Luxury Yacht Rental in Russia

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Russia

From beautiful ballet and classical music in the capital to the ice clad bear rich far flung reaches of the North, Russia is always a rare experience. Nowhere in the world has captured such a sweeping variety and as the largest continent it makes sense that every corner should tell a completely different storey. Still, what connects Russia from city to country, north to south, mountain to ocean, is its fairytale like landscapes and mythologically rich ways of life. From bear festivals and volcanoes in Kamchatka to the golden domes and dreams of Moscow, the rugged natural bliss of the Urals, and the remote archipelagos of the northwest, Russia is always a riddle.

Castle of Swallow's Nest on a cliff, Crimea, Russia
Panorama of St. Petersburg at the summer sunset
Aurora borealis over rocky beach and ocean. Northern lights in Teriberka, Russia

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Russia

Sacred Places

Majestic Russia is never a destination to shy away from grandeur. While the monolith continent spreads all the way from the balmy bright Mediterranean to the chill winds of the Arctic, a yacht charter to every corner takes you to sacred places. Ancient fortresses, elaborate ruins, leafy parks, traditional villages, and cobalt blue waters will take you sailing around the remote shores of Russia’s rare northwest where history, mythology, and edge of the world storeys are sure to seep into your soul. Back in the big cities and its art, culture, and high society living.

Natural Splendour

A world of mountains, lakes, and forests with barely another soul in sight – parts of Russia (like the Urals) offer a quintessential back to nature experience that few have had the pleasure of soaking up. For those who desire to drink up cold and clear air, kayak around lost lakes, have the choice of a thousand mountain trails, and stumble through diamond bright subterranean ice caves, you will be spoilt for choice in Russia’s mountains and far reaching corners.

Indigenous Culture

Surrounded by rings of fire, bears, and ice, the people of Far East Russia have had quite a time carving out their life on these shores. The indigenous culture of the Far East brings rich heritage, ancient ritual, and deep-set traditions, from the Ainu people to the Nivks, and the Koryaks, for centuries they have made their home upon the harsh land. The Nivks are semi nomadic folk who pay worship to the bear and hold an annual festival to celebrate this fact. The Ainu have a strong musical heritage and elaborate tattoos. And the Koryak place emphasis on the reindeer as being one of the most important animals in their lives.

Panorama of the Karelian Islands from a height
Panorama of old Moscow Kremlin and Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge at sunset
Unset at mountain sea city. Sunset Black sea in Sevastopol, Russia

Where to Visit in Russia


Sheer majesty marks Moscow on the map as being the cultural epicentre of Russia. From its impressively ornate skyline flecked with golden domes to its historic café culture and rich history, there is so much to see and do. The Kremlin and the Red Square will woo any history buff, as will the many communist state remains scattered throughout. The city is also home to no less than six hundred churches all adorned in orthodox finery. For those yacht charter guests hoping to fill their hours with beautiful ballet performances, ice cold vodka, chandeliers and caviar, Moscow is trimmed with luxury.


Kamchatka is out of this world bringing dreamy yacht charter scenes of bears standing against volcanic backdrops and skies every shade of lavender. With a peninsula rinsed by the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea, Kamchatka offers amazing water exploration where you can kayak alongside killer whales and surf the easy peelers of the pacific. Kamchatka is sheer outdoor adventure; climb a volcano, snorkel with seals, and take dramatic helicopter flights over spitting geysers deep in the volcanic laced interior.

Solovetsky Island

Sitting in the equally mystical sounding White Sea, the Solovetsky Islands are a far-flung remote archipelago boasting six main islands and hundreds of lakes. There’s a gloriously impressive fort and monastery standing proud on the main island and traditional village settlements that invite you to enjoy intimate encounters with the locals. The monastery is a UNESCO heritage site and still home to a handful of monks. The backdrop from which the islands shine is a mediaeval tapestry of woodlands, wilderness, empty bays, and big skies.

Ural Mountains

From the Arctic Ocean across to Kazakhstan, the Ural Mountains ripple like the backbone of Russia, stretching on for no less than 2.5 thousand kilometres. Mighty, untouched, and cleaving Europe and Asia in half, the Urals can be daunting to discover. But for those yacht charter guests intrepid enough to make the journey, you will be treated to a whirlwind of blue lakes, old Russian orthodox churches, holy mountains, not to mention rivers and ice caves that could put even the most vivid fantasy landscapes to shame.

When to Charter a Yacht in Russia

The summer months are the only times when sailing to the remote corner of Russia are possible. This is a land that suffers harsh winters and white night summers. Between the months of May and September but closer to the summer peak (mid-July) means that you are able to enjoy ambient temperatures and a wealth of awakened wildlife.

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