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Delta Marine • 2021 • 37.8m


€88,100/ semana
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El lujoso super yate FORE ACES ofrece alojamiento para 12 personas en 5 cabinas que constan de un maestro situado en la cubierta con una cama king size y baño con ducha y lavabo. Otros alojamientos también están disponibles en otras 4 cabañas.

FORE ACES también tiene capacidad para hasta 6 tripulantes a bordo para asegurarte de que disfrutes de una experiencia de alquiler relajada y lujosa y todas tus necesidades se atienden mientras estás a bordo.

Las especificaciones a bordo de la bellamente construida de 37,8 m Delta Marine lanzada en 2003 y posteriormente reacondicionada en 2021 incluyen aire acondicionado completo, estabilizadores de anclaje (0 velocidad) para un paseo suave al contrarrestar el rollo causado por las olas o el viento, así como una extensa lista de amenidades y juguetes.

Ya sea que usted debe elegir alquilar en el Caribe o Costa Este de los Estados Unidos el super yate de lujo FORE ACES y su tripulación de 6 se asegurará de satisfacer todas sus necesidades y asegurarse de que usted disfrute de su experiencia.


Costa este de Estados Unidos
La Florida - Costa Este
Nueva Inglaterra


  • Las artes de pesca - pesada
  • Jacuzzi en la cubierta



Philip Du Preez

Philip Du Preez

Born in South Africa and raised on a family ranch, Philip learned responsibilities at an early age. He completed his mandatory military service after school and then went onto 3 years in the Police Force as a Sergeant. He discovered yachting 20 years ago while traveling through Europe and the decision was made to trade in the ranch for the ocean. He has continued to move up the professional ladder of yachting since then working on yachts anywhere between 92’-143’. He has extensive knowledge of the Bahamas, Caribbean and US East Coast. His contagious good humor and magnetism leads itself to running a well, efficient and fun operation. You will find him at his happiest when fishing, diving and organizing a great program of events for all tastes.

Jean-François Lapeyre

Jean Francois started his career in Yachting when he was 18. He has worked his way through a decorative array of marine qualifications, starting as a skipper delivering sailing boats from Greece to France, then quickly moving up in the ranks to First Mate on large boats all over the Mediterranean. Yet returned to smaller yachts, preferring the more personal touch. He has dedicated his life to captaining yachts in destinations around the world. Jean Francois prides himself in anticipating every angle and request of his guests. He has meticulous attention to detail, providing excellent customer service. A fruitful character who treats everybody as he would like to be treated. With the support and love of his wife and three boys Jean Francois gives his entire attention to life at sea.

Alexander Sattler

Alexander was born in Austria and grew up next to a skiing village. A close family friend owned a restaurant there and it was then that Alexander discovered his passion for hospitality. He worked as a waiter of 9 years in top class hotels and restaurants where after he decided to go back to the Hotel and Restaurant school in Austria. He finished his exams with excellent success and has been working as a chef and also Executive Chef around the World for the past 18 years. He has his own sail boat and loves to travel. This led to his working on motor and sailing yachts, which he has been doing for the last 12 years. Alexander is very happy to be a chef for charter guests and continues to learn other cultures and different styles of preparing dishes for the guests. Enjoy his traditional and Fusion cuisine of the Trade wind routes!

Charlotte Thiechart

Charlotte is originally from the South of France and grew up on the French Riviera. She has an outgoing, positive and energetic personality. She is passionate about fitness, cooking and music. She has gained vast experience these past several seasons between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. She loves and enjoys providing the highest quality of service and anticipating every angle and request of guests. She likes to discover new places, different people and culture.

Suzanne Balfour

Suzanne, who prefers to go by Suzy, was born in South Africa and grew up in a small town near Durban. After finishing high school and with a passion to learn, she extended her studies toward a degree in Human & Social Sciences. She also gained experience in the hospitality area by working as a waitress/bartender while in school. But her love for adventure and exploration could not be ignored and thus began her journey into yachting. She looks forward to helping guests create life time memories.

Tom Keunen

Tom grew up in Belgium. Coming from a family of sailors, he started sailing as a little boy on the North Sea and English Channel. At the age of 25 he left Belgium on his 40 ft. sailboat on a search for warmer weather. Upon his arrival in Panama, he started sailing on a 60ft yacht chartering between Panama and Colombia as Mate/Engineer and relief Captain. After two years sailing Panamanian and Colombian waters he went back to his small sailboat to explore the Pacific. He eventually arrived in New Zealand where he sold his boat to start working full-time in the yachting industry. Keen in every aspect of the industry, Tom likes sharing his love for life on the water, fishing, freediving and sailing.

Kimberleigh Van Jaarsveld

Kimberleigh who prefers to go by the name Kim, grew up in a small town in South Africa. She has been in and out of the water from a very young age. She finished school in 2014 and left South Africa to join the yachting industry in early 2015. Being on the water has been in her family for over 50 years with her uncle being part of the South African Sailing team, in addition to her family owning a sailing school in South Africa and the USA. It was only a matter of time before she was on the water. Kim enjoys diving, fishing, wake boarding and photography.


  • Nombre del yate


  • Nombre anterior

    NITA K

  • Longitud

    37.8m / 124ft

  • Viga

    7.9m / 25'11

  • Borrador

    1.88m / 6'2

  • Velocidad (crucero)

    22.2kph / 12kn

  • Velocidad (máx)

    22.2kph / 12kn

  • Motor

    2x Caterpillar Engines

  • Casco


  • Stabilizers

    En el ancla (velocidad 0)

  • Bandera


  • Lanzado


  • Remontado


  • Constructor

    Delta Marine

  • Diseñador

    Delta Design Group


Costa este de Estados Unidos

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