Luxury Yacht Rental in the Middle East

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Middle East

The east side of the Mediterranean sea tapers into the lands of milk and honey, meeting at the core where religion, culture, and a whole host of history sits at the core. From Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall to the vibrant nightlife scene of trendy Beirut, and plenty of glorious glitzy beaches to keep you entertained in-between, chartering these Middle Eastern shores are endlessly fascinating, weighty with faithful wonder, and bursting at the seams with pure hedonistic joy.

Famous resort and recreation city in Israel
Arab in the Arabian desert on a hot sunny day
Aerial night shot of Beirut Lebanon , City of Beirut, Beirut city scape

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in The Middle East

Milk and Honey

Nicknamed the Land of Milk and Honey, this corner of the Med knows how to make life one big edible pleasure from sabbath feasts to chic and trendy rooftop restaurants. From Israel up through Lebanon and into Syria, so much of the culture is based around the beauty of food. Dreamy hummus in the back streets of Jerusalem, crisp falafels, zesty Fattoush and the freshest lemon-soaked fish on the shores of Lebanon, the delicate array of texture and flavour is sure to make you weak at the knees.

Religious Epics

Jerusalem is considered one of the most important religious cities in the world. From the Wailing Wall to the Holy Sepulchre and the Islamic call to prayer, three of the world’s major religions congregate in the same space to keep the faith. Even beyond the borders of Jerusalem, there’s Galilee and Nazareth, and the City of David. For those who want to stand in the living scenes of some of the most fascinating storeys from the good book, this is your chance.

Endless Moods

While Jerusalem may seem austere, Tel Aviv and Beirut in Lebanon couldn’t be more different. A young and vibrant lifestyle sweeps the city, ritzy beaches pepper the picturesque coastline, and there’s a huge nightlife scene that will push even the most raucous visitor to their limits. Then there’s the countryside and spa delights, the magnificent mountain vistas, and the surreal dream of floating away in the Dead Sea.

Middle eastern, Arabic or Mediterranean dinner table with grilled lamb kebab
The Gethsemane Olive Orchard, Garden located at the foot of the Mount of Olives
View of Dead Sea coastline. Salt crystals at sunset. Texture of Dead sea

Where to Visit in The Middle East


A melody of history and faith converge in Jerusalem, carving out a world of squat rooftops, ancient walls, the living stations of the cross, the golden domes of Mosques, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the famous wall where tears and prayers are pushed through the cracks. Immerse yourself in these storeys, visit the thriving spice and juice laden souks, dine on delight in the gorgeous Yehuda Market, and soak up the more modern artistic delights that thrive downtown.

Tel Aviv

In almost direct contrast, Tel Aviv is hip, young and all about embracing the good life. Graffiti art tours, a string of beaches to capture different moods, the old port of Jaffa, a glut of gorgeously trendy bars, restaurants and some of the best brunches in the world, and an endless array of beautiful boutiques mark Tel Aviv on the map as being a nonstop social scene.


Lebanon’s capital is a collision of east meets west. Fashionable, fast, and full of overwhelming energy, it’s a must for those who want to dive right in and unravel all the different districts. Wander the Corniche, take your pick of tourist friendly beach clubs and claim a daybed as your own, sip cocktails as you sprawl in one of the many rooftop bars, and fall in love with the burgeoning boutique and wellness scene. As Lebanon is such a tiny country its perfectly placed for exploring the coast and cities with ease.

When to Charter a Yacht to The Middle East

A charter yacht to the Middle East can be an amazing choice in the shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn when the temperatures bring warm days and cool nights. The height of summer can be hot and humid but the sea is always there to cool down and fresh air rolls from the mountains. Winters see a drop and sometimes even snow.

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