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Horizon • 2018 • 25.9m








€68,800/ semana

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El lujoso super yate MIDNIGHT MOON ofrece alojamiento para 8 personas en 5 cabinas que constan de un maestro situado en la cubierta con una cama king size y baño con ducha y lavabo. Otros alojamientos también están disponibles en otras 4 cabañas.

MIDNIGHT MOON también tiene capacidad para 3 tripulantes a bordo para asegurarte de que disfrutes de una experiencia de alquiler relajada y lujosa y todas tus necesidades se atienden durante tu estancia a bordo.

Las especificaciones a bordo de la hermosa construcción de 85 pies/25,9 m Horizon lanzado en 2018 incluyen aire acondicionado completo, así como una extensa lista de amenidades y juguetes.

Durante el alquiler en el Caribe, el lujoso super yate MIDNIGHT MOON y su tripulación de 3 se asegurarán de satisfacer todas sus necesidades y asegurarse de disfrutar de su experiencia.




Ducha en la cubierta

Las artes de pesca - la luz

Maquina de hielo

Jacuzzi en la cubierta

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Byron Tippet (Summers)


Captain Byron Tippett, age 29, your Winter Season skipper aboard MIDNIGHT MOON. Born in sunny South Africa Byron found his love for the ocean at 12 years old when he first started exploring the underwater world as a scuba diver. Since then Byron has been following his passion traveling the world as a PADI scuba instructor, diesel engineer, and yacht captain. Byron in outgoing and enthusiastic, and with his knowledge of the British Virgin Islands can cater a perfect trip that is sure to impress you weather you enjoy a secluded beach or a lively hotspot. Byron has a way with people that immediately puts you at ease guiding you through some of the most beautiful beaches, snorkel spots and dive sites the British Virgin Islands have to offer. He will teach you the art of sailing and create fabulous sunset cocktails while ensuring a big smile is on your face as you relax in comfort. Capt. Jamie Harris, age 46, your Summer Season captain aboard MIDNIGHT MOON. Having grown up landlocked, Jamie found his love of the ocean when he was in his late teens and started surfing. Since then, Jamie has been travelling the world and working his way as a qualified PADI scuba instructor, dive guide and yacht captain since 1997. He has sailed and dived in Thailand, Australia, Turkey and the Caribbean/Bahamas. Jamie is outgoing, diligent and has a wickedly subtle sense of humour. He has a way with people, that immediately puts one at ease. Creating fabulous sunset cocktails and offering up stories of adventures on the high seas, Jamie will enthral his guests aboard SeaGlass 74. With almost 20 years above and below the water Jamie has developed a vast knowledge of everything to do with boating, fishing and diving and is happy to share his knowledge.

Molly McKernan, age 31, your Winter Season chef/mate aboard MIDNIGHT MOON. Raised on a small river in Iowa, of all places, it’s a promise Molly will add exceptional food, fun and laughter to your charter. After receiving her degree in Journalism from Iowa State University Molly kissed the Midwest goodbye to make a life on the ocean. She lived in Maui, HI, for four years where her love of outdoor adventure blossomed working on boats, surfing, and hiking to secluded waterfalls. She then made the switch to boats in the Caribbean for the past two years and has been enjoying the constant trade winds here with Byron ever since. With a passion for great food and a love of fresh ingredients, you will be cared for from the first bite to the last. Taking pride in her work both in the galley and in the water. Tavia Pretorius, age 33, your Summer Season chef/mate aboard MIDNIGHT MOON. Tavia grew up in a family that spent a lot of time on the water, fishing, shrimping and living off the sea. As a young girl she went out boating with her Dad and was filleting fish and cleaning shrimp before she hit her teens. It was no wonder that Tavia went on to become a qualified PADI dive instructor and a chef of note. Tavia has a passion for the artistry of food and every meal she prepares is more remarkable than the last. She has been chartering for some years and has catered for up to 30 people on a weekly basis. To add to her many talents, Tavia is also an accomplished free diver boasting depths of up to 130 feet. She, one day, hopes to complete and obtain the world championship for her home country of South Africa. Having chartered extensively in the islands Tavia’s knowledge of the local flora and fauna is vast and she is a mind of information.

The crew are joined by Kelly Young, a South African from a family of sailors. ____________________________________

Eddie holds a USCG 200-ton masters captain’s license and is a PADI-certified divemaster. He grew up boating with his family on Long Island Sound and lakes throughout western Connecticut. Upon moving to Rhode Island, he began sailing in Narragansett Bay out of Newport. After delivering boats to Florida and the British Virgin Islands then back to New England, it became apparent that it was time to turn his passion for the sea into a lifestyle. With a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a concentration in psychology, Eddie has also held a variety of career positions. He has worked in fine dining establishments for 14 years, in all positions from busboy to general manager. He has also spent many years as a licensed mortgage loan officer. Eddie enjoys conversing and sharing his experience with adults and children alike.

Danielle first learned to cook by following her mother and Italian grandmother around the kitchen. From there, she continued to gain knowledge of food and cooking techniques from working in restaurants with top notch chefs for over 20 years. She loves using fresh local ingredients and putting a new twist on classic recipes. She grew up in Rhode Island and took advantage of “The Ocean State" sailing and power boating in Narragansett Bay and Newport. She is also a PADI-certified divemaster. Traveling around the globe and sailing the Caribbean has given her a knowledge of different cultures and a passion for meeting new people and sharing experiences. After attending the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Danielle returned to Rhode Island and graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in sociology. Her easy-going nature makes her a delight to be around, and you will feel at home in no time.


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  • Longitud

    25.9m / 85ft

  • Viga

    7m / 23'0

  • Borrador

    1.8m / 5'11

  • Velocidad (crucero)

    33.3kph / 18kn

  • Velocidad (máx)

    44.4kph / 24kn

  • Consumo de combustible (cruising)

    265lph / 70gph

  • Consumo de combustible (máx)

    446.7lph / 118gph

  • Rango (crucero)

    951.9 km / {{valor}}nm

  • Rango (máx)

    753.8 km / {{valor}}nm

  • Motor

    2x CAT C18A 1136HP

  • Casco


  • Bandera

    Islas Caimán

  • Lanzado


  • Constructor