Rare Relaxation

Stretch out in the sun, trail your fingers in the blue, catch up on your reading and breathe. In the modern world it can be tricky to truly unplug and unwind, even in resorts and hotels, the urge is still there to go out and explore, but on a yacht charter you can embrace the art of doing nothing and finally find your bliss. Yacht charters come beautifully designed with a mind on the art of rare relaxation; sailing from place to place satisfies that urge to venture far, and with lavish lounge and spa facilities on deck, you have all you need to rest easy.

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Pick your Pace

No one can relax when working on someone else’s schedule; the difference with sailing on a yacht charter is that you get to pick your own pace. Whether you want an action-packed week or to do nothing but graze on glorious beach after beach, you get to choose how you spend your time without the worry of compromise. Take time for lazy mornings, where Cuban coffee con leche and warm newspapers can be enjoyed on the aft deck. Indulge in a little morning yoga, take a nap or a stroll through the back streets of sleepy golden fishing village on the Italian Riviera. Sink down for sunsets in the bubbling Jacuzzi and savour every moment of this rare and relaxing journey.

Kick Back Spaces

Luxury yacht charters are designed to promote perfect living. These sleek and sublime yachts are filled with many spaces that invite you to kick back in style. From sun splashed lounging on the aft deck to super sophisticated saloons for reading and wine sipping, superb cinema spaces for catching the latest blockbusters, and stateroom cabins for snoozing, sink down bathing, and blissful resting – every nook and cranny has been designed to sweeten and soothe tired souls. Some yachts also have swim platforms or floating platforms that can be utilised for morning yoga, meditation or Pilates. Stretching out or perfecting your lotus pose against the sparkle of the sea is sure to fill your heart and soul with calm.

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Spa Delights

Some yacht charters come with their very own spa facilities and services onboard. You can sip champagne in the bubbling warmth of the Jacuzzi, duck into your own private steam room after shivering in the fjords of Norway and let healing hands work their magic with a massage, seaweed wrap, and facial after a day of wild watersport activity. For those who have VIP tickets to a well-heeled event, having a spa onboard means pedicures, manicures, and stunning treatments to have you feeling your finest before you step ashore.

Beach Bliss

Sand, saltwater and sunshine are the three main ingredients for rest and rejuvenation. Go island hopping around the gold and blue shores of Greece, where tiny trattorias welcome you in for mezze afternoons and the waters are warm and cerulean blue. Escape the grey cloud of winter and set sail for the azure hues of the Caribbean. Here, you can laze your life away in a hammock, enjoy woozy afternoons of muddled rum, and feast on seafood and sleep against a gorgeously gentle backdrop.

A Crew For You

Having a yacht charter crew at your beck and call is another fast track equation to pure bliss and happiness. On a yacht you don’t need to lift a finger as the crew are there to make everything run like clockwork. From plumping your pillows to ensuring your clothes are clean and pressed, fetching you cocktails, booking you concert tickets, and even handing you fresh fluffy towels as you emerge from your morning swim – being looked after on a superyacht is pure luxury. The chef will also make sure that your stay is effortless when it comes to all your culinary experiences. Crafting tailored menus from canapes down to coffee and cake, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Those looking to realign their body, mind and soul will find a yacht charter a heavenly environment for tapping into peace and serenity.

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