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Amalfi Coast

Italy’s Amalfi Coast always catches you off guard

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Amalfi Coast

Italy’s Amalfi Coast always catches you off guard

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The amazement of Italy’s Amalfi Coast always catches you off guard. With front row views of brooding Mount Vesuvius and chic playgrounds like Capri – a yacht charter to the Amalfi Coast is a summer experience like no other. Italy’s UNESCO corner is a vertical wonder of dramatic cliffs, colorful villages, and the sea – always the sea. As you explore these shores you will find a well-heeled socialite scene, ancient places, and some of the prettiest piazzas in the whole of Europe.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht on the Amalfi Coast

Wine and Dine

Be sure to step ashore at every nook and cranny on your yacht charter along the Amalfi Coast. From chewy pizza crusts in Napoli to endless tasting courses across the bay – food doesn’t come any finer than this elbow crook of Italy. Michelin stars abound and bagging tables at La Sponda, La Caravella, and Quattro Passi are a must along the way.

Romantic Lands

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the wonders afforded by the mesmerizing Amalfi Coast? Lovers will find themselves smitten by the romantic tender rides through Capri’s gorgeous Blue Grotto. Sunset suppers on Sorrento are enough to make you swoon. And beloved spa bliss on the Island of Ischia sets the mise-en-scene for mud-soaked magic.

Sublime Shopping

Butter soft leather sandals in Postiano, artisan perfumes from Carthusia, and Dolce and Gabbana goodies from the shiny stores of Capri – yacht charter guests will find the Amalfi Coast a splurge worthy paradise. Whether you are seeking designer goodies to stock your wardrobe or pretty porcelains and sunshine bottles of limoncello; the Amalfi Coast invites you to loosen those purse strings.

Valiant Vistas

Few places can compare to the postcard pretty vistas afforded by the Amalfi Coast. Being a cliffside collection of villages and towns means that your eye is always turned towards the turquoise hues of the Mediterranean. Cocktail terraces on Capri and enchanting Postiano views from the deck of your luxury yacht are the best spots for soaking up prime panoramas.

Scenic picture-postcard view of the beautiful town of Atrani at famous Amalfi Coast with Gulf of Salerno, Campania, Italy
Amalfi Coast. Stunning landscape with hill and Mediterranean sea. Italy
vivid beautiful Procida island, Italy

Where to Visit on the Amalfi Coast


Rough around the edges, a foodie paradise, and a place bursting at the seams with personality – Napoli remains a love or hate it kind of place. For yacht charter guests, you couldn’t claim the Amalfi Coast without swinging by Napoli. Lose yourself in the maze-like logic of the UNESCO historical center, fall in love with the birthplace of pizza, and escape for an afternoon to wander the tragically fascinating ruins of ash clad Pompeii.


The celebrity shores of Capri are another luxury yacht favorite for those sailing the Amalfi Coast. The former playground of Emperor Augustus still holds that holiday vibe, with day trippers coming in their droves, and some of the most elegant eateries, beach clubs and bars to be found along the enchanting coast. The Blue Grotto is a must for those who want to witness iridescent waters and rich cave complexes, the Gardens of Augustus are also sublime for flora clad bliss and views across the bay, and the main piazza is the place for people watching and star spotting with a twenty-euro cappuccino in hand.


Only a one-hour sublime sail from the shores of Capri, you will find the pearl of Postiano. The brightest spot along the Amalfi Coast, Postiano blazes with color as the village tumbles down the steep mountain, stopping just short of the sea. Be sure to snap a few pictures from the deck of your yacht charter before stepping onto the pebbled shore to explore. Browse the beautiful boutiques lining the downhill streets, and grab an al fresco lunch at Max.


The volcanic Island of Ischia is all about sublime spa bliss. This is the place to set sail for if you want to rest easy on bubbling beaches, soak yourself in nutrient rich mud baths, and let the scent of bougainvillea seep into your soul. Ischia is also the land of vineyards, so a wine tasting is a must for those wanting to sample the seven special wines that make this spot a special haunt for sommeliers.

When to Charter a Yacht on the Amalfi Coast

Kickstarting the tourist season along the Amalfi Coast is Easter. During Easter and throughout summer – the winding roads are clogged with traffic as visitors make their way from Napoli down to Sorrento and beyond. Fortunately, for yacht charter guests traffic isn’t a problem and the spring and summer months provide ample pleasures for sailing. July and August are the busy months and Capri may be chaotic. Late spring and early summer or even as the tide starts turning for Autumn can be beautiful times to explore the expanse of Italy’s treasured coastline.