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Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Philippines

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide to the Philippines

The Philippines is famed for its welcoming warmth in more than just weather. This idyllic collection of seven thousand islands scattered across the shores of South East Asia, somewhere between the China Sea and the salt scented Pacific Ocean are a yacht charters playground. While the Philippines is a relative newcomer on the superyacht scene, it’s a destination with so much to offer. From cascading rice terraces to eye wateringly beautiful beaches, rich archipelagos, and an energized capital city – here’s how to seek out the best spots when chartering in the Philippines.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the Philippines

The Friendliest People

The Philippines have managed to etch themselves on the map as having one of the warmest and most welcoming local scenes on the planet. Filipinos are revered for their authentic hospitality, whether it’s inviting you into their homes, enthused to show you around the town, or simply striking up conversation at every opportunity. Yacht charter guests who are looking to feel like they belong instantaneously will adore the affable nature to be found at every turn on these islands.

Unbelievable Islands

Seven thousand islands, yes you read that right – seven thousand islands make up the spellbinding shores of the Philippines. The chance to explore is endless when you take a yacht charter around the Philippines and of course, there is an island to suit every wild fantasy. Secret lagoons, tropical bliss, striking volcanoes, dense forests, and deserted coastlines – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Incredible Beauty

Forget anything you thought you knew about beauty – the Philippines is about to raise the bar. Expect beaches with powder white sands, gin clear lagoons, and rice terraces that lend a new meaning to the word green. Alongside all the wonderful cliched images you want from tropical paradise, there are also plenty of surprises – underground caves, cone shaped volcanoes, and waters teeming with friendly sharks to swim alongside.

Party Paradise

The Philippines also makes for an amazing party destination for those yacht charter guests seeking a more spirited side to life after the stars come out. Places like Boracay are lined with bars, there always seems to be some festival happening, and Manila is no stranger when it comes to karaoke clubs. As there is always an invite waiting to visit someone’s home, you can also expect lashings of food and drink to be handed to you.

Beautiful tropical island with hut, sandy beach, palms. Sea bay scenery. Popular landmark, tourist destinat
Metro Manila region and the country`s financial hub. It`s known for the skyscrapers and shopping malls.
Aerial view of Boracay Island, Western Visayas, Philippines.

Where to Visit in the Philippines


While Manila is far from the prettiest jewel in the Philippines box it is a must see to get an overall sense of the country. Manila is a throng of traffic, towering white malls, and stashed away corners – but for all its anti-paradise snarl its quite the cosmopolitan charmer when you peek beneath the surface. The influx of different cultures lends itself well to the dining and historical scene. Be sure to check out the glowering Spanish stone citadel, the Pinto Art Museum, and the National Museum of Filipino People.


Beautiful Boracay is one of those yacht charter destinations people talk about with a dreamy faraway look in their eyes. Out of all the islands that make up the Philippines, it is this 7km slip that has made the biggest impression. The reason honeymooners and superyacht guests flock to these shores is to lounge on the famous White Beach with its silica soft sands and bright blue waters dotted with rainbow sailboats. Boracay is the home of boutique hotels, gleaming little restaurants, charming boutiques and late-night parties. Early in 2018 the island closed her doors for six months, so the island could rehabilitate itself back to her earlier breathtaking beauty.


For those lucky enough to be aboard a yacht charter – the aquatic playground of Palawan is a rare treat. Endless waterscapes for as far as the eye can see invite snorkeling, splashing, and all manner of relaxed or adrenaline savvy watersports. Celebrated as being one of the worlds best islands, Palawan is home to the UNESCO splendor of the Tubbataha Reefs National Park with its hundreds of fish and fabulous diving. Those visiting should also be sure to visit the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River to witness the green waters and hanging stalagmites by tiny boat. Then of course, you come to El Nido and Coron in the North, where immaculate beaches seem to be plucked from the caverns of a dream.


Even if you have walked the emerald green rice terraces of Bali or Vietnam, nothing can prepare you for the stunning sight of the UNESCO terraces of Batad. Built by a local tribe two thousand years ago, those who leave their yacht charter on the shore and head inland can see a countryside that hasn’t changed for centuries. Visiting the village of Batad gives you the most photogenic view out onto the cascading shades of green. Spend at least a day wandering or rent a bicycle and head far from the beaten track.

When to Charter a Yacht in the Philippines

The so-called dry season of the Philippines runs between November and April and during this time many of the far-flung thousands of islands are fully accessible. December and February mark the cooler months and during this time the temperatures are perfect for exploring. March and April can be hot and humid but with so much water around – there are plenty of opportunities to plunge. May and October is the wet season but rain doesn’t fall constantly so doesn’t dramatically impact plans.

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