Luxury Yacht Rental in Tuscany

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to Tuscany

Beyond the misty rolling hills and artistic fantasies of Florence, the Tuscan Archipelago provides a perfect backdrop for yacht charters seeking a slice of La Dolce Vita outside of the Cinque Terre. This coastline is home to seven stunning islands, each as evocative as the other in their own right, and each offering the chance to admire the bright architecture so synonymous with Italy, to sup on sublimely fresh seafood suppers, to wander charming shores, and to fall in love with Napoleons isle of exile.

Cafe tables and chairs outside a quaint stone building in Tuscany, Italy
Panoramic view of a spring day in the Italian rural landscape
Seaview through the stone arch with flowers in Italy

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Tuscany

Culinary Charm

Tuscan cuisine is known across the world for its homely wholesome fare. It’s a land of lyrical dishes, dreamy farm fresh ingredients, and wine that you want to roll around your tongue forever. When you blend the riches of the Tyrrhenian Sea in with that commitment to culinary greatness, you get a foodie scene that is truly spectacular. Fresh fish, rare white truffles, golden glugs of olive oil, and homemade pasta are just a few flavours you can expect to savour when sailing Tuscan shores.

All Encompassing

World class art, fashion, fine food and an old-world wine culture – there’s a thousand and one reasons to visit the Tuscan region. For those seeking a sailing adventure that goes beyond the shores, Tuscany can serve up an all-encompassing adventure. Along with sailing the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago you can also duck inland to visit Florence and her famous art and hit up the vineyards of the rolling hills.

Charming Cruising

Hidden inlets, islands, blue and gold beaches, and dramatic coastlines – cruising the shores of Tuscany is a sailors dream. Here, the waters are azure and warm and gently lap at the shore. There’s a strong fishing heritage, a certain remoteness, and fabled historical tales involving Napoleon and the Count of Monte Cristo.

Marina of Piombino sunset view from piazza bovio
Sailboat in front of Capraia island. Elba island, Italy
Old town and harbor Portoferraio, Elba island, Italy

Where to Visit in Tuscany


Napoleon should have stayed on Elba when he was exiled here back in the early 19th century. With waters of pure blue, stashed away coves, wine-soaked vineyards, and hairpin bends purring with promises of vintage summers and aperol spritzes, Elba is as easy as it comes. Take a drive or a hike up the green cloaked Monte Cappane, kayak into the gauzy sapphire crevices, and spend long lingering evenings swirling fine wines and feasting on seafood delights at the Archipelago’s largest island.


Gorgeous Giglio is a world of shipwrecks and snorkelling, ever enticing yacht charters to drop anchor so their guests can plunge right in. There’s a fabulous old fishing village feel to this island, in a way that keeps it bustling without compromising on its natural beauty. There are hills for hiking, mediaeval buildings for photographic mooching, and sandy coves for saltwater swims.


Cool Capraia Island sits close to the French shores of Corsica and is barely a smidge at just 8km long and 4km wide. Still, the isle makes quite an impression with a short amount of space, offering beautiful hikes around the glistening lake and wild vegetation that blooms in technicolour along the rocky cliffs. It’s a nature lover’s paradise and perfect for day trips where cove swimming in crystalline waters and walking is at the top of your list.

When to Charter a Yacht to Tuscany

As a firm contender for charters gliding through during the Mediterranean Season, the Tuscan Archipelago is best explored in the summer months to bask in the balmy sunshine. For those who want to arrive before the crowds and linger a little longer, late spring and early autumn are warm and temperate.

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