Luxury Yacht Rental in New Zealand

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to New Zealand

Home of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, land of unrivalled adventure, and world of winding fjords and glaciers – chartering a yacht to New Zealand is not for the faint hearted. Carved into two great chunks – the North Island and the South Island with a few scattered in-between, there is nothing you can’t experience on these fair isles. On the South side you will find the freshest seafood and summery secluded bays. On the North there is a feel of gliding around a rich yachting playground, and down in Auckland you can experience the untethered charm of Maori culture. From surfing the wild white peaks to bungee jumping from dizzying heights, kayaking alongside whales, swirling wines in the hills, and hiking glaciers – a New Zealand yacht charter is nothing short of epic.

View of the Wellington Cable Car.
This image shows the Auckland skyline, New Zealand
Champagne Pool in Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland, Rotorua, New Zealand

Why Charter a Yacht in New Zealand

Amazing Adventures

The land that invented the art of bungee jumping – a yacht charter to New Zealand gives you every opportunity to crank up the adrenaline. Snowboard in the mountains, surf in the seas, go galloping on horseback along the coast, and feel alive with every breath.

Unforgettable Landscapes

Pristine, sparse and untouched – New Zealand’s landscapes are jaw dropping at every turn. From winding down the elegant fjords to witnessing shimmering sandy bays, soaring volcanoes, bubbling hot springs, and open prairies – you can see it all.

Impeccable Food and Wine

New Zealand is wine country. The perfect storm of fresh mountain air, sea breezes and sunshine make for a fertile place for grapes to grow. Every night on your yacht charter you can indulge in the finest ingredients sourced from the sea and the land and paired with beautiful bottles from the famed Hawkes Bay and Marlborough.

A Mesmerising Culture

The blend of Maori, British and South Pacific culture makes for an enticing cultural stay in New Zealand. You can witness the bloody splendour of the famed rugby games, gaze in awe at the tattoos adorning the skin, and lose yourself in the fiery spirit of song and dance.

Lake wanaka and Mt Aspiring, new zealand
Piha Beach on the West Coast of the North Island, Auckland, New Zealand
Wellington City harbor and downtown. Buildings are in central business district.

What to See in New Zealand


Hailed as the city of sails – there is no better spot for kick starting your luxury yacht charter in New Zealand. Bright turquoise waters, a colourful city, and world class wineries set the scene for a first-class experience. With Waiheke Island only a short helicopter ride away you can whir over and plunge deep into the delirium of Maori history and culture.

White Island

Whakaari, also known as the White Island is a must for yacht charters wanting to witness New Zealand’s most active smouldering volcano. The tiny island is thought to be almost 200,000 years old. Take a tour to the tip of the volcano and bathe in the bubbling hot springs along the way. Afterwards, return to your luxury yacht and cruise the Bay of Plenty.


Don’t leave without heading to the caves of Waitomo. An underground boat ride will take you through the cavernous dark to see the striking poetic sight of glittering glowworms adorning the walls like fairy lights. Those who want to feel their heart kick in their chest can also head deeper into the dark on a black water rafting adventure.

Milford Sound

The rumours are true – the sweeping fjords of the Milford Sound are as majestic as mythology. Sculpted around mountains that seem to puncture heaven and home to gushing waterfalls, green pockets, and ancient forests that fall into the water; the Milford Sounds is a joy to charter. Be sure to hop off your yacht and into a kayak to experience the raw wonder of Mother Nature.

When to Charter a Yacht in New Zealand

December to March are the summer months in New Zealand, with abundant sunshine and gentle temperatures making yacht chartering a dream. Between the months of June and September you could see snow fall on the South Island meaning that picking a yacht with a steaming hot tub would be a good idea. Spring and Autumn are shoulder seasons and boast beautiful conditions for setting sail. Word to the wise – you can’t always escape the rain in New Zealand, but watching the mountains emerge from silver mists means that your mood won’t be a wash out.

Those seeking a yacht charter that blends beatific sights with adrenaline infused adventures will adore New Zealand.

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