Luxury Yacht Rental in Micronesia

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Micronesia

Remote, rare, and completely unrefined, there’s a certain old-world explorer magic about sailing to the far-flung corners of Micronesia. Way out in the Western Pacific Ocean, the island states that add to the medley of Micronesia are a collection of ancient cultures, shipwrecks, dazzling sands, and incredible diving spots. There are no less than 600 islands to hop around, not to mention untapped reefs and donut holes and swathes of historical sites, waterfalls, and cultural wonders. From the intricate tribal ceremonies of Papua New Guinea to the blue corners of Palau, Micronesia is sheer magic.

Chuuk State, Micronesia
Wreck & Jack, Chuuk, Micronesia
Portrait of the baby green turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) on the sandy beach

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Micronesia

Serengeti of the Seas

With Palau nicknamed the Serengeti of the Seas and Papua New Guinea home to a whole host of divine wrecks, you couldn’t ask for a better destination for diving. The seascapes beneath the blue of Micronesia brim with marine life, sublime shelfs, dramatic drop off points, and kaleidoscopic corals. Whether novice or pro, with endless islands and waters to explore, diving will be the number one activity for charter guests setting sail around Micronesia.

Rare Cultural Encounters

Many tribes and communities that can be found tucked away in the lush lands of Polynesia have rarely been visited by outsiders. For yacht charter guests granted access, this gives you the chance to take part in some rare cultural encounters. From the Huli Wigmen warriors to the fire dancers of Baining, Papua New Guinea is an amazing destination for seeing bird face masks, the Mud Men, and the tattooed women of Oro.

Diverse Landscapes

While you may think Micronesia is nothing but blue, the landscapes can actually be quite diverse. Sure, there are beaches and blue holes galore but there are also summits and waterfalls and stashed away villages and sweet flowing rivers. There are islands untouched and others bustling and populated. There are burial vaults, lagoons, and historic Spanish walls – in short, Micronesia is a treasure box of endless fascination that goes beyond the beach.

Damselfish swim in shallow water in Palau's inner lagoon
Traditional authentic over water thatched roof bungalow of native local aborigines Micronesian people
Man paddling his kayak on clear turquoise water of a tropical lagoon

Where to Visit in Micronesia

Papua New Guinea

Dubbed a final frontier destination, the virginal lands of Papua New Guinea are reserved for true adventurers. Close encounters with rare tribal communities showcase sublime ceremonies of fire and dance and decadent costumes. Endemic nature runs wild spilling out from the mythical jungle landscapes and into the shiny blue waters. There’s skeletal wreckage of WW2 ships waiting to be explored by diving into the depths, and reef waters supercharged with aquatic wildlife.


It may be a blue dot on the earth but Palau makes quite the impression. Above all else Palau is a divers delight, boasting a lavish archipelago of 200 limestone islands with lagoons, forests, and underwater safaris for all. The Blue Corner of Palau makes for one of the most mesmerising spots to dive with its drop off into the depths and its close encounters with gentle reef sharks. When you aren’t diving there’s stone monoliths to explore and scenic flights to enchant you even further.


The most populous island in the collection, Pohnpei offers visitors a unique blend of culture and landscape. Be sure to see the pepper and eel farms. Invest in intricate souvenirs at the handicraft village of Kapinga and visit the mythological rich basalt rocks of Pwisehn Malek.

When to Charter a Yacht to Micronesia

The months between February and April and again in August and September are some of the best times to set sail for Micronesia. During this time, the rains will start to ease and the humidity and temperature sits in pleasant harmony. The rainy seasons in-between can be heavy and can draw typhoons making it not ideal for sailing.

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