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El lujoso super yate ATLAS es un yate privado y no podemos confirmar su disponibilidad para alquilar.

ATLAS ofrecía alojamiento para 12 personas en 6 cabinas que consistían en un maestro con una cama king size y baño con ducha y lavabo, un VIP con una cama queen size y baño con ducha y lavabo.

Otros alojamientos también estaban disponibles en otras 4 cabañas. Las especificaciones a bordo de la bellamente construida ATLAS de 167 pies/51 m lanzada en 2011 y posteriormente reacondicionada en 2016 incluyen aire acondicionado completo, estabilizadores de anclaje (0 velocidades) para un paseo suave al contrarrestar el rollo causado por las olas o el viento, así como una extensa lista de amenidades y juguetes.



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Jesse Edge

Jesse Edge

PREVIOUS YACHTS M/Y Alibi, M/Y Skat M/Y Sea Rhapsody, M/Y Mogambo M/Y Gene Machine, M/Y Odessa II, M/Y Barbara BACKGROUND Jesse grew up in Queensland, Australia and spent most of his childhood at the beach or around boats His dad got h im into sailing small dinghy’s at the age of 9 which is where it all began His love for boats grew as his family moved to the Whitsundays and started a day charter sail boat there Jesse loved the lifestyle and got to meet lots of interesting guests from around the world who would come out on his family’s boat Jesse studied Regional and Urban Planning at University, but never quite went down that path After University he worked at a small sail loft building sails for small boats, which is where he found out about the superyacht industry He booked himself a one way ticket to Antibes late in 2008 and landed his first job 2 days later Since then he has been very career focused and worked on getting his tickets and progressing He has extensive experience in both Mediterranean and Caribbean and several other popular cruising destinations Jesse’s passion for all things yachting will ensure you have a fantastic experience onboard Atlas LICENSES/CERTIFICATES Master 3000 gt HOBBIES Sailing, tennis, hiking, travel and being a dad

Joseph Epis

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Double Down BACKGROUND: Joseph was born on a small island in the central part of the Philippines, called Leyte. Raised in a family who have a fishing business, the ocean was no stranger to Joseph. Joseph loves to be at sea so at his first opportunity he graduated with a degree under Norwegian Maritime Educational Program. Starting on tanker vessels as an engine cadet he climbed his way up after gaining sea experience to a senior engine officer in an offshore support and constriction vessel. In 2016 he smoothly transitioned into the yachting industry and has been on board M.Y Atlas since October 2018. JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the ultimate smooth operations, safety and maintenance of the yacht services, managing and supervising engine repairs and overhauls. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Chief Engineer Unlimited HOBBIES: In Josephs spare time he is with his family at home. He is also an instructor at a maritime training school in Cebu, Philippines.

Hayden Dennis

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Ulysses, M/Y Michaela Rose, M/Y Aquamarina, S/Y Vertigo, M/Y Monaco BACKGROUND: Despite his youthful good looks, Hayden has been in the yachting industry for over 11 years, during which time he has accrued over 150,000 nautical miles covering most corners of the globe, and progressed his way through the ranks and recently achieved his Master 3000 license. Hayden was born and raised on the beautiful coast-line and harbors of New Zealand, where he spent endless summers enjoying watersports and all that New Zealand has to offer. His passion for the sea dives deep beneath the waves, and as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, he loves nothing more than sharing his experiences of the amazing world that lies beneath. As a professional, young and energetic seafarer, Hayden is here to ensure that your time onboard Atlas is a truly amazing experience. JOB DESCRIPTION: Managing all aspects of the exterior of the yacht and leading the deck crew with the assistance of the 2nd Officer. In charge of all safety and security aspects of the vessel and responsible for passage planning, navigation and directly responsible to the Master. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Bachelor of Marine Design (BDes with Hons), Master 3000 (Yachts), Master Scuba Diver Trainer HOBBIES: Scuba diving, motorcross, design and travel.

Nick Cook

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M.Y Preference, M.Y Z BACKGROUND: Nick grew up in South Hampton, England. A seaside town with a extensive maritime history and home port of some of the largest cruise ships in the world. This enticed Nick to a life at sea, enlisting in the Royal Navy training college as an Engineer. Once qualified he moved to the cruise ship industry, an already familiar territory as Nicks father is a Captain on P&O cruise ships. After falling in love with one the cruise ships professional aerialists, he whisked her away to England and began planting roots. Nick got itchy feet again and was ready for another professional challenge, Chief Engineer on a super yacht, where he could explore the world and pay for a lavish wedding in an English castle. JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the ultimate smooth operations, safety and maintenance of the yacht services, managing and supervising engine repairs and overhauls. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Small vessel Chief Engineer 9000gt 30000kw, 2nd Engineer Unlimited HOBBIES: Rugby, football, clay piegon shooting, golf and skiing in Austria.

Cole Lathrop

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Privacy, M/Y I Love This Boat BACKGROUND: Growing up on a sailboat around the coast of Florida and the Bahamas for 13 years, Cole has a huge passion for the ocean. Living such an active lifestyle as a young child his family traded the warm waters of the islands, to the cold slopes of Colorado. Spending his high school years in Colorado, Cole developed a passion for skiing, which lead him to become a Ski Instructor and Ropes Course Manager at a summer camp. Cole found himself missing the warm weather and salt life, so he worked his way back to South Florida where he became a Captain of multiple dive boats. After six years in the diving community, Cole decided to pursue his passion and start his career into the engineering field on motor yachts. Cole is delighted to answer any questions you may have on board, especially if it has to do with the engine room! JOB DESCRIPTION: The primary function of the Second Engineer is to supervise the daily operations and maintenace of all machinery including the ballast system, plant and fire-fighting equipment on-board. Ray is also responsible for the planned maintenace and supervision of repairs. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: 100 ton USCG master, QMED, RFPEW, Advanced Fire fighting, STCW, PADI Rescue Diver. HOBBIES: Free diving, scuba diving, surfing, skiing & sailing.

Steven Jackson

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Kingdom Come, M/Y Lady Lau BACKGROUND: Growing up in Portsmouth, UK, Steve was born to be on the water. He learnt to sail at the young age of 5 and quickly became a leader amongst his peers. Steve was eager to see the world and travel with his passion for sailing, after completing his RYA sailing and windsurfing instructors cert, he flew to Europe and spent 4 years teaching on beach resorts throughout the Mediterranean. Working his way to the top, soon he was teaching the instructors at the UK sailing academy. His natural love for being among the rough waves of the sea, lead him to yachting. When Steve is not onboard, he’s either renovating his house, listening to 60s music or finding some off the beaten track to run. JOB DESCRIPTION: The Second Officer maintains the safety equipment and drills on board to ensure the crew are equipt in any emergency situation. He is also responsible for driving and maintaining the 13m chase boat – Strider LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: RYA/ MCA Yacht Master, GMDSS HOBBIES: Sailing, windsurfing, music and running.


PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Mogambo, M/Y Power Play BACKGROUND: Stephen spent most of his life growing up on the sunny east coast of New Zealand, in a small seaside city called Hawkes Bay. He grew up with a passion for rugby, surfing and loved to play most sports. Once Stephen reached the age of 24, he found a sudden urge to travel and explore greener pastures. After completing his basic STCW and powerboat level 2 course, he booked a one- way ticket to Spain to hunt for his first job on a Superyacht and never looked back. Fast forward 8 years and Stephen now holds his Chief Mates 3000gt ticket and is looking to complete his Master 3000gt qualification by the end of 2021. He previously worked on a high profile 74m charter yacht called M/Y Mogambo, where he joined as a relatively green deckhand. After 5 years of hard work and study, he progressed to 2nd Officer and was then promoted to Chief Officer early 2019 on the 55m support vessel - M/Y Power Play. JOB DESCRIPTION: Managing all aspects of the exterior of the yacht and leading the deck crew with the assistance of the 2nd Officer. In charge of all safety and security aspects of the vessel and responsible for passage planning, navigation and directly responsible to the Master. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Chief Mates 3000gt HOBBIES: Not only does Stephen “froth” on the feeling of being at Sea, he also loves to exercise regularly and has a keen interest in personal training and nutrition.

Brodie Crum

PREVIOUS YACHTS: S/Y M5, S/Y Cavallo BACKGROUND: Brodie grew up in Whangarei, a town on New Zealand’s east coast. He grew up in an adventurous family, fishing, boating, riding motocross, surfing and camping. After school he completed a 4 year carpentry apprenticeship, building architecturally challenging homes. He was offered an opportunity to crew on S.Y Cavallo in the millennium cup of 2015, and has never looked back. Since then he has sailed west from Tahiti all the way to the east coast of the states. His favourite country on this passage was Madagascar because of the raw nature and wild lemurs. JOB DESCRIPTION: The Bosun leads the deck team to maintain the exterior of the vessel, drive the tenders and guest liasion. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Yacht master, power boat 2, STCW, ENG1, 4 year carpenter apprentice, bamboo construction, PADI advanced diving, free diving HOBBIES: Feel at ease with Brodie as your tender driver; he is very experienced on water and on land as he prides himself on being able to reverse a trailer down a driveway. Brodie hopes to open a hostel in the future completely constructed out of bamboo.

George Nelson-Park

BACKGROUND: George is from Auckland, New Zealand and grew up in a family of 4 boys. He grew up around the water, living close to one of New Zealand’s most famous surf beaches- Karatahi. Naturally growing up with a passion for the ocean, he also delves into nature and wildlife. George is an Apiarist (beekeeper), producing some of New Zealand’s top Manuka Honey in the country and also one of New Zealand’s youngest and most celebrated aviculturist, breeding exotic and native birds. Prior to joining the yachts, George was living in London working for an Organics company. He enjoyed his time there and the experience but the ocean and wildlife were calling. He wants to one day open up a Nature Reserve in the Amazon. JOB DESCRIPTION: A part of the deck crew and exterior maintenance of vessel LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: STCW, ENG, PADI Open Water Diver, Power Boat Level 2, Security Awareness, Crowd Management, Firearms Licence HOBBIES: He is particularly interested in island and marine wildlife and loved visiting places like the Galapagos, Madagascar and Stewart Island. He spends most of his free time outdoors hiking, fishing and hunting. A keen photographer, mostly of wildlife and landscapes but in particular dragonflies, and travels

Nick Walden

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Vava II, M/Y Halo, M/Y Just B BACKGROUND: Nick is a formally trained chef from Auckland, New Zealand with a background of high-end restaurants, private villas and super yachts. Nick has travelled the globe discovering different cultures and that is represented in his unique cooking styles. With a vast repertoire of international cuisines and a love for delicious, innovative, seasonal cooking. It is always his goal to create healthy, balanced and beautifully presented food to his guests that reflect a certain time and place. Growing up in New Zealand and never being far from the water, Nick developed a great apprecation and understanding about fresh seafood, using seasonal ingredients inspired by ocean and influenced from surrounding landscapes. JOB DESCRIPTION: As Chef, Nick is in charge of all menu planning for guests and crew, inventory and provisioning, nutrition and food safety standards. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: STCW 95, ENG1, Certificate in Professional Cookery Level 4, Ships Cook Certificate, Food Safety Level 3, 6 week Sushi Coiurse & Bronze Level Sushi Chef Tokyo Sushi Academy, Proficiency in Security Awareness, Crisi & Crowd Management, TEMPUS IC Training Certificate HOBBIES: Hiking, fishing, camping, paddle boarding, exercising, photography/ videography, all things food, music and travel. He have a future ambition of being a restaurateur in his home country of New Zealand.

Elise Dye-Hitchinson

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y SuRi, M/Y Odessa M/Y Haven BACKGROUND: Elise hails from Castor Bay in Auckland where she grew up around the water, sailing on her parents 36ft sail yacht along New Zealand’s beautiful coastlines. After school she completed a 4 year culinary certificate through the Auckland University of Technology and a 4 star hotel, before going on to work at one of New Zealand's top restaurants, Cibo. She is now combining her interest in exploring the world by boat and sharing her passion of cooking. Yachting has brought her to many continents including Asia, Australasia and Europe, but she looks forward to travelling to many more places with amazing wildlife. JOB DESCRIPTION: The Sous Chef assists the Head Chef in preparing healthy nutritious meals for both guest and crew LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: 4 1/2 certificate in culinary arts, STCW, ENG1, Power Boat level 2, Gun Safety, Radio Operations Certificate HOBBIES: Aside from all things ocean and food related, she has interests in hockey, basketball, tennis, dancing up a storm and skiing - even competing at national level in college! Elise is very conscious of both the environment and the community, and would love to live off the land running her own food truck business, with a special Hungarian fry bread dish on the menu.

Louise Bielecki

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Touch, M/Y Meow, M/Y Pipe Dreams, M/Y Party Girl, M/Y RUYA BACKGROUND: Louise was born in England but grew up in Melbourne, Australia and spent her youth growing up by the ocean. Before her yachting career, Louise spent 2 years in the advertising industry and then 6 years working as the Sponsorship Manager for an Australian sports club. Louise joined the yachting industry in 2012 to follow her passion for travel and culture, and at the same time fulfill her love for the ocean. Louise has a creative flair for mixing cocktails and creating decorative table settings. She will add some colour and spice to your experience. JOB DESCRIPTION: Main responsibilities include; service leader, galley and guest liaison, meal and event planning, purchasing and inventory. Louise manages all interior crew and duties including cleaning, maintenance and laundry with an emphasis on guest service and training interior crew. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: STCW 95, ENG1, Yacht Rating, MCA Security Awareness, PDSD, Power Boat II, Food Health and Hygiene Level 2, RSA, PADI Rescue Diver, WSET Level 2, Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa and Yin HOBBIES: Yoga, scuba diving, hiking, running, and food & wine.

Tamla Smith

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Kingdom Come, S/Y M5 BACKGROUND: Tamla has always loved travelling the world, which is what first intrigued her about a career in yachting. She has travelled solo to Nepal, India, Europe and England and has travelled on yachts from New Zealand Pacific through to the East Coast of the States. If this doesn’t show adventure, Tamla also hiked the Camino Trail in 22 days, which is an 815km journey from France to Spain over the Pyrenees Mountains. Her favorite countries are Spain as she wants to learn Spanish, Papua New Guinea for its untouched landscape and Madagascar for the wildlife. Previously to yachting Tamla was a private nanny in New Zealand and the United States, and has a fun, loving way with children. Through all her career paths and in her own lifestyle, Tamla is extremely enthusiastic about the environment and especially helping to look after our oceans. JOB DESCRIPTION: The Second Stewardess’ main responsibility is to support the Chief Stewardess with guest service, training of the interior team, detailing and maintaining the interior. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: STCW, ENG1, PADI Open Water, Power Boat Level 2, Nannying Certificate, Security Awareness, Food Health & Hygiene Level 2 HOBBIES: Tamla has a love for dancing, diving, reading, yoga, hiking, health and fitness. In the near future she would like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.

Charlotte Williams

PREVIOUS YACHTS: M/Y Sanoo, M/Y Bella Vita BACKGROUND: Charlotte grew up on the West coast of Scotland but her love for travel and new cultures wisped her away to Asia at the young age of 17. It was here that Charlotte developed a passion for helping others. She was a Project Manager for a volunteer company in Thailand and spent 2 and half years helping to build classrooms and assist with medical needs. After this she explored on her own around South America soaking up all it has to offer. Her love for food and hidden cocktail bars brought her to Barcelona where she completed a 6 week mixology course. After completing her Assistant Practitioner course in Palliative Care in 2018, she decided to roll all of her skills and passions into one and join the yachting industry. JOB DESCRIPTION: To support the interior team with guest service, cabin service, laundry, detailing and maintaining the interior. LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: STCW ENG1, PDSD, Security Awareness, Food Hygiene Level 2, European Bar Tending Course, Band 4 Nurse (auxiliary nurse), phlebotomists, Bridal Make Up, TEFL and PADI Open Water HOBBIES: Hiking, kayaking, painting,scuba, travel, food & wine, exploring all of the amazing destinations she gets to visit and finding all of the hidden gems.


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  • Longitud

    51m / 167ft

  • Viga

    9.5m / 31'2

  • Borrador

    2.9m / 9'6

  • Velocidad (crucero)

    27.8kph / 15kn

  • Velocidad (máx)

    31.5kph / 17kn

  • Motor

    2x Caterpillar ( 3516B) 2,446hp diesel engines

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  • Bandera

    Islas Caimán

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