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New Providence

New Providence is a whirlwind of fun

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New Providence

New Providence is a whirlwind of fun

There are those yacht charter guests who dream of deserted islands and lonely boats bobbing on bright blue seas, then, there are those who dream of New Providence. Despite being barely a slip of an island, weighing in at just over 30 km long, New Providence is a whirlwind of fun. From Nassau’s undeniable tourist charm to casino nights, whooshing waterparks, and cocktail cabanas on glitzy beaches – those who are looking to cash in on the fun-fueled vibes of a Caribbean charter will certainly get their wish granted in New Providence.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in New Providence

First Class Family Fun

Families hitting up New Providence will find lashings of fun to be had for every age group. While adults have the serenity of their superyacht, the gorgeous golf greens, extravagant dining, epic nightlife and lady luck draws at the casinos – children are more than catered for. This side of the Bahamas takes family vacations seriously; expect waterparks, resorts, child-friendly restaurants, and pirate perfection.

Blue Beaches

Sure, desert island beaches are utterly dreamy. But New Providence serves up their sand and sea with a splash of sophistication. For those who prefer icy rum cocktails and plush sunbeds instead of being the only soul on the shore, the bling beaches of Nassau and Paradise Island will serve up your every whim and fantasy. Those charter guests who still want castaway vibes will find their secluded pleasures on the shores of Rose Island West End Beach.

Pirate Play

The shores of New Providence were a favorite hangout for pirates and buccaneers back in the 18th century and their legacy has been left scattered across the Bahamian shores. In downtown Nassau you can board a wonderfully thought out replica pirate ship, and experience life as it would have been where there was nothing but talk of treasure and sunken ships. Find out all about the fierce history of pirates at the Pirate Museum and finish your findings with a shot or two of rum back on the deck of your own sublime luxury yacht.

Nature Escapes

Most yacht charter guests flock to New Providence for the high levels of energy, but we all need a touch of nature to avoid burnout. Fortunately, despite being the most bustling Bahamian tourist island, New Providence still boasts some natural pleasures. Even in the midst of Atlantis you can get up close and personal with turtle hatching programs and dolphin habitations. Further out into the wilds and the Clifton Heritage Park boasts birdwatching and hiking, whereas the Primeval Forest has been left totally untouched.

A lot of rays in a crystal clear water pond
Pirates of Nassau museum, documenting city's history as 18th-century pirate base
A really bright and abstract beach and ocean view in the Bahamas. New Providence

Where to Visit in New Providence


Being the only city in the whole of the Bahamas, means that Nassau gets more than its fair share of clubs, casinos and cruise-ships. Still, those who complain of this Bahamian gem losing its roots clearly didn’t visit during the 18th century when Nassau was already a bustling port of call. Instead of tourists it was pirates, rum sellers and swashbucklers. Stepping ashore in Nassau is nothing but a good time; disappear behind a cloud of smoke at the Graycliff Cigar Company, barter over tourist trinkets at the Straw Market, hit up the heart dropping slides at Aquaventure, and wine and dine in the welcoming pastel painted charm of Downtown.

Paradise Island

Those on a luxury yacht charter with kids will hear a gasp of delight when mentioning the words Paradise Island and Atlantis. One of the largest and grandest resorts in New Providence, its worth leaving your yacht anchored for a day or two and hitting this multi-million-dollar playground. From a private beach to a wild waterpark, lavish casino, five fabulous luxury hotels to choose from, a myriad of fine dining establishments, and the chance to swim with dolphins – Paradise Island is man-made splendor.

Blue Lagoon Island

Only 5km from the bustling shores of Nassau, you will find the dreamy dolphin rich spot of the Blue Lagoon Island. Secluded white sands, waters brimming with dolphins and honking sea lions, the chance to snorkel rich coral reefs, and nothing but the song of tropical birds high in the coconut trees – this is bliss at its Bahamian best.

When to Charter a Yacht in New Providence

The sweet spring months can be the best time to set sail on a yacht charter around New Providence. While the weather stays balmy in traditional Bahamas fashion throughout the year, the months between December and April get little rain. Be mindful that during the Christmas and New Year period, the island often receives an influx of heady travelers who come for the wild times at Nassau and the chance to let their kids go crazy at Atlantis.