Perfect Privacy

The sound of the ocean, the expanse of the horizon, a cocktail in hand and a front-row seat to another epic sunset. This is life aboard a beautiful yacht charter. Superyacht guests know the secret to a sublime life is the pleasure of perfect privacy. You can stay in one of the finest seven-star hotels in the world, but it’s an environment you have to share, and with other people comes compromise. Having a luxury yacht charter all to yourself means that there is no need to compromise. You rise and fall on your own schedule, you pick your perfect ports of call, and you take up as much space as you need. Time and space are the epitome of truly authentic luxury.

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Honeymoon Hideaways

Romantic duos will fall head over heels for life aboard a luxury yacht charter. Even the dreamiest resorts in the Maldives can’t promise the same level of privacy you can enjoy when sailing your own ship into rose gold horizons. From candlelit suppers on the aft deck without another soul in sight to the serenity of lounging in late afternoon sun, a couple’s massage in your private spa, curling up beneath the stars to watch your favourite movie, and taking the tender for a champagne picnic on deserted sands – these are moments that will fuse fine love for a lifetime.

Family Magic

Parents and families are always told to make the most of their time together – and on a luxury yacht charter you can do just that. While yacht charters are often seen as adult playgrounds, they can be the perfect fit for families whose children are already walking and talking. Playing pirates, teaching your kids to fish, treasure hunting on the sands, chasing pods of dolphins, and blue flag beach days – these are memories to stash deep in your heart. When sailing with your family, the stress of shared spaces is taken away and with a new exhilarating port of call each day, you can be sure that no-one will ever get bored.

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Spiritual Sojourns

Yacht charter vacations don’t always have to be about endless excess and epic exploration. With all the space and privacy you could wish for, some yacht charter guests may wish to turn their attention inwards. Planning a spiritual sojourn at sea can work wonders for the soul. From yoga mornings to sublime spa pampering on deck, sweet serenity to read and write, and gentle kayaking trips into some of the worlds rarest and remote destinations, this is the perfect chance to rebalance. Those seeking to carve new paths across the ocean can even blend their journey with spiritual pots of call. Head to Bali to realign your chakras, lose yourself in the colour and chaos of India, and find your soul beneath the blaze of the Northern Lights or at the ends of the earth in Antarctica.

Sell Out Events

Along with perfect privacy at sea, another time when having your own yacht charter comes in handy is during those epic sold out events on the luxury calendar. Whether hitting the shores of Monaco for the Grand Prix, preparing to stroll down the red carpet in Cannes or hitting the Caribbean for carnival; you can be sure that the hotels are all sold out and the streets are pumping. Having your own lavish luxury yacht to escape back to is an undeniable pleasure. Avoid the crush and the noise after a night out on the town by returning to your own Zen like floating oasis. Hedonistic eves can quickly be recovered from when you have a heavenly crew plumping your pillows, fetching you fruit smoothies, and massaging tired feet.

Whether sailing solo or with those you love, heading for remote shores or raucous ports of call – having a five-star space far from prying eyes is one of the greatest gifts a superyacht can give.

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