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Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to New England

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to New England

Peek behind the white picket fence and discover a different side to the land of opportunity with a yacht charter to the amazing grace of New England. Historical shores whisper with tales of white whales, simmering clam chowders, and an eastern coast clad in culture, cold beer, and summer playgrounds of the rich and famous. For all those who dream of setting sail into the sunset, New England has everything you need…

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in New England

Hearty History

Yachts, boats and saltwater sass has always been a part of New England lore, ever since the pilgrims first stepped ashore. It’s the home of the fierce Freedom Trail, the whaling business that inspired Melville, the Yankee traditions, the tales of Emmerson, and the Witch Trials. The stories that make up New England are nothing short of fascinating.

Summer Playgrounds

The millionaire magic of Martha’s Vineyard, the childhood summer dreams of Maine, and the seaside villages that capture the imagination of the coast in between. A yacht charter around the rocky shores of New England is a whirlwind of fishing, swimming, sailing and soaking up warm town charm.

Spectacular Scenery

Clapboard houses, picture book lighthouses, and porches creaking in summer storms – the scenery spied from the deck of your yacht charter in New England will leave you head over heels in love. Maine’s lost land coastline brims with rocky ridges and deserted sweeps of sand, Cape Cod is as charming as they come, and the green mountains that make up Waldo’s Vermont are an amazing escape for those who want to step ashore.

Foodie Affairs

Thick clam chowder that will warm your soul, dark Boston beers with frothy heads, blue lobster bisques and maple syrup sweet enough to marry – you won’t go hungry on your luxury yacht charter in New England. From casual oyster shuck eateries to the laid-back luxury of the gourmet scene of Martha’s Vineyard, the way to discover this side of America is through your tastebuds.

Sailboat in autumn against deep blue ocean water in coastal Maine, New England
Racepoint beach
Picturesque New England fishing village waterfront and harbor. Location Stonington, Maine

Where to Visit in New England


Crane your neck from the deck of your yacht charter to see the millionaire mansions lining the clifftop of Bellevue. Admire the pretty snow colored spire of the 300-year-old Trinity Church and wander the historic waterfront where seafood specials and white linen tablecloths entice you in for the freshest feasts. Newport is often the first stop for yacht charters in New England and it’s a surefire spot for celebrating maritime magic.

Martha’s Vineyard

America’s favorite summer playground – Martha’s Vineyard brims with cozy inns, cool bars, and whimsical cottages studding the scenic shore. Drop anchor on your luxury yacht and step onto dry land to taste the chowder special at The Black Dog Tavern and to pedal a bicycle along the winding trails. Daring captains may be kind enough to take the tender to Edgartown; famed location of Spielberg’s killer movie Jaws.


The whaling capital of Nantucket is the heart and soul of New England. Sitting south of Cape Cod, it’s a place that plays on the imagination with its old-world lanterns blinking above cobblestone streets, bleached boardwalks and lonely lighthouses. Yet, it also has a wild side – away from the Whaling Museum and bobbing boats you will find elegant restaurants, trendy bars, and beautiful boutiques.


It’s hard not to fall for Boston. As soon as you step from the deck of your yacht charter you will be welcomed in the New England capital with open arms. This city has a long history with seafaring folk, and days are best spent exploring the foodie and craft beer scene, wandering the Freedom Trail for a taste of history, and hitting the libraries and museums to discover why Boston was dubbed the Athens of America.

When to Charter a Yacht in New England

Winters in New England wail like a banshee, meaning that yacht charters will want to steer clear of these waters. Between the months of May and September are the best times to book a sailing trip around the colorful coastline. While the summer months of July and August are the most tempting for splashing, sailing and swimming - this is also the most popular time with American families looking to spend their 4th July weekends on the shimmering stretches of sand.

For yacht charter guests seeking a taste of the old fashioned American dream, New England will leave you utterly enchanted.

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