Luxury Yacht Rental in the Maluku Islands

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Maluku Islands

The forgotten Spice Islands, the shores of Maluku are tropically obscure and free from the tangle of crowds. While the Maluku Islands may have been an important port of call back in the 16th century for those seeking the heady scent of nutmeg, nowadays it has almost dropped off our modern world map. With so few tourists, you get an authentic slice of Indonesia that seems to be completely undiscovered, meaning you get the chalk white sands, coral bright seas, and screeching endangered parrots completely to yourself.

Diver, coral reef, sponge, sea fan in Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia
Aerial top down view tropical paradise pristine beach rainforest blue lagoon at Banda Island
Group of the colorful underwater nudibranch on the coral reef

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Maluku Islands

A Rare Find

So far from the beaten track that glimpsing another yacht along these shores is a rare find indeed, the Maluku Islands are blessed with an abundance of space, sunlight, and sea life. Beyond the palm fringed shores, there are colourful little village communities dotted around who will welcome you with bright-eyed curiosity. Stroll around Ternate Harbour with its jam-packed trading, a modern take on the heritage of the spice trading heyday.

Decadent Diving

Snorkel with manta rays, dive down to discover world war wrecks, and feel the thrill of the drop off point as you drift over underwater walls that tumble into the abyss – the Maluku Islands offers endless scope for diving. Halmahera Island is the place to mask up and to kick your feet as you swim in the strait alongside 600 different species of fish, hammerheads, and endless coral reef critters.

Incredible Hikes

While the soft blue waters are ever tempting for those exploring the fragrant Maluku Islands, step foot ashore in your hiking boots for some incredibly scenic strolls. From climbing volcanoes and trekking lava fields to birdwatching in bright sun-lit rainforests and finding coconut fronds filled with hundreds of butterflies as you explore the islands on foot.

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Beautiful clean ocean water in Ora Beach Resort, Maluku Islands
View over the Banda Islands and volcano in the background

Where to Visit in Maluku Islands


The largest island in the Maluku collection, Ambon is often the jumping off point for going into the more remote reaches of this stashed away corner of Indonesia. For those charter guests looking for cultural immersion before stepping out into the lost world, Ambon delivers churches, mosques, markets, and a rich ancient history. In Ambon Bay you can also try muck diving and get up close and personal with the hidden treasures of the seabed.


The beautiful Banda Islands are one of the highlights for exploring the magic of Maluku. A cluster of ten tiny islands offering svelte white sands, dramatic underwater drop off diving, and rugged limestone cliffs as a dramatic backdrop makes Banda a must. This is where you will find one of the most important islands known for its nutmeg, not to mention a naturally hardened lava flow swimming pool (a remnant of the fiery explosion that took place back in the 80’s).

Manusela National Park

Wilderness awaits at the gates of the Manusela National Park where 189 thousand hectares welcome you in to wander among the thousands of species of butterflies, get acquainted with over a hundred species of bird, and hike into the velvet swathes of green. These shores are home to rare parrots, just four villages, and local guides who will take you disappearing into the thickets of the wild.

When to Charter a Yacht to Maluku Islands

December through until February serves as the summer months in the Maluku Islands and makes for the best time to set sail. High temperatures, sunny days, and sublimely clear and warm water temperatures are definitely enticing at this time of year. June to August can see monsoons sweep through Ambon.

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