Luxury Yacht Rental in Pakistan

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Pakistan

Famed for its miles of mountains, it’s drama inducing peaks, and its untouched terrains with snowy caps and serene lakes, Pakistan is a place of pure splendour. For yacht charters looking to skim the coastline, Pakistan can show you a world of wild places all snagged within the borders of the spires of the Himalayas. Over on the water, the Arabian Sea is all coastal highways, hidden beaches, and natural wonders. For those who are ready to enter into the Land of Giants, a remarkable world of glaciers, deserts, deep-cut valleys, and intricate hospitalities await.

Aerial photo of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan showing the landmark Shah Faisal Mosque
Aerial View Charminar roundabout in night, Karachi Pakistan
Hingol National Park in Balochistan, Pakistan

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Pakistan

Natural Glory

Home to five of the worlds most incredible mountains and with a divine kaleidoscope of colour waiting to greet you at every turn, Pakistan is a world of natural wonders. The country is home to a thousand different scenes; from sun cracked deserts to sparkling coasts, remote valley villages, and turquoise alpine lakes. While the gargantuan size makes it tricky to cover every corner, you can certainly get a taste of different tapestries even when clinging to the coast.

A Passionate Culture

A warm welcome awaits you in Pakistan, from sipping steaming cups of tea to cheering the national sport of cricket, haggling in the bazaars, and striking up enchanting conversations. An incredibly ethnically diverse country, you can hear many languages, dance to different kinds of music, feast on a multitude of flavours, and hear a thousand and one storeys that make up the multilayered painting that is Pakistan. Head to the Kalash Valleys to encounter the blue-eyed Kalasha people and visit a Qawwali concert to hear notes and hymns that have swept through the centuries.

Delightful Desi Food

Pakistan is all simmering spice, steaming soft naans, and tender morsels of meat. Perhaps the most famous dish to come out of Karachi is the Nihari. Hot, complicated in layers of spice, and super rich – this dish is exactly what the doctor ordered. For those who are a little less inclined to turn up the heat, there’s always beautiful biryani’s, magical masalas, and stunning seafood dishes.

Ibex Hingol National Park Balochistan
Chaukhandi tombs near karachi similar to the makli necropolis
Makran Coastal Highway or National Highway 10 in Pakistan

Where to Visit in Pakistan


The pulsing City of Lights, Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city and in the top 5 largest cities in the world. A collision of old meets new when it comes to everything from culture to architecture, Karachi is littered with 18th century churches, bustling bazaars, museums, galleries, and former societal clubs from British colonialism. There’s a richness of experience on every corner, from the street food to the theatre trips, the bargain bazars, and the weeklong wedding festivities that fall into full on hedonism.

Hingol National Park

The lunar carved landscape of the Hingol National Park is all mystical visions formed in weather worn rocks. Like a scene straight out of a fantasy novel, Hingol National Park is nicknamed Heaven on Earth thanks to its rich topography, its natural habitats, and its wealth of mammals, reptiles, and birds. This area is also home to Golden Beach, where desert dunes roll down to gin clear waters and natural sculptures gaze down from their mountaintop positions.

Makran Coast

The dream of empty white sand beaches and zero crowds makes the Makran Coast one of the best areas to explore on your yacht charter in Pakistan. A thousand kilometres that ebb all the way along the Gulf of Oman, the Makran Coast is all low-lying mountains, blue waters, and wide-open sands.

When to Charter a Yacht in Pakistan

Set sail along the shores of Pakistan between the months of May to October. At this time, the blankets of snow have swept clear from the ground and the summer spirit soaks the land in a vibrant liveliness. Even in the summer months, you can find stretches of sand to call your own, and passage to the mountains becomes easier without the winter weather.

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