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Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Florida Keys

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Florida Keys

It’s a different world down in the Florida Keys; yacht charter guests soaking up these sultry waters will suddenly see that the air gets thicker, the Americana lends itself to something more exotic than the white picket fence, and the mangroves grow thick and hot under the sun intercepted only by flats, sandbars, and strikingly bright blue waters. It’s a party hotspot where no one bats an eyelid; make no mistake – the Florida Keys turns the American dream right on its head.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the Florida Keys

The American Caribbean

They call the Florida Keys the Caribbean of America which should be music to the ears of yacht charter guests. A string of 800 islands glittering like pearls against the blue, you will find warm waters, lashings of rum and lots of laid back vibes. The Florida Keys are the end of America, right before the kiss of the beautiful Bahamas. From fresh fish to pink sands and pastel shades – the Florida Keys transports you to another place.

Cool Colors

Pastel clap houses, azure waters, pearly sands and flaming Bloody Mary sunsets – there is certainly nothing drab about taking a yacht charter along the luscious Florida Keys. Spend a night at the Island Bay Resort where individual colorful cottages stud the sand and disappear into dense mangroves on a kayak around the maze-like islets of Big Pine.

Taste Sensations

Stone crab, fiery rum, and the cloying tang of Key Lime Pie – the Florida Keys boasts a fabulous food heritage. Mrs Mac’s Kitchen is said to be one of the best spots for grabbing a slice of the lime action, and for those who feel daring – alligator steaks also sizzle on the menu. Sip a glazed pineapple rum at the Key West Rum Legal Distillery and go wild for American classics vamped up with Caribbean flair.

Big Fishing

Fishing lovers will fall hard for the Florida Keys, these waters teem with a fish for every season. Whether you dream of capturing mutton snapper, king mackerel or even shark you can do it all cruising around these shores. Islamorada is celebrated as the sport fishing capital of the world which is enough of a trophy title to entice any serious or novice line caster into these blue waters.

The Key West, Florida Buoy sign marking the southernmost point on the continental USA and distance to Cuba.
footbridge to the beach - Key West
Pier on the port of Key West, Florida at sunset.

Where to Visit in the Florida Keys

Key Largo

Only 18 miles from the sexy buzz of Miami, Key Largo is often the gateway for yacht charters heading into the depths of the Florida Keys. The Coral Reef State Park is a keen highlight of this spot, boasting Atlantic waters and the only thriving reef in the continental USA. Divers will delight in kicking their fins alongside bright shoals of fish, around the sunken statue of Jesus. Finish dreamy days on the water with icy cocktails and ceviche at Las Olas.


A yacht charters paradise – Islamorada offers a chain of islands that stretch for 20 miles and offer some of the finest fishing opportunities in the world. When you aren’t testing your prowess at the popular sport fishing locales, you can hop around sandy shores and explore the mangroves that make up these murmuring islands. The Moorings Village is a great spot for hammock swaying and lazy Sundays and for truffle fries and cheeseburgers try the M.E.A.T Eatery.

Key West

It may be only 7 sqm but this smidge of paradise doesn’t even have to work to capture the imagination of the luxury yacht charter crowd. The Caribbean flavor comes thick and heady here, in a place where the moonflowers bloom and the Mallory Square sets the scene for late night celebrations every eve. Step ashore and hire a bicycle to pedal through the salty breezes of old town and drop into the historical literary bliss of the Hemmingway Home. Key West is also the spot for those who want to partake in pairing key lime pie with Cuban coffee for a real sensory kick.

Bahia Honda

At the west end of the middle keys you will find one of Americas best beaches by the name of Bahia Honda State Park. With over 500 acres to explore, a pristine off the beaten track stretch of sand, and a natural curve to the island that begs long walks especially during sunset – Bahia Honda captures everything remarkable about the finesse of the Florida Keys.

When to Charter a Yacht in the Florida Keys

Between the sweet spring months of March and May, the Florida Keys holds onto its beautiful blue and bright winter weather but let’s go of the crowds. This is a great time to visit for yacht charter guests looking for laid back vibes, low crowds and comfortable temperatures. The winter season is when the keys see their biggest influx of people and the summer months can be hot, humid and prone to rain.

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