Luxury Yacht Rental in Kalimantan

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Kalimantan

Often nicknamed the other half of Borneo, Kalimantan is the Indonesian side of the island where adventure lovers are tempted to step into the gauzy green depths of the rainforest to seek tumbling orange fluffed primates and delight in Dayak tribal adventures. Snaking rivers and close-knit communities only add to the rich exotic beauty. Beyond the velvet canopies of the rainforest and rugged interior - Derawan Island and the intricate coast is ever tempting for yacht charters seeking to swim alongside green turtles and ethereal Manta Rays.

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Orangutan (orang-utan) in his natural environment in the rainforest on Borneo (Kalimantan) island with trees and palms behind.
Indonesia-Kalimantan, July 2018, This is a documentary image of Man from Dayak Tribe in Borneo Kalimantan Ethnic Festival Event

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Kalimantan

Canopy Cruising

The canopies of Kalimantan can rival any other far-flung forest in the world. Deep, thick, and thoroughly untouched, every step throws a new creature into your path. Primates are one of the premier animals on show, with orangutans and gibbons, not to mention the nosey proboscis monkey all found swinging in the tangled trees. There’s also hornbills, honey bears, and long-tailed macaques.

Demanding Dives

The Derawan Islands are considered to be in the top three diving destinations of the world making it a must for charter guests looking to explore beneath the surface. A scenic backdrop of white sands, swaying palms, and warm welcoming waters ensures you can stay under all day. Giant turtles, mantas, friendly jellyfish, and all manner of weird and wonderful water life make their home on the elaborate coral reefs of Kalimantan.

Dayak Villages

One of the biggest draws that brings the few intrepid charter guests to shore is the chance to see the Dayak Villages. Their longhouses rising from the jungle ground on poles can be found scattered across the island, but in the west is the most authentic way to see them. Steeped in community, the Dayak’s are considered the custodians of the rainforest, and this deep heart felt connexion to nature echoes through their traditional way of life.

Footbridge on Maratua Island, Kalimantan, Indonesia
school of blackfin barracudas in Big Fish Country
Rumah jomblo, Gunung Kupang, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan

Where to Visit in Kalimantan

Derawan Islands

One of Indonesia’s incredible UNESCO heritage sites, nothing stirs excitement in the soul like the first time you sail into the bright bay of the dashing Derawan Island. This is one of the most impressive diving sites you could wish for and home to the legendary Blue Trigger Wall. Plummeting 10 metres beneath the surface and rising to 18m in height, you can lose yourself in the presence of ghost pipefish, the blue ringed octopus, and the galloping seahorse.

Danau Sentarum National Park

The swamps of Kalimantan are utterly enchanting with their winding waterways, leafy shores, and screeching monkeys rising to a crescendo. This is where you can see a whole host of animals including orangutans, crocodiles, and even leggy storks. When you tyre of the wealth of wildlife and exotic flora, you can get up close and personal with the Dayak tribes and visit their local camp to learn all about their lives in the simmering heat of this swampland.

Kakaban Island

Also part of the dreamy Derawan, plunging into Kakaban is like falling into another dimension. Also known as Jellyfish Lake, this is your chance to dive alongside thousands of stingless jellyfish. Pristine water conditions make way for pure visibility and an ancient aura that seeps into the experience. Two kinds of jellyfish reside here, the Golden Jellyfish and the Moon Jellyfish. Out of the water, there’s soaring limestone cliffs and mangroves to admire.

When to Charter a Yacht to Kalimantan

A tropical climate with endless shades of sun, Kalimantan rarely brings a chill to bare skin. Like all lush jungle lands, it does have a distinct wet season and this can be found falling in the months between November and January with a lighter version drizzling silver between the months of March and May. Those seeking drier weather can set sail between the months of June and September.

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