Luxury Yacht Rental in Indonesia

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Indonesia

Incredible Indonesia – a land of sacred temples, spirituality, forgotten lands and blissful beaches. With over 17000 islands to explore – its no wonder than yacht charters are starting to turn their attention to this utterly exotic part of the world. Indonesia; with its smoking volcanos of Sumatra, surf scene in Bali, and orangutans hanging in trees – is a relative newcomer to the yachting scene. These lands can be wild and intrepid; with heavy heat, huge swells, and off the beaten track backwaters. But for those charter guests who want to explore the extraordinary, Indonesia is a sure bet.

Pura Ulun Danu temple on a lake Beratan on Bali Indonesia
Madakaripura Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Java and the second tallest waterfall in Indonesia.
Sunset at Batu Bolong & Tanah Lot - Bali, Indonesia

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Indonesia

Amazing Adventures

Adrenaline and adventure can find you at every turn when taking a yacht charter through Indonesia. Surfers will be stoked at being in Bali – where iconic spots down in Padang Padang and Canggu will take you on the ride of your life. Even if you don’t surf; you will find volcano hiking, scooter exploring, and even dining on local dishes can serve up the adventure of a lifetime.

Wild Sights

Ancient dragons on lost islands, velvet orange orangutan families flashing through the rainforest, and red birds of paradise glittering against dark green backdrops. Indonesia is brimming with wildlife wonders. Even beyond the animal kingdom, yacht charter guests can admire rare sights of tiny traditional villages, majestic rice paddies, and remote anchorages sitting in the shadow of volcanos.

Spiritual Bliss

Bali is the epicentre of spirituality. This island clad in temples and surf spots also brims with yoga barns, healing remedies, and organic cafes. Head inland to Ubud, nestled amid the rice paddies you will find endless wellness programmes, meditation programmes and plenty of places to get your chakras realigned to put you back in blissful balance.

Island Hopping

Out of the 17000 islands scattered like fallen pearls across Indonesia, only 8000 are habited. You could sail on a yacht charter around Indonesia for years and never step foot on every single slip of land. Still, from the luminous greens of the Raja Ampat to the sleepy sights and full moon parties of the Gili Islands –your yacht charter gifts you the perfect way to see this side of the world.

fishermen bali
Water Palace Taman Ujung in Bali Island Indonesia - travel and architecture background
Lonely cyclist traveling through indonesian jungle in Sumbawa island in Indonesia in Asia

Where to Visit in Indonesia


Surfers and spirit seekers flock to the paradise island of Bali. While tourism has almost swept the Island of the Gods away, it is still a sight to behold and a joy to experience. Bali has a corner for every mood; those who want sophisticated shopping and cocktails can head to the upmarket Seminyak. If you are looking to party – the craze of Kuta welcomes you. Spiritual alignment can be found in the centre of Ubud and the surfers paradise booms with gorgeous green waves down in the south.

Komodo National Park

Yacht charter guests wanting to witness dragons, or rather giant ancient lizards, should set sail for the riches of the Komodo National Park. Pass through the golden passage, snorkel against the rugged backdrop, and dive alongside grey reef sharks at Castle Rock. Take a guided tour of Rinca to catch sight of the fierce shimmering scales of the dragons, and float alongside the angels of the deep in Manta Alley.

Raja Ampat Archipelago

A collection of 1500 jungle clad islands close to Sorong brings echoes of a yachting dream come true. The rich archipelago of the Raja Ampat is a burning vision of brilliant white sand beaches, rare birds, spine tingling caves, and dense rainforest. Anchor at Misool for your first taste of cave diving in Tolomol before hiking to find the hidden lakes. Trek the Wayag Islands for unparalleled views down across the turquoise waters, your yacht and the rising peaks of mountains. Pay a visit to the traditional village of Arborek in Waisai and dine on local culinary delights on Jerief Island.

Gili Islands

Everywhere you go in Bali, backpackers and tourists will be whispering longingly of the Gili Islands. The main three islands each boast their own character. Gili T is where you will find full moon parties, raucous nights and cocktail clad days, whereas Gili Air is brimming with local bliss and a strong Indonesian culture. For pure turn off tune in vibes then take your yacht charter to Gili Meno.

When to Charter a Yacht in Indonesia

A purely tropical place to play – warm weather and warm waters grace Indonesia the whole year round. Still, the wet and dry season come into play and if you want to avoid the rains May through October can be the best time to sail around the islands. However, those heading to Sumatra will find the months of May to October are wet and wild – so careful route planning around the changing weather patterns is certainly advised.

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