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Malaysia is the place of the moment

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Malaysia is the place of the moment

Hundreds of idyllic beachy islands, ancient rainforests, and swelling cities overflowing with cultural and culinary cool – there are many reasons as to why Malaysia is the place of the moment. Luxury yacht charters setting sail around these shores will find an emerging yachting scene. Sitting south of Thailand, the islands of Langkawi and Penang tick all the boxes when it comes to white sands, sunken shipwrecks and interiors of sparkling lakes and chalky limestone cliffs. Over in the capital and you have a cultural fusion of sheer exoticness that spills over into everything from the pages of history to the food. This is your guide to the majestic wonders of Malaysia.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Malaysia

Scuba Diving

Yacht charters in Malaysia deliver plenty of prime real estate for those who want to scuba and snorkel. The rich coral reefs especially on the archipelago of Langkawi and Sabah boast shores teeming with turtles, soft eyed sharks, and decadently dressed fish. Taking a yacht charter out around the endless islets and coves gifts you the chance to get off the beaten track and into the sublime blue depths for some rare sightings.

Culinary Bliss

Perhaps it’s that mesmerizing mix of cultures, but nowhere seems to do food quite like Malaysia. Indian influence, Chinese flair, Korean cool, Thai spice, and Malay magic makes for a palate that hits all the senses and more. Assam Laka in George Town tingles with goodness, especially when the heat of the ginger flower melds with the fish and tamarind. Roti breads dunked in bean dahl, pulled teas, maggi goreng with runny eggs, and shaved ice and coconut milk are just a taste of what’s to come.

Wildlife Watching

From pretty little Pygmy Elephants to beautiful Orangutan families, slinking leopards, shoals of fish, and birds whose feathers screech with color, Malaysia is a magical land for wildlife watching. Boasting a rich variety of landscapes; you can choose to wander ancient rainforests cloaked by canopies, snorkel on the shores, or head deep into the velvet curve of the mountains.

Unraveling Cultural Threads

Being at the crossroads of Asia and with a foothold of colonialism, Malaysia is one of the most diverse places on earth. Crammed into the capital and beyond you will find an eclectic mix of Chinese, Indian, Muslim and Hindu communities all living together. The hillsides, forests and coastlines are also booming with indigenous tribes. The sweet shop of cultures means that food is crazy good, the calendar is always packed with celebrations and festivals, and the streets are always a lively place to be.

Malaysia Sabah Borneo Scenic View of Tun Sakaran Marine Park tropical island (Bohey Dulang) Semporna, Sabah.
Kuala lumpur city skyline in the morning, Malaysia cityscape, Malaysia
Exotic blue sea background with yacht in Malaysia

Where to Visit in Malaysia


Scattered across the west coast of Malaysia, the archipelago is a rich land of islets, coves and gold beaches. Langkawi has earned the name ‘The Jewel of Kedah’ thanks to its abundance of hot springs, thundering falls, and fair beaches that set the scene for lots of lounging with more than a smidge of luxury. For yacht charters, Langkawi delivers a new anchor spot each night. Be sure to snorkel in the luminous waters of Payar Island, and to take one of the worlds steepest cable cars to the summit of Mount Mat Cincang.


UNESCO splendor triggers the imagination for yacht charters sailing into Penang. Celebrated as the link between the mightiest cultures of the Asia’s mythical east, you will find Penang’s capital George Town cracks open like an open museum. The Colonial District is a dizzying array of British buildings whereas the rest of the historic fairyland is a whirlwind of trishaws, carnivals, markets, and Chinese shophouses painted in bright and beautiful colors. Take a street art tour to admire the murals, dash through the dining scene of Kek Lok Si, and visit the longest coffee shop in the world.


From sacred peaks to untouched green and blue eco-lands, Sabah is where yacht charters go to take a walk on the wild side. The Danum Valley is a must for any nature lover looking to go deep into lowland forests that span over 130 million years in age. From swinging orangutans with red haired bellies to pygmy elephants and even the rare clouded leopard, hiking these trails with a guide showcases fascinating fauna and flora you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Back on the coast and coral reefs teem with even more life making it a decadent place to snorkel and dive, and in the capital of Kota Kinabalu you can lounge on any of the famous Five Islands.

Kuala Lumpur

No yacht charter trip to Malaysia would be complete without a run in with the capital. Kuala Lumpur is a smorgasbord city, one where skyscrapers shimmer alongside minarets and ancient temples. It’s a place where the street food s dizzyingly good, and kaleidoscope communities of Malay, Chinese and Indians mesh together. Days are lost to shopping in the supermalls and old markets, dining in the rich array of restaurants and fab food stands, and ducking into all the dreamy neighborhoods. Everyone will you to head up the Petronas Towers, admire the colors at the Islamic Arts Museum, and to visit one of the largest and oldest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia at Thean Hou.

When to Charter a Yacht in Malaysia

As Malaysia boasts a hot and humid climate throughout the year, yacht charters can often find a spot to accommodate. Humidity is on a high all year round, so short showers are frequent business. However, the rainy season between November and February can have an impact on the eastern coast, whereas on the west, its September and October that suffer high rainfall.