Luxury Yacht Rental in North East Africa

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to North East Africa

Set sail for the ancient Cradle of Civilization in Egypt. The home of Pharaohs, mystical monuments, the sweeping storeys of the River Nile, and a coastline that seems to be carved out for the sole purpose of diving, the star of North East Africa’s show has many tantalising tales to tell. Hit up the lavish shores of Libya and the turquoise washed wedge of Tunisia where warm hospitality, visions of blue and white, and the sweet scent of jasmine wafts along with the sea breezes.

Nomad on camel near pyramids in egyptian desert
Traditional old painted door in a historical district or medina, Tunisia
Beautiful view over of seaside and white blue village Sidi Bou Said. Tunisia, North Africa

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in North East Africa

A Thousand Legends.

Desert monasteries, tombs where Pharaohs sleep forever, and corners where mediaeval Islam collides with Christian Copts, Egypt brims with fabled tales of ancient history. Images of Cleopatra adorned in emeralds, and the riddle of the Sphinx, there are a thousand legends waiting to be unravelled. From the Pyramids to the Valleys of Kings and Queens, Egypt is the storey that keeps on spiralling. Tunisia too, doesn’t fall short of historical lore, home to the ancient city of Carthage and rich in mosaics, these shores are utterly enchanting.

Coastal Bliss

Tunisia can also hold its own when it comes to seaside magic. Fringed by the balmy blue Mediterranean Coast you can expect sun and sand galore. Some of the prettiest beaches in Tunisia include the Hammamet with its snorkelling sites, Monastir to gallop golden sands on horseback, and Djerba. Also known as the island of a thousand palm trees, Djerba is all powdered white bliss and blue skies.

Desert Delights

Leave the yacht behind and take a quad bike adventure across Egypt’s dreamy desert. There’s something about the great sand sea that stirs up the imagination. If a quad isn’t your thing, there’s also camel safaris or dune buggy’s to add to the fun. Over in Tunisia and you can head into the Sahara. Star Wars fans will recognise many of the landscapes as filming locations. Expect breathtaking scenery, surreal sights, and sunsets that are sure to blow you away.

Luxor on The River Nile is a popular place for tourist boats to moor prior
A sunset view of river Nile in Khartoum
Meroe pyramids in the sahara desert Sudan

Where to Visit in North East Africa


Tombs, ancient tales, mystical pyramids, bustling cities, and a beautiful beach scene – Egypt has been capturing the imagination since the beginning of time. From Tutankhamun’s tomb to Cairo’s Egyptian Museum and the dramatic Valley of Kings and Queens, there’s so much history to feast on in Egypt. But beyond the dust and the details of the past, modern Egypt is eclectic. Cairo sure has its chaotic and colourful side, but also boasts a sophisticated dining scene and buzzing nightlife to boot. The sweet flow of the Nile is a journey worth taking, cruise down the riverbanks on a voyage of discovery.


Hemmed in between Algeria and Libya, Tunisia has everything you need for a North East African charter destination. Bright Mediterranean moods, a diverse heritage that spills over into culture and cuisine, and some of the best beaches on this stretch, there’s every reason to drop anchor here. Along with a sublime sand and sea flop, Tunisia also entices with its rich history. See one of the largest ampitheaters in the whole of the world in El Djem, discover the roots of the famed city of Carthage, and admire the oldest synagogue in Africa on the island of Djerba.

When to Charter a Yacht in North East Africa

Chartering a yacht to North Africa can be done throughout the year, although the shoulder seasons are probably the most temperate climate wise. September and October in the Autumn and March and April in the Spring ensure that the temperature doesn’t sky-rocket.

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