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Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations

Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations

image of Arabian Gulf

Arabian Gulf

The epitome of affluence, the amazing Arabian Gulf makes for a mighty yacht charter destination. While the Middle East is a relative newcomer on the yachting scene, plenty of sophisticated sailors are turning their attention to the sparkling new shores. These are lands of ancient traditions, rolling red dunes, sultans and sheiks, and a brave new world that is quickly coming into focus.

image of Australasia


A collection of hip cities, indigenous stories, and exotic lands makes up the outdoor amusement park that is Australasia. From the billowing sails of the Sydney Opera House to the Middle Earth fantasies of New Zealand, and the playground of Polynesian kings in Tahiti – Australasia is a yacht charter destination that delivers an exhilarating pace. Australia brims with edgy places to play – escape into the cool of the Daintree Rainforest, learn to surf on the worlds most iconic beaches, and throw yourself into the wine and coffee culture. From fabulous Fiji to the wonder of the Whitsundays, Australasia will leave you amazed.

image of Bahamas


Land of the bright and beautiful, the Bahamas is a winter warmer yacht charter paradise. A collection of seven hundred slips of coral, white sand, and pastel colored houses makes up the bounty of the Bahamas. An old hand in the wonderful world of yachting, for years charters have been sailing the breezy blue waters around these parts most notably when the biting seasonal chill comes to the west. Countless opportunities to island hop, colorful snorkeling spots, and such rare delights like swimming pigs pull superyachts into the Bahamas.

image of Caribbean


The Caribbean is the posterchild of the yacht lifestyle. A place where winters are forgotten and life truly does become a beach. A plethora of soft white and blue islands invites days soaked in sunshine and rum. Home to some of the best strips of sand in the world, ocean lovers will fall easily for the charms of sailing and snorkeling. But beyond the beach, the Caribbean holds wild corners with deep jungles, rising pitons, and an endless array of parrots and whales. Dazzling in her diversity, one moment you could be snorting rum on a creaky pastel porch and the next cracking champagne in the glitz of St Barts – it’s the voracious variety that makes the Caribbean such a yacht charter gem.

image of Central America

Central America

Jungle clad lands, rolling surf, and sleepy sloths – Central America is a tantalizing yacht charter destination. Take your pick from the wild Pacific coast or the shimmering calm of the Caribbean. Seven countries in total capture the tropical spirit of Central America, where life moves a few paces slower, forests swirl in clouds, and the exotic cries of birds come at an almost deafening decibel. From the Gulf of Mexico’s Mayan ruins to the beckoning blue holes of Belize, the colonial charm of Guatemala, and the wildlife sanctuaries of Costa Rica – take a walk on the wild-side with a yacht charter in Central America.

image of East Mediterranean

East Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean shores serve up a grittier yet equally glorious feel in comparison to it polished west. Here, ancient olive trees stand on fabled Greek islands, crumbling golden ruins and thick fortress walls mark out the Adriatic coastline, and vibrant buzzing cities like Istanbul hold spires and secrets that have been stashed for many lifetimes. For yacht charters, the Greek Islands, Adriatic, and exotic Turquoise Coast will transport you to exotic lands a far cry from your usual picture book Europe.

image of Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

Dizzying in diversity, a yacht charter in the Indian Ocean can take you as far as the safari shores of South Africa to the vanilla soaked lands of Madagascar, or the chaotic color of India. The Indian Ocean is a wonderful whirlwind for intrepid adventurers – it blends coveted cultural experiences with rare honeymoon highlights. You can choose to spend the whole time lounging on the world’s best beaches in the mesmerizing Maldives or you can shake the sand from your hair and go exploring the backwaters of Vietnam. Those who are keen to charter a big chunk of the traveling world, the Indian Ocean is your one stop shop for remarkable journeys.

image of North America

North America

Behind the white picket fence and whispers of prom night, North America is a yacht charter fantasy. Few continents in the world capture as much versatility as these salt whipped shores. From the groaning glaciers of Alaska all the way down to cool California and the sultry skyline of Miami – you can choose between sun and snow, mountains and swamps, city or prairie. The fabled lands of America have long been the landscapes of music, literature, politics and history. Follow in the footsteps of Moby Dick up in nautical New England, tap into that sweet southern charm down in Georgia, and stand in front of the White House in Washington D.C. A yacht charter to North America is made of iconic moments.

image of Northern Europe

Northern Europe

From the winding fjords of Norway to the blustery yet brilliant British shores, a yacht charter to Northern Europe brings forth a froth of history and heart. These are the former watery footpaths of Vikings and kings, fierce battles, and mystic pagans. From London’s regal palaces and pubs to Monet’s flora strewn vision of Northern France – culture comes thick and fast in Northern Europe. Yet, beyond the pages of history, Northern Europe offers a smorgasbord of natural sights. Watch the northern lights dance, visit wizards’ castles and pirate haunts in Cornwall, and explore the far-flung islands of ice marking the passage from Scandinavia to the Arctic.

image of Other Areas

Other Areas

For those yacht charters who have cruised the calling cards of Europe, the carved pastels of the Caribbean, and who are seeking a new off the beaten track adventure – let us introduce you to some of the other areas of the superyacht world. For the wild at heart we have the shimmering glacial lands and extreme wonder of end of the world Antarctica, for the exotic in nature how about the sugar soft sands and perfume of French Polynesia, and for those who dream of festivals, whales, and a heady dose of salsa living – there’s always South America. This is a collection of destinations that doesn’t fit neatly into a box.

image of South East Asia

South East Asia

South East Asia is a wonder to explore by superyacht. Endless dreamy beaches, lush backdrops, and rich archipelagos filled with rare communities, reefs, and secret surf spots make every day a glorious new adventure. These are movie star shores, where parties palpitate beneath the full moons of Thailand, yoga bunnies perfect their lotus pose in the rice paddies of Bali, and the stupas of Myanmar glow like gold in the morning light. Weaving your way on a yacht charter through South East Asia you will witness unforgettable sites, melodic calls to prayer, and some of the most enchanting cultures you could ever imagine.

image of West Mediterranean

West Mediterranean

Say summer ports of call and everyone thinks of the sleepy fishing villages, sparkling sea, and heady dose of glitz that is the West Mediterranean. The West Mediterranean boasts two different faces; on one side you have the gorgeous glamor that is the French Riviera, the striking vision of Rome and Malta, and the limoncello soaked lands of the Italian Riviera. On the other you have the peaceful villages of Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. Without a doubt, for yacht charters chasing culture, heavenly food, and pristine photogenic sights – the West Mediterranean is your calling card.