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Tourist hordes haven’t taken away her magical mystique

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Tourist hordes haven’t taken away her magical mystique

The land of stupas rising like roses out of the green plains of Bagan, the glittering eye of revered temples, and the solemn processions of pink robed monks. Myanmar may have entered a new era, but she has gone gently, one foot in front of the other, ensuring that the tourist hordes haven’t taken away her magical mystique. As a yacht charter destination, Myanmar is almost untouched – drifting down the dreamy Mergui Archipelago showcases a land of twisted jungle vines and lost islands. Trips inland are a must to witness the wonder of the Shwedagon Pagoda and to take a famous balloon ride above Bagan.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Myanmar

Lost Islands

Like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie – Myanmar is a land of lost islands. The Mergui Archipelago boasts hundreds of scattered islands, many completely uninhabited save for a few that still play host and home to the Moken people.

Epic Archeological Sites

Myanmar is a history lover’s dream - a land of tantalizing ancient temples, crumbling kingdoms, and perfect pagodas. From the enticing landscape of Bagan to the rare rock paintings in the depths of the Badah-lin caves, and the ancient buddha monuments that make up the Myauk-U – there is so much to unravel in magical Myanmar.

Remote Communities

Sea gypsies, hill tribes, and riverside communities – Myanmar is a fascinating yacht charter destination for those looking to get far from the beaten track. The islands of the Andaman Sea and the Mergui Archipelago is the place to encounter the Moken, whereas those looking to witness the wonder of the rosy robed Buddhist monks can head to Yangon where children as young as seven are already being trained to be part of this Zen order.

Golden Dreams

The temple of the Shwedagon Pagoda is a must for those wanting to witness the spiritual side of Myanmar. The golden stupa is the most famous in the whole country, celebrated for its glitzy golden gold plates and thousands of diamonds. A place of pilgrimage for Buddhists world wide and a wonder that has to be seen to be believed.

The Temples of Bagan(Pagan), Mandalay, Myanmar
A snorkeler explores a diverse coral reef in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar
View of Pagodas on Hilltop in Bagan in Myanmar

Where to Visit in Myanmar

Mergui Archipelago

800 islands set adrift in the northeast of the Indian Ocean, this tucked away corner was closed off until recently, and now is one of the most enticing yacht charter destinations in the world. Great Swinton Island is a must see – brimming with golden beaches untouched for years, you can spend the mornings hiking the jungle of mountains before tumbling into the sea for an afternoon of sublime snorkeling. Clara Island is another divine spot for snorkeling with sharks in the shallows and watching turtles lay their eggs. Lucky charter guests will also have the opportunity to witness one of the final few sea gypsy villages.

Irrawaddy River

Still new to the world of yacht charters and cruising, the Irrawaddy River offers the trip of a lifetime. A myriad of impressive deep cut gorges, tangled jungle, cascading rice paddies, and secret communities line the lush riverbanks. Follow the flow of Myanmar’s longest river all the way from Mandalay to Bagan, stop by the Sambuddhai Temple of Monywa to witness thousands of buddha images, visit one of the old elephant camps at Mawlaik, and head into the wilderness of the Upper Chindwin Valley to meet remote riverside communities.

Bay of Bengal

Postcard pretty – Myanmar’s Bay of Bengal is a wonder of white beaches, swaying palms, and low-key luxury resorts. Ngwe Saung on the west of Yangon offers a sleepy fishing village vibe, impeccable seafood dishes, and fire dancing ceremonies on soft lit evenings. Ngapali is said to be the premier beach destination in the whole of Myanmar with kayaking, golfing and cycling to fill those sweet and sultry hours when you step ashore from your superyacht.


One of the major attractions of Myanmar, yacht charter guests should be sure to swing by Bagan to see the famous land of temples. The best way to discover the UNESCO heritage site is by the air – drift through the clouds on an early morning hot air balloon flight to watch the mists clearing over the tantalizing temples rising out of the velvet green earth. On the ground and make a highlight tour of some of the prettiest and most impressive temples – from the grand 12th century temple of Ananda to the landmark golden Shwezigon Pagoda – the opportunities to draw your breath are endless.

When to Charter a Yacht in Myanmar

The southwest monsoon sweeps across Myanmar between May and October, bringing travel chaos and long humid days. Those looking to charter a yacht in Myanmar will find the most temperate months tend to be between November and February when the clouds disperse, and life stays soft and dry – perfect for sailing, beach days and morning balloon rides.