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Nautor's Swan • 1981 • 24.4m


€19,000/ settimana

Il lussuoso super yacht MELINKA offre alloggio per 6 persone in 3 cabine costituite da un master situato a poppa con un letto doppio e servizi igienici con doccia e WC. Altre sistemazioni sono disponibili anche in altre 2 cabine.

MELINKA può anche ospitare fino a 3 equipaggi a bordo per assicurarti un'esperienza di noleggio lussuosa e rilassata e tutte le tue esigenze sono soddisfatte mentre sei a bordo.

Le specifiche a bordo della splendida costruzione 80 piedi/24,4 m Nautor's Swan lanciato nel 1981 includono l'aria condizionata completa e una vasta lista di servizi e giocattoli.

Durante il noleggio in East Coast Stati Uniti il super yacht di lusso MELINKA e il suo equipaggio di 3 saranno sicuri di soddisfare tutte le vostre esigenze e assicurarsi di godere la vostra esperienza.


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New England


  • Doccia sul ponte
  • Attrezzatura da pesca - leggera
  • Dietetica



Forrest Shropshire

Forrest Shropshire

Originally from Georgia, Forrest holds a 1600-ton U.S. Coast Guard Open Ocean License, the equivalent of the UK’s 3000- on Master’s License. He has been cruising the waters of the Caribbean and the U.S. East Coast for more than thirty years,and takes great pleasure in showing guests his favorite destinations. An excellent teacher, he will be happy to offer you the helm, explain how celestial navigation works, or show you how to take a sextant reading. Widely experienced in yachting, Forrest previously managed a small marina and boatyard. He is a PADI open water diver as well as a skilled windsurfer, kayaker, and former water skiing instructor. His dedication to fishing means you are almost guaranteed some fresh mahi mahi or tuna during your cruise.

Cathleen Trafton

Cathleen Trafton grew up in New England and spent all of her summers on the coast of Maine. Once she had graduated from university, she moved all around the United States. She went as far south as Florida, as far north as Alaska, and finally settled in Santa Barbara, California, where she raised her family. From there she went abroad to live between Antigua and France, where she honed her skills in applying unique cultural elements to the classically-trained cooking techniques she first acquired at Cordon Bleu. Since those first days in cooking school in Paris, she knew that she would always enjoy working in unique culinary situations - from commercial kitchens, to remote mountain huts, to the galley on Melinka. Cathleen has continued to bring the farm-to-table concept with her, keeping healthy eating in mind while never sacrificing quality ingredients or proper technique. Cathleen has been working on sailing vessels for the past 20 years and still can not get enough of the fresh air and sea. Her food is an expression of art and she looks forward to seeing you on board to taste the culinary delights that so many have enjoyed over the years while at sail.

Caroline Fraser

Caroline learned to sail where she grew up -- Little Compton, Rhode Island. Her family has a strong marine background, with both her father and brother working in the industry. Caroline is experienced in boat handling, whether for a 50- or a 150-footer. She is also a trained stewardess. She has a degree in sports business from Saint Leo University, Florida, She was a member of the women's lacrosse team there for four years.


  • Nome Yacht


  • Lunghezza

    24.4m / 80ft

  • Fascio

    5.8m / 19'0

  • Bozza

    2.7m / 8'10

  • Velocità (crociera)

    14kph / 7.6kn

  • Velocità (max)

    14kph / 7.6kn

  • Consumo di carburante (crociera)

    18lph / 4.8gph

  • Consumo di carburante (max)

    18lph / 4.8gph

  • Gamma (crociera)

    2500km / 1349.9nm

  • Gamma (max)

    1666km / 899.6nm

  • Motore

    Mercedes Benz 200 HP

  • Scafo


  • Stabilizers


  • Bandiera

    Isole Vergini Britanniche

  • Lanciato


  • Costruttore

    Nautor's Swan

  • Designer

    S & S


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