the laurels of its sandy white shores. When you tyre of splashing, sailing, and sun lounging you can soak up some US history at the Presidential Library or get a dose of culture by ducking into the local museums and galleries. Leisure time is best spent lounging in five-star style and nights in Biloxi are never boring, especially for those charter guests who love rolling the dice in a slew of ritzy casinos.

When to Charter a Yacht in the West Gulf

Spring and early autumn may be the best time for setting sail to the shores of the West Gulf. Down in these southern states, summers can be sweltering and the humidity can make it tricky to comfortably explore. While the weather stays mild late into the year, winters can make swimming a little less appealing as the water temperature drops.

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