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Find an island that offers so much more than a standard beach scene

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Find an island that offers so much more than a standard beach scene

Pastel painted Curacao is one of those Caribbean yacht charter destinations that comes with lashings of style. Part of the evocative ABC islands, Curacao sits prettily on the yachting route often connected with Aruba and Bonaire. Those charter guests turning their sights towards Curacao will find an island that offers so much more than a standard beach scene. Galleries, museums, duty free shopping, and an eclectic combination of Caribbean cultures that come with a hint of Dutch spirit and a pinch of Portuguese flair, all this is waiting for you on the chocolate box shores of Curacao.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Curacao

Layers of Culture

Curacao is so much more than a fly, sail and flop destination. Those yacht charter guests who are interested in visiting gorgeous galleries, mesmerizing museums, and unraveling layers of culture will find Curacao a compelling destination. The UNESCO town of Willemstad oozes European charm and as true testament to its vivid shades of multiculturalism, you will even find the oldest functioning synagogue in the western hemisphere on these shores.

Candy Colors

Rainbow colors puts Curacao on the map – from its bright blue cocktails made with local liquor to the photogenic buildings down in Willemstad. But this kaleidoscope of color runs much deeper than surface prettiness – up in the west of the island you will find endless shades beneath the blue at Curacao’s famous diving sites. Mambo Beach’s epic azure waters also provide the cherry on the cake when it comes to the paint-box colors of Curacao.

Daring Dining

Tantalizing tastes and overwhelming sensory delights happen when you combine Caribbean spice with heady Dutch cooking techniques. The Keshi Yena is a must try – a rich simmered chicken stew made with spice and smoked gouda rind makes for a comforting dish beneath the stars. Intrepid eaters can even try iguana, and swiss and French style restaurants can be sought in sweet Willemstad.

Shopping Style

Duty free delights are another hallmark of cool Curacao. Downtown Willemstad sees pottery, windmill trinkets, and Dutch cheeses lining the tourist shops. Liquor, tobacco, perfume and other staples can all be picked up for wonderful prices, and designer wares and diamonds invite yacht charter guests and the well-heeled elite to splurge.

Flaming Sunset at the coast at Coral Estate Views around the small Caribbean island of Curacao
Snorkel boat trip to the Blue Room views around Curacao a Caribbean Island
Underwater with divers, turtles and pelicans Views around Curacao a small Caribbean Island in the Netherland Antilles

Where to Visit in Curacao


The Dutch delight of Willemstad is like a page from a child’s coloring book. The bright chocolate box buildings, the historic waterfront and the glass windowed boutiques offering yacht charter guests the chance to buy up wheels of Gouda and painted pottery set an enchanting scene. The capital city of Curacao is also where you will find a plethora of duty free goodies to stockpile back on the yacht.

Shete Boka National Park

Ten Boka’s, also known as inlets, make up the mesmerizing Shete Boka National Park in Curacao. For those yacht charter guests looking to slip away from the usual tourist hotspots, this wild and rugged coastal landscape will absolutely charm. at Boka Tabla you can watch windswept unruly waves crash against a rambling underground cave. You can wander craggy limestone bluffs and look for nesting turtles, and you can hike the trails that lead past Aloe Vera plantations, ostrich farms and crumbling forts.

Christoffel National Park

Tropical national parks always offer jaw-dropping sights and humid hikes with heart wrenching sea views and the Christoffel National Park is no exception. Over 4500 acres spreads out across Curacao, carving the rugged shadow of the Christoffel Mountain. Leave your yacht charter anchored at the bay and follow the hiking trails that lead past rare beer, thrumming hummingbirds, and the whimsical scent of the majestic Lady of the Night orchid.

Little Curacao

If you didn’t think Curacao could get any finer, than imagine someone took the island and shrank it down to less than 2km without losing any of its character and beauty. Little Curacao is one of those dreamy yacht charter spots that make sailing sweetly worthwhile. Just 15 miles from the mainland, you will find a tiny strip of sand shaded by coconut palms, flanked by gin clear waters, and alive with dolphins and turtles. There is little to do here other than stretch out on the sand, nibble barbequed fish, and sip rum beneath the thatched palms of the beach huts.

When to Charter a Yacht in Curacao

The rainy season in Curacao falls between October and February and can bring gentle pattering showers in the evenings. Visitors looking for calm waters and fewer crowds will be wooed by the island between the peaceful months of May and November. As Curacao is part of the ABC chain that enjoys mild weather throughout the year and doesn’t sit in the destructive hurricane path, yacht charter guests can’t go wrong when picking the perfect time to visit.