Luxury Yacht Rental in Tamil Nadu

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Tamil Nadu

The jewel in the crown of South India, Tamil Nadu is the eastern edge of the tip, where India spills out into the Bay of Bengal and flows towards Sri Lanka. For those on a yacht charter to Tamil Nadu, you can also blend it with a hop across to the land of tumbling tea plantations and elephants in Sri Lanka. But back to Tamil Nadu, you will find a world of temples, ancient Hindu poetry, lively urban cities, and a glut of glorious beaches waiting for you.

A rickshaw in the streets of french colony, Pondicherry
Temple of Sri Ranganathaswamy in Trichy
Silhouettes of the traditional fishermen at the sunset near Galle in Sri Lanka

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Tamil Nadu

Gastronomic Giants

India is a smorgasbord of spice and all things nice, but Tamil Nadu and in particular Puducherry is home to glorious gastronomy. Having been occupied by the French until the 1950’s, the pure love of cooking from both cultures has blended to curate a rare and refined foodie scene. From sizzling samosa style street foods to spiced poisson du jour, Indian flavours with French flair is something truly special.

The Oldest Civilization

Tamil Nadu is home to one of the oldest civilizations and one of the oldest languages in the world and it shows. Sprawling temples, ancient Hindu poetry, expressive dance, and a truly glorious culture can be found across the region, even beneath the urban sprawls of some of the bigger cities like Chennai. The temples are arguably some of the best in India and the people ooze warmth and authenticity.

The Beach Scene

With an eastern edge that sits on the blue Bay of Bengal, there is ample beach opportunity for yacht charter guests looking for a taste of India’s traditional fishing beaches. You can find low-key old school sands, beaches where turtles make their home, and even urban beaches that buzz with activity. If the mainland doesn’t serve up your style of beaches, Sri Lanka is just across the sea and forms part of the surfers path.

Early Morning view of Marina beach, chennai, India
Shore temple at sunset sky in Mamallapuram
Nine Arches Bridge from above, Sri Lanka

Where to Visit in Tamil Nadu


The formerly named Madras is a magical place to explore. Yacht charter guests will find the capital has plenty to offer those know how to delve a little deeper. Cosmo class awaits with an array of boutiques, fine dining, and elegant hotels. Museums and galleries pave the way for divine history and Chennai also boasts one of the oldest classical languages in the world. Sun out on Marina Beach, go crazy for cricket, and go for turtle walks to see the endangered creatures make their sojourn to the sea.


The culinary capital, Puducherry is where the two gastronomic giants of India and France collide. Under French rule for centuries, Puducherry is nicknamed the Provence of India thanks to its savvy French connexions. French restaurants and boutiques can be found scattered all over the charming town along with a world-famous Ashram. Suffice to say the spiritual emphasis mingled with European flair attracts artistic types to Puducherry which only adds to its culture rich vibes.

Sri Lanka

A short sail from the mainland shores of Tamil Nadu you will find the lush longboard beaches, the tumbling tea plantations, and the trundling elephant sanctuaries of sweet Sri Lanka. Yacht charter guests looking for an island dream where you can surf, sip chai barefoot in the sand, admire ancient temples, and ride historic trains will fall hard for the blissful beach ringed islands. There’s a glut of UNESCO sites, warm locals, and sublime safari parks to keep you utterly enchanted.

When to Charter a Yacht to Tamil Nadu

January to March makes for the best time to set sail for Tamil Nadu if you want to skip out on the scorching summer and the monsoons. Even though flash rains can drum down any time of year, the monsoon period whips through between October and December. After March, the temperatures start to soar bringing uncomfortably hot and humid days.

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