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Hakvoort • 1994 • 50m







Private yacht


The luxury super yacht LADY M II is a private yacht and we cannot confirm it's availability to charter.

LADY M II previously offered accommodation for 10 guests in 5 cabins consisting of a master with a king size bed and bathroom facilities including a shower and lavatory.

Further guest accommodation was also available in another 4 cabins. The specifications on board the beautifully built 164 ft / 50 m LADY M II launched in 1994 include full air conditioning, at anchor (0 speed) stabilisers for a smooth ride by counteracting roll caused by waves or wind as well as an extensive list of amenities and toys.


Exercise equipment

Fishing gear - light

Jacuzzi on deck



John Watson


PREVIOUS YACHTS: M.Y Shadowl, M.Y Sea Owl, M.Y Indigo, M.Y Askari, S.Y Sundowner. S.Y Die Swaene. John’s passion for the sea had him join the Navy when he was just sixteen years old. He served for twenty years and on seventeen different ships. Having passed the prestigious Royal Navy Specialist Navigators course, and his MCA Class 1 (unlimited tonnage) Master Mariner exams, John was put in charge of navigational standards for two years as a Naval Staff Officer. After leaving the Navy, John and his wife Fiona ran their own charter business in the British Virgin Islands for five years achieving over 90% repeat customers by year 4. John has also been relief Charter Captain in French Polynesia on M.Y Askari. Following this, John Commanded M.Y Indigo on a world cruise for two years and then spent the last six years with his previous Owner enjoying the Caribbean and US East coast. John’s love of travel and sailing continues and he will often peruse these on his vacations. Having traveled around the world twice including the Arctic and Antarctic, John is gradually whittling down his bucket list but keen to never stop exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. John also loves to Scuba Dive during his travels and is a qualified Dive Master. HOBBIES: Sailing, Fishing, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Reading. LANGUAGES: English and some basic French.

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M.Y Elsa, M.Y World is not Enough, M.Y D’Angleterre, M.Y Grand Barossa, M.Y Ohana, M.Y Meamina, M.Y Steel, M.Y Solaria Too. Sophie was brought up in a small surfing and wine town called Margaret River, Western Australia. Having been in the hospitality industry for 16 years, personal assistant for 6 years and a personal trainer for 4 years, a friend suggested she amalgamate her skills with her passion for travelling and join the yachting industry in 2011. Having been a Stew / Personal Trainer, Sole Stew and now a Senior Stew, Sophie has had the opportunity to 'live the dream' and explore such amazing places like the Maldives, South America, Thailand, Canada, The East Coast of the States, Montenegro and all over the Mediterranean, where of which she fell in love with the South of France and hopes to settle there in the next 3 years. Sophie is a bubbly, very active, social, smiling ball of energy, that can bring an element of laughter to your day with her cheeky sense of humour and love of service to a high and always fun standard. HOBBIES: Sophie’s hobbies include Yoga, running, (occasional marathoner), exercise, movies, travel, wine and amazing food. LANGUAGES: speaks Thai (from being an exchange student in Thailand for a year as a teenager) and a little French and Spanish.

PREVIOUS YACHTS: New to Yachting Born in Durban, South Africa Courtney has been involved in sports such as Hockey and Tennis since a young age. She is an avid Golfer and has been for four years and has played for her province for the last three years. After year 12 Courtney decided to take her golfing career to a new level and attended the Swingfit Golf academy of Stellenbosch, Cape Town. During this time Courtney learnt confidence from teaching younger golfers, and the importance of being surrounded by fit, healthy and positive people. Courtney decided to change her direction she was going in and turned to the yachting industry as she had grown up with her family having boats. In 2016 she joined the motor yachting industry and has since been on Lady M II. Courtney is motivated, positive and and has an easy going personality and looks forward to meeting new people along the way. She looks forward to welcoming you on board Lady M II to make some great memories. HOBBIES: Being fit, healthy and active, outdoor sports, group activities, golf, Baking, Reading, studying and taking part in new courses to keep growing. LANGUAGES: English basic Afrikaans

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Sanoo Maddy was born in Wellington, New Zealand, with the family home being a stone throw from the beach. It was here that Maddy discovered her love of the ocean, fishing and participating in water sports with her father and 3 older brothers (two of whom went on to work on the superyachts). Living an active lifestyle and playing soccer Maddy decided to study a Bachelor of Physical Education at University. To support her university studies Maddy worked at a bank which was the beginning of an accidental career in Finance. After finishing university in 2011 she decided it was time to explore the world and started by working at a children's holiday camp in New Jersey, America, before flying to the UK to begin her two year working visa. Here Maddy continued to work in finance whilst exploring Europe, however fast forward 5 years back in New Zealand and the urge to work on the superyachts became stronger and it was a dream she knew she had to fulfil. Maddy began her first yachting season in May 2016 in the Mediterranean. Her first boat was a busy 40m and already she is thoroughly pleased with her new career choice. Maddy has always been comfortable facing new challenges and knows the importance of being out of her comfort zone. Since joining the yachting industry, Maddy has sailed through Italy, Croatia, Montenegro,France and Greece. HOBBIES: Soccer, exercise, travelling, jet skiing, fishing, kayaking, wine tasting. LANGUAGES: English and basic German

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M.Y Al Adaid, M.Y Stanley Z, M.Y Malibu, M.Y Wild Thyme, M.Y Mylin IV, M.Y New Sunrise Growing up on South Africa’s east coast in the city of Durban, Mial was always in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean surfing and fishing. After completing school and further his studies Mial worked for 3 years in London’s casinos as a croupier. Following this he completed 4 years working onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise lines as a dealer and Pitt Boss before deciding in 2008 to leave casinos in order to start working in the yachting industry After his 1st position as deckhand working in the Middle East he ended up in the Med for the next 4 years quickly working his way up the ranks to Bosun and 1st mate. In 2008 Mial joined a motor yacht in Miami Beach where he settled in for almost 4 years before deciding to leave in order to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and get married. Mial is about to start studying further and hopes to one day to obtain a position as Captain. HOBBIES: Surfing (long boarding), bodyboarding, Freediving, fishing, golf, hiking,

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Nero, M/Y Maracunda Bradley finished his Journalism degree in South Africa in 2011 and decided it was time to create stories instead of writing about them. Having developed a phobia of an office and the inspirational idea that travelling broadens the mind, it was time to see what the world was about outside the confines of South Africa. This landed him a job in the Mediterranean where he leant the ropes of industry. An incessant need for new challenges meant Bradley then settled in the Middle East for a number of years. In his time off Bradley’s passion for kite surfing and adventure has led him to some very remote places of the world in search of the perfect spot. Bradly hopes to one day become experienced and rich enough to sail around the world while meeting new challenges, cultures and experiences. Bradley is working towards his Chief Mate licence and hopes to carry on progression through the ranks. HOBBIES: Travel, Photography, Videography, Motorcycles, Kite Surfing, SCUBA and Freediving, Hiking, Movies and Reading and debating LANGUAGES: English

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M.Y TLM, M.Y Arianna Born in Johannesburg South Africa, Mark entered into boating at an early age, which developed his love for the sea. Mark was an avid sailor as a youngster, competing in local sailing events. He jumped on board a yacht and sailed the East Coast of Africa, which developed his love of travel. Mark looked for a job where he would be able to combine both of his loves (sailing and travel) and in 2014 entered into the yachting industry. He has since travelled the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, The Bahamas, the United States and Canada. Fun fact about Mark, he has a phobia of sharks but hopes to conquer his fear one day by diving with Great White’s off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. Mark enjoys being out on deck and is looking forward to making your time on board fun filled and memorable. HOBBIES: Kite Surfing, Wakeboarding, Motocross, Swimming, Water Polo, Golf and Rugby. LANGUAGES: English and Afrikaans

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Gemini, M/Y Solange and M/Y Illusion Virgil was born in the small town of Loire Valley, France. From an early age he began racing bicycles competitively around France. He went to school and very much enjoyed learning English and Geography, followed by studying Geography at La Sorbonne, Paris for a semester. In 2014 Virgil packed up his life and moved to Finland to learn English for the summer. It was after this that Virgil moved himself back to Antibes, France and commenced studying Building and Engineering. When he had finished studying Virgil wanted to keep travelling and working and found himself applying for the yachting industry because a good friend of his suggested he join the industry to expand on his geographical passions. It was in April last 2015 that he joined yachting and spent time working in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, the East Coast of the USA, Canada and San Diego. He hopes to someday work for a French Embassy internationally, preferably Australia, helping his fellow countrymen live their dreams overseas. HOBBIES: Cycling, Kayaking, Hiking and Exploring Cities, as well as the beach, meeting people and expanding his language skills. LANGUAGES: French and English

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M.Y Let It Be, M.Y Lady Marina, M.Y Spada Lorenzo’s passion for cooking started at a very young age. He started representing his school and county at the age of 11 years old, entering every cooking competition he heard of. At 14 years old, his school placed him in a restaurant as work experience, and he hasn’t looked back since. At 16 years old, he managed to earn a place at the prestigious Westminster Kingsway College, where he began his training to become a professional chef. He graduated with Merit, alongside some of the most desired and talented chefs of his generating, and was lucky enough to be placed to Stage in two of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants, Petrus and Boxwood. Since graduating from WKC, Lorenzo has undertaken on a variety of roles, in high positions in London, as well as catering in some of the most desired Chalets in the Alps. When Lorenzo moved onto yachts, he believed he found his home – with a balance of travel, food and luxury, he strived to step up to the plate – cooking for prestigious guests. His training and experience is reflected in his food, with a huge variety of flavours and cuisines under his belt, he looks forward to serving you with a menu that will enhance your experience onboard. HOBBIES: Fine dining and cuisine, Scuba diving (over 1500 dives), Kite surfing, Wakeboarding, kickboxing, cycling, Snowboarding, running, trekking and travelling LANGUAGES: English

PREVIOUS YACHTS: My Helios2, MY Aurora B, MY Noblehouse, MY Invictus David’s been an engineer all his life, straight from school he undertook a well-respected land based engineering apprenticeship with Unilever. When he was 30 he decided he wanted to travel so he got his Yachtmaster license and became a small boat Captain/Engineer. About 5 years ago he decided to go back to solely engineering, so he passed his Y3 Engineering license and worked on Superyachts with his wife. In 2009 he was building a yacht in Taiwan when he met his wife. They then worked together on yachts for the last 3 years, but now he works on rotation and she lives in UK. HOBBIES: keeping his wife happy, traveling, camping, Skiing, Diving and he has recently taken up photography. LANGUAGES: English and some Spanish.

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M.Y Pink Champagne, M.Y Calliope, M.Y Cassiopeia, M.Y Rahil. Sam was born in one of the newest cities in England, Preston, in 1986. Shortly after his family moved to Majorca, Spain where he grew up. Sam started a career in the yachting industry after graduating from Manchester university with an honors degree in mechanical engineering in 2010. Since then he has been all over the world repairing, and maintaining yachts, from defects as small as a loose door handle to a full electrical refit after a lightning strike. HOBBIES: Golf, Cycling, Free diving, fishing. LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, German


  • Yacht name


  • Length

    50m / 164ft

  • Beam

    9.3m / 30'6

  • Draft

    3.1m / 10'2

  • Speed (cruising)

    25.9kph / 14kn

  • Speed (max)

    29.6kph / 16kn

  • Fuel consumption (cruising)

    249.8lph / 66gph

  • Range (cruising)

    11112km / 6000nm

  • Engine

    2x Caterpillar-1290hp each

  • Hull


  • Flag

    Marshall Islands

  • Launched


  • Builder


  • Designer

    Diana Yacht Design