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Lagoon • 1992 • 16.8m


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El yate de alquiler de lujo FLYING GINNY es un yate privado y no podemos confirmar su disponibilidad para alquilar.

FLYING GINNY anteriormente ofrecía alojamiento para 8 personas en 4 cabinas que consistían en un dormitorio principal con una cama queen size y una cama doble y baño con ducha y lavabo.

Otro alojamiento para huéspedes también estaba disponible en otras 3 cabañas. Las especificaciones a bordo del bellamente construido 55 pies/16,8 m FLYING GINNY lanzado en 1992 incluyen aire acondicionado completo, así como una extensa lista de amenidades y juguetes.


Islas de Sotavento


  • Barbacoa
  • Ducha en la cubierta
  • Las artes de pesca - la luz
  • Hamacas
  • Operador propietario
  • Dietas especiales
  • Plataforma de baño



Jannas Koekemoer


Meet the Crew Jannas and Carolina have 10 years of hospitality & service experience combined and bring a fresh energetic vibrance to the mix in the Virgin Islands. The BVI allows Jannas and Carolina to explore the amazing array of sports here and thereby being able to offer the same level of adventure to their guests in the incredibly dynamic tourquise waters of the BVI. Jannas, South African born and lived in the outskirts of the city, free to roam on his motorcycle from a very young age, brings his adventurous, down-to-earth attitude in a friendly and relaxed manner to lead the way on any charter. With a long working history in technical matters & excelling, he brings a great value of safety and confidence onboard. He is also constantly learning and expanding enthusiastically, including attending an International Barmans course so that he can swift you away with great drinks all around the islands. His personal love of machines and the the greening of the industry, matched with the elegant & classical Flying Ginny retro-fitted in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly and economical, know you have a boat and team that wants to align with the future. Chef Carolina, Argentine blooded and raised in South Africa, which lends itself to creating a warm, passionate and energectic character onboard, who loves to care for others. She studied law and soon realised that her calling was working with people in a fun, dynamic environment, and from there she excelled into the events and tourism industry then into extreme adventure guiding in the mountains, rivers and canyons and over 10 years of sailing the world. Through her love of nature and health, she went on to study a Super Yacht culinary course in South Africa, and has never looked back. The yacht charter industry allows her to bring all her talents into one dynamic environment and she continuously studies further as a chef & Health Coach, understanding that food is love. She is also expanding inline with her outdoorsy nature and completing her Dive Masters. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from varied backgrounds, which will ensure a different experience from any other. Sporty, friendly, relaxed and advenurous, they will sail you away through hikes, surf, winds and beaches, down below in the reefs and above the water with wake, toys and more. This team seemlessly plays all the roles as a true energetic and synergetic duo in true tango style. We want to accommodate your interests to be out there and enjoy, nature at its best, no matter your age or your style whilst accommodated for on the immaculate and classy yacht Flying Ginny which is one of a kind in the entire Virgin Islands. Change your pace, slow down, relax, and enjoy.


  • Nombre del yate


  • Longitud

    16.8m / 55ft

  • Viga

    9.2m / 30'2

  • Borrador

    1.2m / 3'11

  • Velocidad (crucero)

    14kph / 7.6kn

  • Velocidad (máx)

    14kph / 7.6kn

  • Consumo de combustible (cruising)

    3lph / 0.8gph

  • Consumo de combustible (máx)

    3lph / 0.8gph

  • Casco


  • Stabilizers


  • Bandera

    Islas Vírgenes Británicas

  • Lanzado


  • Constructor


  • Diseñador




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