Luxury Yacht Rental in Ecuador

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Ecuador

Epic Ecuador makes for a mesmerising yacht charter destination. With the surging South Pacific running down the coast, the rising spires of the Andes, and the deep lush Amazonian jungle – there’s so much to see. Often blended with a Galapagos sailing adventure, Ecuador lets you get your fill of historical architecture, fine-dining, sultry beach scenes, and adrenaline inspired activities. From condors flying overhead to whales breaching the waters, surfing the waves, rafting the rivers, and meeting shamans in the lush green rainforest, there’s one of a kind experiences from the highest peak to the lowest riverbank.

A group of playful sealions swims in the waters around the Galapagos islands
The Swing At The End Of The World Located At Casa Del Arbol, The Tree House In Banos, Ecuador
Seals are sleeping on the beach. Beaches of the Galapagos Islands

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Ecuador

South Pacific Perfection

With a coastline hugging the South Pacific Ocean, Ecuador brings easy breezy beach style to the party. Whether you are seeking salsa vibes on the sands, wanting to surf, or looking to dive down and kick your way around sunken wrecks, Ecuador has a slice of sunbaked shoreline with your name on it. Head to Salango for underwater adventures, don your best bathing suit for the glitzy beaches of Puerto Lopez, and sail for the Island de la Plata for natural charm.

Cultural Smorgasbord

From highland vibes to Amazon vibes and the fascinating cultural frenzy of Quito, Ecuador offers so much to explore when it comes to lapping up South American culture. The capital is etched with historic monasteries, mansions, and ornate plazas stretching all the way back to the 17th century. The Amazon is ripe with shamanic spiritual practise and elder rituals. This cultural charm seeps into everything; from architecture to textiles, art, and food.

Two for One

Serving as the gateway into the natural paradise of the Galapagos Islands, chartering a yacht to Ecuador gives you the chance to blend two destinations in one amazing adventure. While Ecuador itself serves up UNESCO cities, the sweeping Amazon, and the rising peaks of the Andes offering a whole host of opportunities for adventure and cultural travel, the Galapagos Islands are hyper focused on wildlife offerings with an endless display of flora, fauna, and blooming life both in the waters and on land.

Cotopaxi volcano eruption seen from Quito, Ecuador
Look at Squirrel monkey in ecuadorian jungle in amazon
ecuador amazon people tribe indigenous biodiversity canoe boat cuyabeno amazonia indigenous adult male with boat on lagoon grande cuyabeno national park ecuador at nightfall ecuador amazon people trib

Where to Visit in Ecuador


The sultry beach town of Salinas is said to be the Miami of Ecuador. Celebrated as being one of the best beaches on the Pacific, there’s an endless strip of sunny shoreline for soaking up the warmth, not to mention excellent waves for testing your surfing and watersports prowess. Punta Brava and Montanita are also in close proximity for those looking to chase the swell and explore a little more of the area. Back in Salinas and there’s glorious seafood to taste, not to mention incredible bird watching for those who want to see flocks of flamingos and tiny parrotlets.


Perched at dizzying altitudes, Quito is the second highest capital city in the world and well-worth the visit into the Andes. Running between the mountains, Ecuador’s capital is vibrant and vivacious. While it has a highly sophisticated dining and nightlife scene, it’s no stranger to sweet Sunday vibes when the historic plazas make for an excellent people watching spot. There’s scores of architectural wonders to see and the UNESCO crowned Old Town is as gorgeous as they come.

Parque Nacional Machalilla

The only coast clinging national park on the mainland of Ecuador, Machalilla is an excellent jumping off point for those who want to traverse the coast, head into the dry forests, and then move up into the magical cloud forests, all without leaving the yacht too far behind. Endless flora and fauna can be spotted here, including fragrant trees and bountiful bird numbers. The biodiverse Isla de la Plata is also close by.

When to Charter a Yacht to Ecuador

The coastline of Ecuador has two distinct seasons – one wet and one dry. Unsurprisingly, the dry season is the best time to set sail and falls between June and September when the blue skies shimmer above the Andes peaks. Between December and April is when the showers are frequent although often interspersed with bright periods.

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