Scenic Sailing

The world looks different from out on the water, suddenly your perspective shifts, the horizon looks brighter and you realise that the possibilities are endless. When exploring the world on foot or bound to the land, you are penned in by pathways, but on a yacht charter you can choose to go any direction and the scenic sights that await are sure to take your breath away. From far flung islands to cities that never sleep, rising mountains, and majestic sea creatures – take a look at some of the spots you can hope to see from the deck of your superyacht.

Navagio beach with boats on Zakynthos islans in Greece
Young woman enjoying the sunset on boat deck sailing the sea.
beautiful view of yacht off shore

Inspired Islands

Set sail to some of the most beautiful islands in the world onboard your luxury yacht charter. The Maldives presents a tapestry of green and blue and no less than 26 glorious gauzy atolls. Beneath the surface you can find coral gardens in bloom and above – rolling white shores dotted with overwater bungalows. The Seychelles is scattered with granite boulders and sugar soft sands, or you can see Santorini with its spires of sapphire blue set against chalk white. Yacht charter guests can spend days and weeks island hopping around the world.

Winding Fjords

The drama of Norway’s winding fjords are a sight to behold. Whether you witness the thunder of the falls and the rising spires of the mountains in the midnight sun or the dancing greens and golds of winter, it’s a spectacle that must be seen. Away from the Scandinavian shores of painted farmhouses and the allure of the Northern Lights, New Zealand’s Milford Sound is another tempting sight. Glaciers, mountains, and thick dense forests framing the iris blue waters will leave you speechless with wonder.

Luxury yacht on open sea at golden sunset, Zadar, Dalmatia, Croatia
Scenic Alaskan landscape with a whale tail in the foreground
city lights from sea

Remote Shores

While plenty of yacht charters will head for the hustle and bustle of the European riviera’s or the sun-splashed shores of the Caribbean, those who want to venture off the beaten track will find stretches of water to call their own. Truly intrepid sailors can take the icy passage into the white lands of Antarctica where jewelled glaciers, waddling penguins, and ethereal horizons await. Edges of the Galapagos Islands also beckon and call to those who prefer to spend their time with rare and exotic wildlife as opposed to people. All across the Philippines you will find endless archipelagos; many of which remain uninhabited, or head along the wild coastline of the Arabian Gulf where dunes and desert beaches stand empty.

City Lights

Some of the worlds most iconic skylines are waiting to greet you as you glide from port to port onboard your luxury yacht charter. Drop anchor beneath the sky piercing buildings that mark Dubai’s skyline, sail along the shores of New York City with its sea of lights, admire the majesty of the billowing white sails that make up the Sydney Opera House, and gaze upon the Gardens on the Bay down in Singapore. Many think that yacht charters will take them into the depths of the salt laced wild, but with many mainstream marinas in the world’s favourite capitals, city slickers are sure to get their fill.

Creatures from the Deep

Kayak alongside the epic shadow of whales, outrun a pod of playful dolphins, watch seabirds swoop and dive overhead, and snorkel with angel rays and sharks – your view from deck just got even better. When we talk about scenic sailing, this ethos goes beyond the dream of destinations. From your yacht charter you will see a wonderful wealth of wildlife, sunsets that flame like a fairy tale, and horizons that glimmer like gold. Below the surface, paradise scenes await. Skim the rainbow coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef, explore the sunken ships of Cyprus, and fall in love with the world both above and below the water.

A yacht charter can gift you some of the most glorious sights imaginable, tear your eyes away from the horizon and soak up the splendour around you.

norway fjords
remote shore
Sailing boat in sunny day in the lake, lonely

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